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  • early 3021: Battle of Harlow Wood on New Wessex.
  • September: Wolf's Dragoons attack the Kurita world of Dromini VI with the Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon Regiments, where they encounter the elite Second Sword of Light regiment among the defenders. It dissolves into a debacle for the Kurita forces.
    • September 14th: During the fighting on Dromini VI, Minobu Tetsuhara encounters Jaime Wolf's seriously damaged and overheated Archer, following the warrior code of bushido, Tetsuhara allows the respected enemy to withdraw instead of finishing him off in an uneven battle.
  • The Black Widow Company raids Doneval II.
  • Wilson's Hussars unsuccessfully raid the Draconis Combine world of Kimball VI.
  • The Sixth Marik Militia successfully raid the Capellan world of Nanking.



  • Sumire Hiyama succeeds Heath as third Director of the Explorer Corps.


  • The RFL-4D variant of the Rifleman BattleMech is introduced.