XIV Corps (Star League)

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XIV Corps
Unit Profile (as of 2784)
Parent Formation Fourteenth Army
Formed Unknown

XIV Corps (or the Fourteenth Corps) was one of the seventy-two Corps that made up the Star League Defense Force.


In 2764 XIV Corps was part of the 14th Army, assigned to District 1 of the Draconis Combine Military Region. In 2765 the XIV Corps was the least experienced of the units assigned to the Fourteenth Army. To gain the experience they need, smaller units of the XIV Corps would travel along with units of the more experienced VIII Corps and XXII Corps. The XIV Corps was headquartered at Awano, near the Fourteenth Fleet's headquarters.[1]

The XIV Corps covered a densely populated area, which allowed the transportation assigned to the Corps to operate quickly as they only had to cover short distances. The XIV Corps would loan out its "excess" transport capacity to other Corps in exchange for training opportunities. Local suppliers were also used to provide logistical support, freeing more transport resources.[1]

In order to cover the stars in their region, XIV Corps often broke down into smaller units of regimental or battalion size. This allowed the commanders of these units to gain experience in operating as a commander. The independent units of the Corps, by contrast, always traveled in regimental size. The only exception was the 22nd Royal CAAN Marine Regiment, which was often stationed on the ships of the Fourteenth Fleet to support their operations.[1]

When the simmering violence and rebellion building in the Periphery erupted with the New Vandenberg Uprising and subsequent Periphery-wide uprising in 2765 XIV Corps was deployed into Districts 2 and 3 of the DCMR, along with the rest of the 14th Army, to backfill for units deployed into the Periphery Military Region.[2]

XIV Corps fought in the 12-year long Hegemony Campaign and was reduced to a shadow of its pre-war self; of the nine divisions, only two survived the Campaign, with six being destroyed and a seventh, the Lipton Division, suffered such heavy losses that it was disbanded with elements of the shattered division choosing to join the Federated Suns. XIV Corps also lost two of its four independent regiments.[2]

When General Aleksandr Kerensky led the bulk of the surviving SLDF on the Exodus, all of those units still within XIV Corps followed him.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the XIV Corps
Major General Augustus Pinto 2775[3]



Composition History[edit]


Independent Regiments


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