Hang Mehta

Hang Mehta aged 36
Hang Mehta
Born 3024
Died 3060
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rank Galaxy Commander
Profession MechWarrior

Hang Mehta was an aggressive trueborn warrior who commanded Delta Galaxy[1] of the Smoke Jaguar’s touman at the time of Operation BULLDOG.[2]


Although she was a small, wiry woman, she was nevertheless fierce in both unarmed and augmented combat. Under Mehta's command Delta Galaxy were very aggressive, attacking hard and fast. She would oversee her Cluster's bidding against each other to raid the Draconis Combine.[3] Under her orders, protocols were put in place for raiding units to disregard all transmissions.[4] She was the one who gave the orders to apprehend the infamous traitor Trent.[4]

Despite her skill and her Galaxy's aggression, they were unable to stop the combined regiments of the Star League Defense Force from repelling their counter attack in July and August 3059.[2] She had personally led the 19th Striker Cluster during the attack on Matamoras[5], where her Command Star had been broken; smashed by enemy troops and falling one after another to traps. Her own Timber Wolf had been destroyed in close combat, its cockpit smashed in, it was only by sheer luck that she survived without permanent injury and that she was found and rescued by two retreating Elementals. She was still suffering from a shattered arm, broken ribs and second degree burns many months later.[6]

During the long retreat toward Huntress she amalgamated and reconsolidated the Jaguar remnants into two scratch Galaxies.[2] A task that gave her extreme pride. [7] Upon reaching Clan space ilKhan Lincoln Osis gave her terrifying news: the Inner Sphere had attacked Huntress directly and destroyed much of the Jaguars’ home there. Osis ordered her to attack the Inner Sphere barbarians wherever she found them, she ordered her fleet and jumped for Huntress. After a fierce naval battle at the jump point, she launched her DropShips toward the planet.[2]

The regiments of Task Force Serpent were prepared and waiting for her warriors, but they could not stand against the rage and fury of those Jaguars who had survived Operation BULLDOG. These warriors had spent nine months in JumpShips and DropShips with resentment and shame festering in their minds; now they had returned home and found the enemy waiting. The Smoke Jaguar warriors under Mehta’s command tore into the Serpent forces and in a few short days the roles were reversed, as the Serpents tried to hold out against the enraged Jaguars.[8] On Huntress Mehta piloted an Ebon Jaguar and displayed an un-Jaguar like caution, indicating she was a warrior capable of learning from her Clan's mistakes.[9] The arrival of Task Force Bulldog, in pursuit of Mehta's force, put an end to any hope she had of victory.[2]


With her Clusters defeated, and her Clan on the brink of extinction, Hang Mehta took the only path her pride left open to her; she declared a Trial of Grievance against a fellow warrior and died in the Circle of Equals, while there were still Smoke Jaguars warriors left. Some sources claim this was an act of bondsref.[2]


Hang Mehta piloted a Timber Wolf most of her career, except in the battles of Huntress, when she piloted an Ebon Jaguar.


I want them all dead. I want their leader's heads brought to me on pikes. I want their bodies burned and their ashes scattered to the four winds. I want them and their seed wiped out of the Universe forever.
  — Shadows of War, 3060
Come, and I shall feast on your heart.
  — Shadows of War, 3060


One of the fiercest of Smoke Jaguar Galaxy Commanders, Hang Mehta’s hatred of the Inner Sphere manifests as a –4-TP Compulsion/Hatred of the Inner Sphere. In addition, she claims the Berserker Trait and Combat Intuition special pilot abilities, but suffers a –2 penalty to all skill rolls when her force is outnumbered by Inner Sphere opponents due to her rage.[10]


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