Delta Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

Delta Galaxy (Clan Smoke Jaguar) Unit Insignia
Delta Galaxy
Disbanded 3060 (Destroyed)
Nickname The Cloud Rangers
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Clan Smoke Jaguar touman

Clan Smoke Jaguar's Delta Galaxy was a front line formation.


Operation Revival[edit]

The Clusters of Delta Galaxy bid for and fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave One[edit]

Wave Two[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

Wave Four[edit]

Wave Five[edit]

Wave Six[edit]

On the 4th June 3052, only two weeks after the Battle of Tukayyid the Jaguars unleashed Delta Galaxy in what appeared to be a scaled down sixth wave. The targets were Tanh Linh, Baruun Urt, and McAlister. They were the only Clan to even consider such an action. On Tanh Linh the 42nd Dieron Regulars were destroyed by the 3rd Jaguar Cavaliers, and only a rear attack by the arriving Second An Ting Legion forced the Jaguars off-planet in a pyrrhic victory. The Baruun Ust attack was little more than a heavy raid, beaten back by the 6th Ghost Regiment of the DCMS. The 19th Striker Cluster probably carried out this attack. On McAlister the 8th Ghost Regiment was reduced to a single battalion, before the attackers were forced to pull out. It is likely that this battle shattered the 1st Jaguar Striker Cluster. The failure to take these planets finally appears to have convinced the Jaguars to accept the Truce of Tukayyid.[1]


The Galaxy's Clusters were split between two worlds in their garrison duties in 3052; Hyner and Kabah.[2] In 3058 the newly raised 3rd Assault Cluster was stationed on Jeronimo, where the Galaxy headquarters was based.[3]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

The 3rd Jaguar Cavaliers were first to face SLDF forces during Operation Bulldog, on Hyner on May 15th, consisting of the elite 2nd Sword of Light, and backed up by the 9th ComStar Division and 1st Regulan Hussars. The cluster did not survive Wave One.[4]

Delta Galaxy led the counterattack in July 3059. The Command Trinary left its garrison posting with the 3rd Assault Cluster targeting Pesht, hoping to capture the district capital world. However, they found more than they had bargained for as the world was defended by the 7th Sword of Light, 1st Kell Hounds, Ryuken-san and the Exiled Clan Wolf's 2nd Wolf Legion. The Command Trinary was targeted by the Wolves and was cut off from the 3rd Assault in a flanking action. The 3rd Assault in desperation, threw themselves against the Kell Hounds hoping break them, but found themselves attacked from the rear by the 7th Sword and the Ryuken-san and were shattered and then hunted down in a matter of days.[5]

At the same time the 19th Striker Cluster launched into action from its garrison on Kabah to hit the Combine world of Matamoras. Here they were virtually destroyed at the hands of the Ryuken-yon, supported by local planetary militia and civilians.[5] Also lost during this engagement was the Griffin, trying to defend the retreating DropShips against Inner Sphere WarShips. Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta managed to escape with some of her warriors to the Jaguars' rallying point in the Periphery and then retreat to Huntress.[6]

Wave One



Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Delta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander William Perez 3040 - 3048[7]
Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta - 3060


The Cloud Rangers were an aggressive Galaxy who attacked hard and fast.[8]

Composition History[edit]




Galaxy Naval Assets[edit]


  • Delta Galaxy deployed to Luthien in 3052,[9] however the listing for this battle in the Luthien (scenario pack) lists them as the 315th Jaguar Battle Galaxy and comprising of the:[10]

The association as the 315th Jaguar Battle Galaxy is due to its placement third in the list of three Smoke Jaguar Galaxies listed[11]


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