Field Manual: Draconis Combine

Field Manual: Draconis Combine
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Loren L. Coleman
Pages 176
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee
Illustrations Peter Bergting
Storm Cook
Scott Johnson
John Paul Lona
Brad McDevitt
Dave MacKay
Mike Nielsen
Jim Nelson
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1698
First published July 1996
ISBN-10 1555602878
Era Clan Invasion era
Civil War era
Agency DCMS
Universe Date 1 January 3058
Series Field Manuals
Followed by Field Manual: Free Worlds League


The first in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Draconis Combine details every House unit, the major military academies, unit organization, and includes rules for integrating these units into BattleTech scenarios. It also includes rules on using the military academies in MechWarrior, Second Edition and new battle armor, BattleMechs and variants, WarShips, as well as new equipment and weapons.

From the back cover[edit]

Of all the armies of the Inner Sphere, none is as universally feared and respected as that of House Kurita's Draconis Combine. With fighting skills learned in the finest academies and tempered by the ancient code of bushido, the MechWarriors of the DCMS know no equals. Their loyalty and skill are legendary, and their tenacity has won them hundreds of battles across known space. This classified field manual, seized from the Combine's Internal Security Force, reveals the inner workings of the Draconis Combine military, from district regular units to the elite Sword of Light regiments. This document is an invaluable resource for both allies and enemies of the Combine.

Battletech Field Manual: Draconis Combine contains extensive information about all aspects of House Kurita's military. Every BattleMech regiment of the DCMS is described in detail, including their history, officers and tactics, special rules reflecting the unique abilities of each regiment are included as an optional expansion to BattleTech play. Among the many other features of the book are new weapons, equipment, and BattleMechs unique to the Draconis Combine.


  • Index of the Regiments
  • The Honor of the Regiment
  • Introduction
  • Pillar of Steel
    • The Samurai's Code
      • Bushido and the Combine
      • The New Bushido
    • The DCMS Chain of Command
    • Types of Regiments
      • Regular Forces
      • Unquestioned Loyalty
      • Alternate Paths
      • Modern Warfare
    • A Historical Survey of the Modern DCMS
  • Sowing the Dragon's Teeth
    • Academies and Universities
    • Proving Grounds
  • DCMS Rosters
  • Rules
    • Creating Scenarios
    • The DCMS Regiments
    • Training
    • DCMS Battle Armor
      Kage Battle Armor
      Raiden Battle Armor
    • New Equipment
    • New BattleMechs
      AKU-1X Akuma
      NDA-1K No-Dachi
    • New WarShips


  • While this work of Tai-sho Osvaldo Sakamoto was commissioned by Coordinator Theodore Kurita on 15 September 3058 (page 5), its publication date is no earlier than 1 January 3059 (page 132). This is the same publication date as the next volume in the series, Field Manual: Free Worlds League. There is an additional, undated reference, to 3059 on page 40.
  • The trademarked title is BattleTech Field Manual: Draconis Combine.