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New Samarkand Military District

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Formerly known as the Galedon Military District


Name Command
Governor of Galedon
Mino Nakagona 3025
Governor of New Samarkand

Prefecture History[edit]



  • New Samarkand Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Wendall Hansen)
  • Kaznejov Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Hak Su Kim)
  • Matsuida Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho David Chung)
  • Oshika Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander : Tai-sho U Poi)
  • Tabayama Prefecture - (Prefecture Commander: Tai-sho Samon Tartikoff)


  • Oshika Prefecture[1]
  • New Samarkand Prefecture[1]
  • Tabayama Prefecture[1]
  • Matsuida Prefecture[1]
  • Kaznejov Prefecture[1]



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