Kieran McKinnon

Kieran McKinnon
Died 2808[1]
Affiliation Star League
Federated Suns

Kieran McKinnon was a Captain in the Star League Defense Force during the Amaris Coup.


Kieran McKinnon lead Fox Company during the Liberation of Terra.

After the campaign to liberate Terra, it is known that elements of the regiment joined the Federated Suns.[1] Specifically, Fox Company of the Second Battalion refused the order to abandon their posts. The commander of this company, Captain Kieran McKinnon, encouraged Aleksandr Kerensky to support First Prince John Davion as the new leader of the Star League in April 2784.[2] Recruiting a battalion of troops from the 142nd Battle Regiment, the AFFS used these personnel to form the Seventh Crucis Lancers in 2784.[3]


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