3rd Assault (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

Clan Smoke Jaguar logo
3rd Assault Cluster
Disbanded Destroyed in 3059
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Delta Galaxy


The Third Assault Cluster was a military formation belonging to Clan Smoke Jaguar.



The Cluster was formed in the late 3050s and assigned to Delta Galaxy. In 3058 it was stationed on the world of Jeronimo with Delta Galaxy's Command Trinary along with garrison elements of the Omega Galaxy.[1]

Operation Bulldog[edit]


In July 3059, the Third Assault Cluster was ordered to assault the planet of Pesht along with elements of the Skyriders Keshik. The Watch had identified the defenders as the Seventh Sword of Light, the Ryuken-san and the First Kell Hound Regiment. When the Cluster landed they were cut off from the Keshik by a surprise attack from Clan Wolf (in Exile)'s 2nd Wolf Legion. The Wolf assault smashed into the Keshik's flank and annihilated it. The Third Assault attempted to break out of the situation by attacking the Kell Hounds. However, the Seventh Sword of Light had circled behind them and slammed into them with tremendous force, shattering the Cluster. Its surviving warriors were hunted down.[2] The Wolves allege they left none alive.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Assault Cluster


The Cloud Rangers were an aggressive Galaxy who attacked hard and fast. [4] Such an ethos was probably instilled in the Third as they formed.

Composition History[edit]

As an Assault cluster it probably contained a high proportion of Assault and Heavy OmniMechs.


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