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System Information
X:Y Coordinates5.167 : -101.64[e]

The Asuncion system is the location of at least one habitable world and as of 3145 was an independent system located in the Free Worlds League.[1][2]

System Description[edit]

Asuncion is located near the Ilmachna and Kyrkbacken systems.[1][2]

System History[edit]

The Asuncion system was colonized during the First Exodus from Terra.[3]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor[38]
Military CommanderLegate Rodrigo de la Cruz (3135)[38]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Asuncion was one of a number of client states that joined the Capellan Hegemony in the 2280s and 2290s, and along with Zion constituted one of the Capellan Hegemony worlds closest to Terra.[3] Either as a result of the war between the Capellan Hegemony and the Sarna Supremacy or other events after the war, the Capellan Hegemony or its successor state, the Capellan Commonality, lost control of the Asuncion system; by the 2350s, the Sarna Supremacy and the Free Worlds League were contesting ownership of the system,[5] and by 2366 Asuncion was an independent system within the Capellan Zone.[7]

Second Succession War[edit]

For more information see: Battle of Asuncion (2840)

During the Second Succession War, Asuncion served as a bastion in the Free Worlds League defense against the Capellan Confederation, even during the dire years of the ComStar War; however, in the summer of 2840 the Capellans finally conquered Asuncion as the Free Worlds League Military desperately tried to mount a defense of the key industrial world of Irian in the face of Lyran and Capellan offensives that had begun during the interdiction and were continuing relentlessly afterwards. The FWLM managed to launch counteroffensives beginning with the defense of Irian in The FWLM managed to launch counteroffensives beginning with the defense of Irian,[17] and by 2847 had managed to recapture a number of key worlds including Asuncion, although many worlds remained in enemy hands.[18]


In 3070, the Sixth Orloff Grenadiers had fallen back from an attack into Lyran Alliance space to station Asuncion when they found themselves under attack by the mercenary unit Barrett's Fusiliers. The Fusiliers had been stationed on the nearby world of Zion when the other major unit on the planet, the Third Free Worlds Guards lifted off Zion without orders to launch an attack into Capellan space. As the League dissolved into chaos, the Fusiliers were told by the planetary government on Zion that as a temporary measure, the Zion government would be assuming control of their contract, and ordered the Fusiliers to secure Asuncion and put down a rebellion on that planet.[32]

The Fusiliers were surprised by the presence of the Sixth on Asuncion, announced when the Sixth's air wing intercepted the Fusiliers soon after their arrival at a local pirate point. The Fusiliers air forces punched through the Sixth's fighter screen, and the mercenaries landed and deployed around the Plains of Schakondra, southwest of the planetary capital and north of the Forest of Kendra. This strength of this cautious approach was buoyed by the Fusiliers deploying a 'Mech battalion and significant artillery assets within the Forest. Colonel Loge soon met the Fusiliers in a fierce combat action, despite coming under a significant artillery barrage from the mercenaries hidden artillery assets, followed by bombardment from heavy bombers when Loge ordered the Sixth to charge through the artillery barrage to engage the Fusiliers.[32]

The mercenaries charged in turn, with two mercenary 'Mech battalions attempting to push the Sixth back against the edge of the Forest and thereby limit their mobility and ability to maneuver; the Fusiliers' armored cavalry circled the Sixth to attack the Sixth's secondary forces, while the Fusiliers third battalion emerged from the Forest and completed the encirclement of the Sixth. With mounting casualties and her support cut off, Colonel Loge called for a ceasefire; Colonel Barrett allowed the surviving personnel from the Sixth to leave Asuncion, but claimed all of their equipment, effectively destroying the Sixth as a combat formation. The Fusiliers then imposed martial law on Asuncion in the name of the Zion government and rebuilt using the seized equipment while waiting for new elections to be held on the world.[32]

During the Jihad, Asuncion was liberated by the Free Worlds League-based task group led by Duchess Alys Rousset-Marik. The Coalition forces invaded on January 3, 3078 as a part of Operation SCOUR. The defenders were disorganized and after a week of fighting Asuncion was free,[34] having posed little challenge for Group IV of the Free Worlds League task force.[39]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Seventh "Asuncion" Lancers[42]


  • Seventh "Asuncion" Lancers[42]



  • Second Smithson's Chinese Bandits[25]




- The unit was at 65% strength, with 100% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.



Notable geographical features on Asuncion include the Plains of Schakondra and the Forest of Kendra.[32]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 60 systems (60 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kyrkbacken 7.5 Ilmachna 10.9 Snailzar 15.9 Suzano 16.3
Jilin 17.5 Zion 20.9 Ventabren 21.8 Belluevue 22.4
Kristiandsund 23.1 Manennaia 25.6 Ibstock 26.2 Myrvoll 26.3
Bernardo 27.3 New Canton 28.9 Elnath 28.9 Ohrensen 29.4
Bhaktapur 30.1 Sichuan 31.1 Menkalinan 31.5 Second Try 32.5
Yunnah 33.6 Saiph 33.6 Shui-pào 35.1 Tall Trees 35.2
Park Place 35.9 Berenson 35.9 Styk 37.2 Corey 38.2
Phact 38.7 Wazan 39.1 Second Chance 39.7 Old Kentucky 40.2
Zurich 41.3 Aldebaran 42.1 Gan Singh 42.6 Cynthiana 44.1
Hamilton 45.6 Harsefeld 46.4 Tsitsang 47.3 Hsien 47.3
Mandal 47.7 Ulan Bator 48.7 Shensi 49.4 Bonaire 49.5
Achilles 50.0 Chisholm 50.8 Chamdo 50.9 Palos 51.0
Pleione 51.2 New Sarna 51.3 Blue Sava 51.9 Ling 52.8
Nanking 52.9 Wasat 53.3 Genoa 53.9 Holt 54.6
Augustine 54.8 New Delos 58.2 Raballa 58.5 Campertown 58.7


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