Product information
Type Miniatures set
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1633
First published 1988
ISBN-10 83405701655
MSRP 15.00 US $
Content 16 plastic miniatures


PlasTech was a miniatures set produced to support BattleTech. Notably, it was released directly by FASA, unlike other BattleTech miniatures or model kits which are typically produced under license by other firms such as Ral Partha.

From the back cover[edit]

PlasTech, box back side
PlasTech, box
Where once the Star League reigned, five Successor States struggle for control. Battles are waged for control of now-scarce storehouses of repair parts and even more rare manufacturing facilities. The field of combat is dominated by huge man-like fighting machines known as BattleMechs. The ultimate engines of destruction, these titans mount more firepower than a battalion of 20th-century tanks.

PlasTech allows you to field an army of sixteen 'Mechs to carve your name across the battlefields of the Inner Sphere.

Package contains two each of the following:

PlasTech 'Mechs are sculpted in 1/285th scale. Contains 16 plastic 'Mechs


PlasTech miniatures

PlasTech contained 16 unpainted, instantly ready-to-play plastic BattleMech miniatures. The box did not contain a rulebook, maps, scenarios or anything else besides a FASA order form (prices good through January 1989).

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