Shin Legion (Brigade)

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Nickname Guardians of a curse
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Brigade
Sub-Command(s) 1st Shin Legion
2nd Shin Legion
3rd Shin Legion

Originally a Capellan Confederation brigade fleeing Romano Liao's purges, the regiments of Shin Legion elected to join the Draconis Combine. Despite showing unswerving loyalty to their new home, the Legion was considered a foreign brigade by the DCMS high command, with continual poor treatment leading them to accept Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao's offer to return home without reprisals in 3061.[1][2]

The final Regiment of the Brigade was destroyed on Necromo during the Jihad.[3]


Originating in the Capellan Confederation, the Shin Legion were forced to depart Capellan space quickly upon the ascension of Romano Liao to the Capellan throne. Two of the three regiments made it out of the Confederation, and joined the distant Draconis Combine for safety. Attrition has further diminished the brigade - as of 3059, the Shin Legion could only field a single regiment of BattleMechs.

Before officially joining the DCMS, the Shin Legions were given an important assignment: During the Ronin War, the Duke of Tamar sent mercenaries to try to take the world of Kandis. The Dragonslayers and Meriadoc's Marauders mercenary units were engaged by the Shin Legions. The two units were forced to surrender and destroyed, respectively.[4]

As the Shin Legion was a foreign brigade, it had a low priority for procurement of war matériel within the DCMS. While serving the Draconis Combine, the Legion was sent on nearly suicidal missions without hesitation, and displayed unwavering loyalty. The unit's colors are flat, dark green with black highlights, and a gray patch omitted - the legion is not allowed to display the Kurita dragon crest.

In 3061, the remaining Shin Legion accepted the invitation of Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao to repatriate to the Capellan Confederation with no reprisals.

During the Jihad the Shin Legion's last remaining Regiment, formerly the 1st Shin Legion, was damaged by Davion forces during Federated Suns' Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE in 3069. The unit was sent to Necromo by 3071 where they garrisoned the planet with another Capellan regiment, the Home Guard. In August that year, Word of Blake raided the system. Landing on the planet after neutralizing the planet's orbital defenses. The 47th Shadow Division easily destroyed the Shin Legion and Home Guard due to their weakened state. Shortly after, asteroids struck major cities of the planet with nuclear weaponry like force. This event killed any survivors of the Legion.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Shin Legion (Brigade) (House Liao)
Commanding Officers of the Shin Legion (Brigade) (House Kurita)
Commanding Officers of the Shin Legion (Brigade) (House Liao)


Different per Unit.

Units of the Shin Legion[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]


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