Nanking 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates22.742 : -51.745[e]
Star names1
Spectral classG1V[1][2][3]
Recharge time182 hours[2][3]
Recharge station(s)Zenith (3025)[1][2] and Nadir (3067)[2][3]

The Nanking system was home to at least one habitable world and as of 3151 was located in the Tikonov Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[4]

System Description[edit]

Nanking is located near the Bex and Zurich systems and is two jumps Coreward from Terra.[4]

System History[edit]

The Nanking system was colonized sometime prior to 2242 and has changed hands between powers multiple times over the centuries.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Nanking IV[edit]

Nanking IV
Nanking Flag.jpg
System positionFourth[1][2][3]
Jump Point distance9.75 days[2][3]
Moons4 (Chang-o, Yi, How-Chu, Kun-Lun)[2][3]
Surface gravity1.06[2][3]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[2][3]
Equatorial temperature36°C (Tropical)[2][3]
Surface water70%[2][3]
Highest native life15%, Plants[1][2][3]
Landmasses3 (Jianye, Shanlu, Yangtze)[3]
History and Culture
Population5,918,000,000 (3025),[1]
5,975,280,350 (3067),[2]
5,972,080,000 (3079)[3]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerLord Inwet Terragar (3025)[1]
Duke Anson Jaekel (3067)[2]
(aka Yang-Ku)[2][3]
HPG ClassA[1][3]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Nai do Chi[1]

Nanking IV, or simply Nanking, was an important industrial world located near Terra. The planet was orbited by four moons: Chang-o, How-Chu, Kun-Lun, and Yi.[2][3]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Nanking was founded during the reign of the Terran Alliance, and like many colony worlds found itself independent after the issue of the Demarcation Declaration. Joining with a number of other nearby planets in the 2240s in an act of balkanization common to those rippling across the Inner Sphere in the wake of the withdrawal of Terran oversight and authority, Nanking became the capital of a short-lived nation known as the Nanking Collective.[5]

The period between 2242 and 2265 was a period of intense internal turmoil for the Collective, with no less than 27 separate governments being put in office within the 23 year period; the turbulent nature of the times was highlighted by the fact that none of these administrations managed a term in office of more than 19 months during these two decades.[5] The Nanking Collective was ultimately abandoned as it proved nonviable as a nation, and was replaced with a new state called the Chisholm Protectorate.[5]

Chisholm Protectorate[edit]

The Chisholm Protectorate incorporated not only those worlds that had been members of the Nanking Collective but also a number of new worlds, and was presumably named after a new capital world: the world of Chisholm, known in more modern times as Elgin.[5] As a part of the Tikonov Grand Union via the Chisholm Protectorate, Nanking's location, resources and abundant food production saw the world prosper, developing into a commercial powerhouse that fed worlds in a dozen nearby systems.[2]

The Chisholm Protectorate survived longer than the ill-fated Nanking Collective, lasting into the early part of the twenty-fourth century. However, the Protectorate seems to have succumbed ultimately to invasions from other realms. With the rise of the Terran Hegemony from the ashes of the Terran Alliance under a new leader, Director-General James McKenna, the Protectorate would soon find itself being invaded.[7]

Terran Hegemony Invasion[edit]

McKenna's first "Campaign of Persuasion" saw him annex a number of independent former Alliance worlds through military force, and McKenna's second campaign would bring the newly created Hegemony Armed Forces into combat against the Protectorate along with various other targets. The campaign began in 2320 with the invasion of Terra Firma and Capolla, and by the end of the campaign in 2335 had conquered Nanking, which represented the furthest world from Terra to have been annexed by the Hegemony to date.[7]

Although the Hegemony had occupied Nanking and most, if not all, of the Protectorate by the end of McKenna's campaign, the Tikonov Grand Union went to war with the Hegemony between 2336 and 2338 over the Protectorate, a war which would see the Hegemony proved the ultimate victor.[46] However, by 2366 at least one of the Protectorate worlds would be independent of Terra again: Nanking.[8]

Capellan Confederation[edit]

When the Capellan Confederation was founded in early 2367, it drew together a host of independent worlds as well as a number of nation states into a new realm. Those worlds included Nanking and the member states included the Tikonov Grand Union, which at this point considered the Protectorate to be a part of the Grand Union,[47] although as a part of the political maneuvering required to create the Confederation, Franco Liao reinstated the Protectorate in name as the Chisholm Commonality, independent of the nearby Tikonov Commonality. However, the Chisholm Commonality soon vanished even in name, reabsorbed into the Tikonov Commonality and replaced as a member by the Chesterton Commonality.[48]

The Star League[edit]

Despite being a Terran Hegemony world during the era of the Star League, Nanking was the world where the Capellan Chancellor Normann Aris, last of the Aris line, died in 2611. Aris was on a hunting trip on Nanking when he died in a transport accident, and his death marked the return of House Liao to the Chancellorship.[49]

The Succession Wars[edit]

A Philotechnique Institute was established on Nanking either during the late Star League era or the early Succession Wars; originally founded in the mid twenty-eighth century as a special postsecondary institute focusing on technical and scientific training, by 3025 the Institute emphasized specialized "philosophical" training - political training, in other words - and admission was via a special recommendation from the planetary Director, with the state picking up all of the expenses associated with a student's education. Those who graduated but who were not technically orientated would either be recruited into the Capellan intelligence organization, the Maskirovka, or placed in positions of administrative responsibility.[50] This was a result of the oppressive nature of the Capellan government, which turned Nanking into a center for "correct socio-political thought."[2]

Nanking was one of a number of worlds to be hit by elements of an elite Free Worlds League Military strike force codenamed "Red Rover" between 2901 and 2910. Red Rover contained units from both the Defenders of Andurien and the Orloff Grenadiers and launched a series of raids targeting key Capellan Confederation Armed Forces supply depots. Although the strong reserve forces established by Chancellor Otto Liao stopped the FWLM forces from remaining on any of the Capellan worlds.[51]

By the end of the Third Succession War Nanking was still a planet with a strong commercial focus, with approximately 17% of all of the commerce received by the Capellan Confederation flowing through the planet. This was partly due to the interstellar trade and exchange driven by the local deposits of platinum and copper, and made Nanking a commercial rival to the nearby world of Styk. Nanking was also the site of a large regional naval base and the home base of Warrior House Dai Da Chi.[1]

In 3021, the Free Worlds League Military launched a deep raid on Nanking, dispatching the Sixth Marik Militia to strike at the planet. The Sixth successfully made away with a significant quantity of military matériel and parts, which would subsequently be used to help rebuild the Fourth Marik Militia.[52]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following negotiations between Colonel Pavel Ridzik, chief military advisor to Chancellor Maximilian Liao, and AFFS Lieutenant General Ardan Sortek, conducted in February 3029 Ridzik created a new nation, the Tikonov Free Republic. The Republic was created by incorporating those worlds of the Tikonov Commonality that hadn't already been conquered during the first half of the Fourth Succession War. Ridzik returned to Elgin, the new capital of the Tikonov Free Republic, on 3 March 3029 and swiftly began implementing a new government consisting of family members, friends and other appointees loyal to himself, purging dissident elements on the various Republic worlds and taking the opportunity to settle old scores. Nanking was one of the systems incorporated into the Republic.[26] Spared the destruction inflicted on many other worlds as a result of the Fourth Succession War, the majority of the population of Nanking decided to follow Ridzik. As a result the Federated Suns intelligence organization MIIO was brought into assist the population in ridding the world of Capellan nationalists; the staff of the Philotechnique Institute and staff associated with House Dai Da Chi were deported or imprisoned, while political officers and prominent ideologues were removed from office, with many subsequently subject to trial and execution. This resulted in many Capellan nationalists going underground and becoming terrorists; it took the combined efforts of the local population and MIIO to end the resulting terrorist campaign and finally rid Nanking of the terrorists.[2]

In the subsequent decades Nanking prospered again; the tech boom of the 3030s and 3040s as a result of the discovery of the Hegemony Memory Core saw farms on Nanking gain new equipment while ancient factories were refurbished or updated with what had been lostech prior to the Core's recovery. The nature of Nanking's economy, based on bountiful agricultural output, plentiful natural resources and a high-tech heavy industry allowed the planet to benefit tremendously from the advances made in this era. Nanking was also soon a crossroads for trade between the two halves of the Federated Commonwealth, with half the total commerce that moved between the two partner nations flowing through Nanking. As time went on Nanking would play a similar role for trade between the Federated Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League, and even the Capellan Confederation.[2]

The Philotechnique Institute facilities on Nanking were turned into primary and secondary education facilities in the immediate aftermath of the Fourth Succession War, but as new schools were constructed on the planet the Institute reopened as the Nanking University, providing education for students from across the Sarna March.[2]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War, the First Federated Suns Lancers—then the First FedCom RCT—fought on Nanking against both Capellan forces and Loyalist forces, preventing either the Capellans or Archon Katherine Steiner from seizing the planet.[53]

The Jihad[edit]

Nanking was one of the worlds incorporated into the Word of Blake Protectorate, and would remain a Protectorate world until late 3077. The world fell to a Blakist-sponsored coup that took control of Kallontown in 3071, and then the Seventh Division arrived to deal with the planetary militia. The execution of Duke Anson Jaekel on 12 August 3071 demoralized Nanking's remaining defenders and aborted the establishment of an anti-Blakist underground movement. For the next six years it was an important logistical world for the Word of Blake.[54]

On 24 September 3077, forces from the allied coalition assembled by Devlin Stone and the CCAF arrived in the Nanking system almost simultaneously. Unable to unwilling to coordinate their efforts, both groups attacked the Word of Blake forces on the planet, but when the Blakists were beaten the badly damaged Capellan forces began using nukes to attack the allied coalition forces. This prompted the allied coalition forces - a task group from the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR - to retreat.[55][54]

The Capellan forces began their assault by pushing their DropShips to maximum speed, traveling from the jump point to Nanking in two-thirds of the normal time, but at a punishing 2.5 gravities—a rate of speed that caused numerous injuries amongst the Capellan personnel, from sprains to outright heart attacks and gave them little opportunity to rest prior to the attack. The result of this punishing approach was that the forces led by Warrior House Fujita were exhausted before landing, and when the WoB deployed the Nanking Protectorate Militia, it managed to keep the Capellan forces confined to their initial landing zone.[56]

FedSuns Group III arrived on Nanking a day after the Capellan forces, having made the transit to the planet at a more manageable rate of 1.5 gravities. The various elements of Group III executed a combat drop behind the Protectorate Militia forces and proceeded to savage the Blakist forces with a combined attack, Clan Nova Cat's Delta Galaxy and the Seventeenth Benjamin Regulars harrying the Militia with ranged fire before the Fifth Lyran Guards made a devastating assault. Having broken the Blakists, Group III found itself faced with demands to withdraw from Nanking issued by the Capellans. When Group III pointed out that there were still Blakists active on Nanking and cited that as a reason to remain on the planet, House Fujita launched nuclear strikes against the Fifth Lyran Guards; it was at this point that the coalition forces elected to withdraw.[56]

It was reported in the Capellan media that the coalition forces refused to support the Capellan forces on Nanking, leaving them to face the Blakist forces alone, but that House Fujita turned on the Federated Suns forces after their landing and staved off their attempt to seize Nanking from the Capellans. It was also claimed that the actions on Nanking proved the duplicitous nature of both the Federated Suns forces and Devlin Stone.[57]

In March 3080, elements within Kallon Industries were implicated in being involved in local disturbances on the world of Nanking, backed by interests in the Federated Suns; these elements were supplying weapons to rebels and renegade Coalition forces attempting to destabilize the world.[58]

Dark Age[edit]

In 3137, a mercenary unit named Los Chupacabras was dispatched by the Senate Alliance to raid the Kallon Industries facilities on Nanking. The mercenaries landed a number of Union and Mule-class DropShips close to the main Kallon facility and began deploying, but ran afoul of concealed forces and then arriving garrison forces. Los Chupacabras were caught in the open, taking heavy losses from the defending forces, with artillery fire inflicting a particularly heavy toll, to the extent that one of the mercenary DropShips was damaged badly enough it couldn't escape when the fleeing mercenaries lifted offworld.[59]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Nanking Sarna March Militia[62]


  • Nanking Sarna March Militia[63]


- Deployed across Nanking, and Arboris, the unit was at 75% strength, with 95% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- Deployed across the Hsien and Nanking systems, the unit was at 80% strength.


Nanking is a tropical world with three major continents: Jianye, Shanlu, and Yangtze.[3]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Han River[67]
  • Ningpo Mountain Range[67]
    • Gladston Hill Training Base[67]
    • Great Eaves Valley Training Area[67]
  • Lioning Province[67]
    • Panjin: a small city[67]
  • Tiantang Mountains[67]
    • Blackrock Falls: a town[67]
  • Wenfang: a city[67]
  • Yang-ku: Capital city located on the continent of Yangtze[67]
    • Camp Allard[67]
    • Kallon Industries: major manufacturing facility within the capital city[3]
        • Kallontown: a small city built around the Kallon Industries factory[67]

Companies and Industries[edit]


House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) gives the distance between Nanking and the jump point as 8 days, whilst Handbook: House Davion gives the distance as being 9.75 days. As Handbook: House Davion is the most recent source, the distance quoted in that publication is used in this article.

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 80 systems (78 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Bex 11.1 Zurich 11.7 Aldebaran 12.8 Hsien 17.3
Capolla 18.0 Terra Firma 18.1 Genoa 18.1 Cynthiana 20.4
Arboris 20.4 Chisholm 21.2 Acamar 21.4 Saiph 24.3
New Canton 25.7 Woodstock 26.2 Tall Trees 26.6 Bhaktapur 26.8
Brownsville 27.3 Menkalinan 29.6 Epsilon Eridani 30.8 Outreach 31.0
Azha 31.0 Mandal 31.8 Zion 32.4 Gan Singh 33.7
Ningpo 34.9 Sheratan 35.2 Slocum 35.4 Belluevue 36.2
Epsilon Indi 36.8 Fletcher 37.0 Hall 37.5 Bharat 37.6
Manennaia 38.1 Kawich 38.2 Nopah 38.9 Bryant 39.7
Pleione 40.0 Berenson 41.3 Carver 41.9 New Home 42.0
Ingress 42.6 Wasat 42.7 Hamal 42.9 Algol 45.1
Kristiandsund 45.1 Ruchbah 45.1 New Stevens 45.7 Kansu 45.7
Keid 46.0 Kyrkbacken 46.7 Hechnar 47.2 Basalt 49.0
Procyon 49.3 Poznan 49.5 Styk 49.7 Snailzar 49.7
Northwind 50.2 Buchlau 50.3 Sirius 50.7 Shensi 51.2
Caph 52.1 Asuncion 52.9 Small World 53.3 Yangtze 53.3
Myrvoll 54.7 Halloran 56.2 Van Diemen 56.5 Tigress 56.5
Sol 56.5 Deneb Kaitos 57.1 Lockdale 57.1 Fomalhaut 57.2
Alpha Eridani 57.9 Sichuan 58.0 Blue Sava 58.0 Conwy 58.3
New Aragon 59.3 Talitha 59.4 Rigil Kentarus 60.0 Tabit 60.6


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