The Fourth Succession War Scenarios Volume One

The Fourth Succession War Scenarios Volume One.jpg
The Fourth Succession War Scenarios Volume One
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Jordan Weisman
Primary writing James Long
Michael Lee
Blaine Pardoe
Boy F. Peterson, Jr.
Pages 48
Cover Artwork Jeff Laubenstein
Illustrations Timothy Bradstreet
Rick Harris
Dana Knutson
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1654
First published 1989
ISBN-10 1-55560-078-6
Era Succession Wars era


The 4th Succession War began with Hanse Davion presenting his new bride with the greatest wedding gift ever: The Capellan Confederation. This book documents scenarios for use with BattleTech, BattleForce and MechWarrior. The contents of this book span battles from the opening shots on the Capellan world of Shensi in 3028 to defensive operations on the Federated Suns worlds of Northwind and Harrow's Sun in 3029, just before the lull in fighting which neatly bisected the 4th Succession War.

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From the back cover[edit]

ARMIES of BattleMechs stride toward their objectives, razing cities with their missiles, lasers, PPCs, and autocannons on the way. The language of battle is blood, and the cries of the homeless echo in the troubled sleep of every MechWarrior.

Torn from the pages of the Fourth Succession War, this scenario pack contains battles from the Davion/Liao front, the Steiner/Kurita front, as well as a series of engagements between Wolf's Dragoons and their former employer, the Draconis Combine, in their private war with the Dragon.

See how the Federated Suns bites pieces out of the Capellan Confederation how some Lyran/Draconis battles could have gone either way, and how an elite mercenary unit takes on everything Takashi Kurita can throw at it. Command groups of regiments in climactic engagements or play the role of a commando on a secret and sensitive mission.

Put yourself to the test in 16 BattleTech, 3 BattleForce, and 2 MechWarrior scenarios from the Fourth Succession War.


    • Dirty Tricks - September 3,3028
    • Bringing the War Home - September 4, 3028
    • Homefield Advantage - September 10, 3028
    • Into the Breach - October 8, 3028
    • Aces High - October 11, 3028
    • None Shall Pass - October 11, 3028
    • Women Warriors - November 28, 3028
    • Kid Gloves - December 4, 3028
    • Fatal Fury - January 8, 3029
    • Empty Victory - January 11, 3029
    • As the Wheel Turns - August 27, 3028
    • Storms of Tears - December 13, 3028
    • Helpless as a Fly - September 5, 3028
    • Hunting the Predator - November 29, 3028
    • Hold the Line - December 11, 3028
    • A Dirty Little War - January 12, 3029
    • The Dangalobee Push - August 23, 3028
    • A Bold Prince - August 27, 3028
    • One Last Surprise - September 3, 3028
    • Night Moves - August 19, 3028
    • Best Left to the Experts - October 18, 3028


  • The BJ-3 Blackjack variant featuring in this book was actually the BJ-3X prototype version. The BJ-3 proper was only introduced in 3042 according to the MUL, and the BJ-3X was introduced to fill in the gap.