Clan Smoke Jaguar Touman

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Touman structure[edit]

A web relationship binds the Clusters of the Jaguar Touman together. Front line Clusters have tributary second line ones. To these they send older warriors and unwanted hand-me-down equipment and the like. The tributary cluster in return performs a "valet" service - preparing billets or staging areas for the front line cluster's arrival and mopping up after it in combat operations. [1]

Historic Galaxies[edit]

The exact number of Smoke Jaguar Galaxies is not known, however their opening bid for Operation Revival was 11 Galaxies and this was not considered to be their entire Touman.[2]

Alpha Galaxy[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Alpha Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar).jpg 3051
Jaguar's Spirit Keshik
Jaguar Grenadiers Cluster
5th Jaguar Regulars Cluster
6th Jaguar Dragoons
7th Jaguar Dragoons
122nd Striker Cluster
Jaguar's Spirit Keshik
9th Jaguar Cavaliers
6th Jaguar Dragoons

Beta Galaxy[edit]

Beta Galaxy
Beta Galaxy logo 3049 - 3052
The Swath Keshik
1st Jaguar Guard Cluster
214th Jaguar Dragoons
225th Jaguar Battle Cluster
267th Battle Cluster
362nd Assault Cluster
3052 - 3059
The Swath Keshik
1st Jaguar Guard Cluster
2nd Jaguar Guards
267th Battle Cluster
362nd Assault Cluster

Delta Galaxy[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Delta Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar).jpg 3051
Skyriders Keshik
1st striker Cluster
3rd Jaguar Cavaliers
4th Jaguar Dragoons
19th Striker Cluster
3052 - 3058
Skyriders Keshik
3rd Jaguar Cavaliers
19th Striker Cluster
Skyriders Keshik
3rd Jaguar Cavaliers
3rd Assault Cluster
19th Striker Cluster

Epsilon Galaxy[edit]

Epsilon Galaxy
Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar).jpg 3052 - 3058
The Dark Prowlers Keshik
4th Jaguar Dragoons
7th Jaguar Dragoons
The Dark Prowlers Keshik
4th Jaguar Dragoons
6th Striker Cluster
7th Jaguar Dragoons

Zeta Galaxy[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3052 - 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
5th Garrison Cluster
47th Garrison Cluster
189th Garrison Cluster
2nd Jaguar Regulars
11th Jaguar Regulars

Kappa Galaxy[edit]

Kappa Galaxy
Kappa Galaxy Logo 3052 - 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
3rd Garrison Cluster
4th Garrison Cluster
17th Garrison Cluster
19th Garrison Cluster
51st Garrison Cluster

Nu Galaxy[edit]

Nu Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3052 - 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
4th Jaguar Regulars
12th Jaguar Regulars
124th Garrison Cluster
143rd Garrison Cluster
168th Garrison Cluster

Pi Galaxy[edit]

Pi Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3040

Tau Galaxy[edit]

Tau Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3056-3058
Galaxy Command Trinary
25th Striker Cluster
101st Jaguar Attack Cluster
250th Assault Cluster

Psi Galaxy[edit]

Psi Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3052 - 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
7th Garrison Cluster
8th Garrison Cluster
10th Garrison Cluster
11th Garrison Cluster
17th Jaguar Regulars

Omega Galaxy[edit]

Omega Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
151st Garrison Cluster
27th Garrison Cluster
10th Jaguar Regulars

The Iron Guard Galaxy[edit]

The Iron Guard Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
33rd Assault Cluster
12th Solahma Cluster
77th Solahma Cluster

The Watchmen Galaxy[edit]

The Watchmen Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3059
Galaxy Command Trinary
48th Battle Cluster
63rd Solahma Cluster
4th Solahma Cluster
Trinary Fighter

Unassigned Clusters[edit]

Unassigned Clusters deployed during or after Operation Revival
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo Attached to Alpha Galaxy
5th Jaguar Dragoons[3]
63rd Jaguar Regulars[3]
4th Jaguar Combat Cluster[4]
Attached to Beta Galaxy
3rd Attack Cluster[5]
43rd Jaguar Battle Cluster[3]
22nd Jaguar Regulars[3]
32nd Jaguar Regulars[3]
Attached to Delta Galaxy
1106th Aggressor Cluster[6]
75th Jaguar Assault Cluster[3]
28th Jaguar Combat Cluster [3]
336th Jaguar Combat Cluster[3]
145th Jaguar Regulars[3]
22nd Smoke Jaguar Freebirth Cluster[3]
Galaxy Unknown
304th Jaguar Battle Cluster[7]
315th Jaguar Battle Cluster[8]
Jaguar's Swords[9]

Ad Hoc Units deployed on Huntress[10][edit]

The Khan's Reinforcements[edit]

The Khan's Cluster
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3060
The Khan's Bodyguard
The Jaguar's Den
Shroud Keshik
The Jaguar's Heart
Fighter Trinary

Provisional Galaxy[edit]

Provisional Galaxy
Clan Smoke Jaguar logo 3060
Galaxy Command Trinary
Alpha Cluster
Bravo Cluster
Charlie Cluster
Delta Cluster
Echo Cluster

Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Known Naval Assets[edit]

During the Golden Century the Jaguar fleet was known to be formed around a core of battleships, however this appears to have changed after the Battle of Circe in 2868 against Clan Mongoose, the largest fleet battle in Clan history with over thirty WarShips taking part. The Jaguars carried the day with the loss of half their fleet, including their flagship the Obsidian; although they did capture at least four Mongoose WarShips. In the wake of the Mongoose Absorption captured land holdings were traded for mothballed ships to replace the combat losses. [11]

Naval Assets
Battleships CSJ Obsidian - McKenna-class (Clan flagship during the Golden Century) [11]
CSJ Veiled Huntress - Texas-class (Beta Galaxy flagship)[12]
Battle Cruisers CSJ Streaking Mist - Black Lion-class [13]
Heavy Cruisers Unnamed - Sovetskii Soyuz-class [14]
Cruisers CSJ Korat - Liberator-class (Delta Galaxy Flagship)[15]
CSJ Osis' Pride - Potemkin-class [16]
Carriers CSJ Queen Lynx York-class[17]
CSJ Lioness - York-class [18]
Frigates CSJ Snow Leopard - Congress-class [19]
CSJ Firecrest - Congress-class
CSJ Hunter's Pride - Congress-class [20]
Unnamed - Congress-class [17]
Destroyers CSJ Griffin - Lola III-class [21]
CSJ Storm Cat - Lola III-class [19]
CSJ Sabre Cat - Essex-class [22]
CSJ Dark Claw - Essex-class[23]
CSJ The Iowa - Essex-class
Unnamed - Whirlwind-class [24]
Corvettes CSJ Ripper - Vincent Mk. 42 - class[25]
CSJ Azov - Vincent Mk 42 -class[26]
CSJ Simas Osis - Vincent Mk 42 -class[27]
Unnamed - Vincent-class [14]
Unnamed - Vincent-class [14]
CSJ Hell Fury - Fredasa-class [28]
Unnamed - Fredasa-class [17]
Unnamed - Fredasa-class [17]

Independent Stars[edit]

Pouncing Fury Naval Star (Huntress Security Fleet) [29]
1 Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser
2 Vincent- class corvettes[30]
Lynx Pouncer Naval Star: [31]
CSJ Queen Lynx York-class carrier
1 Congress-class frigate
2 Fredasa-class corvettes

Known Combat Losses[edit]

Golden Century[edit]

CSJ Obsidian

Operation Revival[edit]

CSJ Hell Fury

Operations Bulldog[edit]

Initial reports by the Second Star League claimed they had destroyed six and captured five vessels.[32] Later accounts by the Draconis Combine place the number at nine captured, although five were later scuttled.[33]

CSJ Griffin - destroyed at Matamoras[34]
CSJ Storm Cat - destroyed at Luzerne [19]
Captured [33]
CSJ Veiled Huntress, later scuttled
CSJ Lioness
CSJ Queen Lynx, later scuttled
CSJ Firecrest
CSJ Sabre Cat
CSJ Dark Claw
CSJ Snow Leopard, later scuttled
2 Fredasa-class WarShips, later scuttled

Task Force Serpent[edit]

CSJ Korat
1 Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser
4 Vincent- class corvettes


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