Hegemony Memory Core

The Hegemony Memory Core, also referred to as the New Dallas Memory Core was a Star League library discovered on New Dallas during the early stages of the Jihad.


New Dallas was a terraformed world founded in 2354 by the Terran Hegemony. In a successful attempt to keep the citizens loyal to the Hegemony, the planetary militia were among the first non-HAF members to receive BattleMech technology, and were kept up to date with cutting-edge developments. Rather than being scrapped outright, old designs were mothballed in a large bunker, resulting in a cache of technology and information that became forgotten during the destruction of the Amaris Civil War and the First Succession War.[1] Eventually New Dallas itself was rendered uninhabitable, disappearing from charts during the Second Succession War.

The New Dallas militia served as a cover for the Hegemony Central Intelligence Directorate. They established a storage facility in the militia's "boneyard"; this was the Hegemony Memory Core. Though the HCID would eventually move on to other locations, the Memory Core remained attached to the planetary network and would receive automatic updates until the Amaris Civil War.[2]


In the late thirty-first century, an expedition from the Devil's Brigade mercenary unit was sent to New Dallas under the orders of Chandrasekhar Kurita. Kurita had obtained information that indicated Terran Hegemony planetary militias had access to the latest SLDF hardware in the lead-up to the Amaris Coup. While the surface of New Dallas was an uninhabitable wasteland, untouched for centuries, the bunker was found intact; at the heart of the bunker lay a memory core with full specifications on League, House and Periphery designs.[1]

Given the limited spread of the Helm Memory Core, which predominantly remained within House governments, Kurita used every asset at his disposal to disseminate the information from the Hegemony core equally to all people, including HPG transmissions, JumpShips, and Black Boxes.

While not as groundbreaking as the discovery of the Helm Memory Core, data from the Hegemony Memory Core enabled a revival in 'Mech development and construction from small-scale companies, and the emergence of RetroTech. The core also provided details regarding cutting-edge technology used in SLDF Royal units.[3]


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