Wolf's Dragoons (sourcebook)

This article is about the sourcebook. For the mercenary unit, see Wolf's Dragoons.
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Wolf's Dragoons
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development L. Ross Babcock III (Editor-In-Chief)
Donna Ippolito (Senior Editor)
Jim Musser (Editor)
C. R. Green (Editorial Assistant)
Primary writing Anthony Pryor
Pages 128
Cover Artwork David R. Deitrick (art)
Jeff Laubenstein (design)
Interior Artwork Jim Nelson (Art Director)
Illustrations James L. Nelson
Dana Knutson
Jeff Laubenstein
Earl Geier
Chris Palm
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1631
First published 1989
ISBN-10 1555600751
ISBN-13 9781555600754
MSRP $12.00
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 30053029


The Wolf's Dragoons sourcebook provides a pre-Clan perspective of the largest and most famous of mercenary units. The title gives over forty pages of source material, a timeline, a detailed description of the military organization, the background on the unit's equipment, training and equipment, as well as a roster of the allies and enemies the Dragoons have acquired.

From the back cover[edit]

"Who Are Those Guys?"

No mercenary regiment is more well known, nor as universally respected. Indeed, other units of the Inner Sphere validate their prowess by surviving an encounter with the Dragoons. Among their ranks is Natasha Kerensky, known as the Black Widow, and perhaps the most romanticized MechWarrior in history.

The strategic and tactical knowledge of Jaime Wolf, the heart and soul of the Dragoons, is beyond reproach.

The unit's supplies and equipment are of the finest quality. Their 'Mechs never want for repair parts. Their ranks are closed and private.

Since appearing in the Inner Sphere in 3005, the Dragoons have been employed in turn by every house of the Successor States. No amount of money, political power, or threats have coerced them to renew a contract. Speculation and conjecture over their motives and origin are commonplace and wildly varied. Governmental intelligence and security networks have expended countless man-hours and C-bills trying to learn their secrets.

Now war consumes the Inner Sphere, and the Dragoons' contract with House Kurita has expired. Where they throw their support could determine the outcome of the war.

This ComStar document is the most accurate, up-to-date assemblage of information ever compiled about the Dragoons. Their history, organization, and unique membership are exposed in great detail. Find out the who, what, where, when and why(s) of the most powerful regiment in the Inner Sphere today.


  • Introduction
  • Unit History
Arrival at Delos
In Service to Davion
First Assignment
Assault on Halloran
A Clever Trap
Raid on Styk
Attack on New Valencia
String of Victories
Battle of New Aragon
Death of Colonel King
The Wolf's Gamble
Blood Price
In Service to Liao
Against the Eagle
Gamma Stands Alone
The Eagle Fails
Nest of Vipers
Pact with Anton Marik
First Victories
Last Gasp
Turn of the Wheel
In Service to Marik
Hide and Seek
Raid and Counter-Raid
A Daring Plan
Blood and Iron
River of Swords
The Widow's Crossing
On the Verge of Victory
In Service to Steiner
Harlow's Wood
Battle for Dromini
The Wolf and the Samurai
Enter the Dragon
The Hoff Campaign
Battle heats Up
Eridani Strikes Back
Success on Quentin
The Sun and the Sword
Enemies in High Places
Wolf in the Fold
Battle of Deshler
Bloody Aghama
After Galtor
Turning Point
Barlow's End
Writing on the Wall
The Wolf Alone
Full Circle
Baiting the Dragon
Fourth Succession War
Harrow's Sun
Colonel Jaime Wolf
  • Timeline
  • Military Organization
Line Regiments
Alpha Regiment
Theron Branson
Jaime Wolf
Patrick Chan
William Cameron
Coshasa DuKirk
John Charleton
Dechan Fraser
Kelly Yukinov
Lucas Kenner
Amy Laskowski
Lauren Waller
Reginald Camm
Douglas MacElroy
Florence Milhaus
Kristen Stane
Hans Vordel
Ataru Uchimaya
Beta Regiment
Jeremy Ellman
Alicia Fancher
Andrei Shostokovitch
Michael Hart
Anton Ivanovitch
Nikos Palassis
Gene Bray
Susan Flandrey
Ramon Magdaleno
Danielle Rondema
John Umaio
Ward St. John
Rick Stoner
Michael Vanduesen
Tony Ziulkovski
Gamma Regiment
Wilhelmina Korsht
Gary Abbot
Mina Booth
Mary Campbell
John Giruard
Arthur Dumont
Warren Komachi
Mohammed Raisul
Roger Singh
Lisa Snyder
Ikeo Takashima
Edward Wisey
Frank Woomack
Seth Bowie
Delta Regiment
Kathleen Dumont
Benjamin Schwartzkopf
Travis King
Diane Specter
Ali Abdulaziz
Sarah Weisz
Neil Parella
Ben Paxon
Gustav Dietrick
Gerald LaSalle
Justin Holbrook
James MacGregor
Ralph Kincaid
Morgan Summers
Susan Lean
Sanji Vargas
Voicek Bronkowski
Jacques "Frenchie" L'ecurie
Dale "Beowulf" Middlehoven
Ole "Snowman" Karlsen
Karl Weisz
Epsilon Regiment
Baxter Arbuthnot
Richard Jarrett
Hussein Tajdar
Harold Jones
Sun Cho
Dana McGuire
Patrick Gordon
Stuart Fields
Kirk Hoff
Elizabeth Nichole
Charles Jager
Amelia Shire
Trenton McGarvey
Michael Mercier
Julie Sunstrom
William "Trigger" Fitch
Independent Units
Black Widow Company
Natasha Kerensky
Takiro Ikeda
John "Gentleman Johnny" Clavell
Seventh Kommando
Fire Support Group
Misha Sventnikov
Wilford Scruggs
Pauline Aigner
Walter Tschudy
Orbital Operations Group or Orbital/AeroSpace Operations Group
Jason Carmody
Della Nichols
Albert Larkin
Hamilton Atwyl
Special Recon Group
Hansen Brubaker
Steven Graham
Victoria "Chopper" Cheyne
Lasto Harrison
Bethany Sigler
Support Battalion
Karl Verhoffen
Edna Grazier
Samuel Hibbard
Mark "Rabbit" McGonnigal
Douglas Piper
Jamad Sindh
Zeta Battalion
J. Elliot Jamison
Simpson Pollock
Таrа Lucas
Arthur Garrett
Noi Srisubadh
Mary Terrell
Tammy Markham
Frank Wells
  • Equipment
ANH-1A Annihilator
FLC-4N Falcon
FFL-4A Firefly
FLE-4 Flea
FLE-15 Flea
HOP-4C Hoplite
HNT-151 Hornet
IMP-2E Imp
MAD-4A Marauder II
SHG-2E Shogun
WLF-1 Wolfhound
Kestrel VTOL
Peregrine Attack VTOL
Hephaestus Station
Training and Tactics
Aerospace fighters
AeroSpace Pilots
Armored Vehicle Crews
Dress Uniforms
  • Friends and Enemies
The Bounty Hunter
Eridani Light Horse
McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Warlord Grieg Samsonov
Team Banzai
Minobu Tetsuhara
Waco Rangers
Dragoon Defectors
Colonel Gregg Car
Fadre Singh
Captain Cranston Snord