Ohrensen 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-16.29 : -121.76[e]
Spectral classF7II[1]
Recharge time178 hours[1]
Recharge station(s)Nadir[1]

The Ohrensen system was home to at least one habitable world, Ohrensen II, and as of June 3152 was located in the Oriente Protectorate province of the Free Worlds League.[2]

System Description[edit]

The Ohrensen system is located near the Second Chance and Jilin systems and is Rimward from Terra. It is home to at least two planets and had a Recharge Station located at the Nadir Jump Point.[3][1]

System History[edit]

The Ohrensen system was colonized sometime before 2271.[4]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Ohrensen II[edit]

Ohrensen II
System position2[1]
Jump Point distance12.89[1]
Moons1 (Box)[1]
Surface gravity0.95[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature35° C (Temperate)[1]
Surface water61%[1]
Highest native lifeBirds[1]
History and Culture
Population1,300,250,000 (3067)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderDirector Shoga Leow[1]
HPG ClassB[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Third Succession War[edit]

Ohrensen is a relative newcomer to the Free Worlds League.[1] In 2941 agents operating on behalf of Captain-General Samuel Marik convinced Vincente Sian-Marik to sign a treaty with the Free Worlds League transferring his allegiance and those of the worlds he administered to the League. In addition to being the planetary administrator of Kyrkbacken, Ohrensen, Suzano, Ventabren and Zion, Sian-Marik was a distant relative of the Marik line; while the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces garrisons on the five worlds didn't try to resist the transfer of worlds, they did engage in widespread scorched-earth operations on each world to inflict as much damage as possible prior to the transfer. As a consequence the acquisition of the five worlds saddled the Free Worlds League with a significant and expensive rebuilding program.[15] Occupied by League forces,[1], the inhabitants of Ohrensen fought the FWLM forces for years to resist the incorporation. Culturally, Ohrensen has a great deal in common with Zion, but unlike that world Ohrensen was allowed to control its own economy and internal politics.[1]

As a result of the CCAF's scorched earth operation nearly a third of all the structures were destroyed on Ohrensen's main continent. The middle thirtieth century saw a great deal of investment in the world, but the corrupt practices of the former Capellan administrators resulted in a world that had a strong economy and infrastructure, but a population that was substantially below the League's average standard of living. During the chaos of the Capellan withdrawal and the rebuilding effort, criminal organizations influenced the corrupt administrators and eventually dominated the political scene.

By 3015, though, Ohrensen had become the focal point and resupply and repair area for all Marik units that were being sent into Liao space. Unwilling to escalate political tensions between House Marik, Maximilian Liao instead gave the mission of striking Ohrensen to the elite mercenary command, McCarron's Armored Cavalry, and their newly named 2nd Regimental Commander, Marcus Barton. Barton struck a major Marik force in the Eianth world, and learned of the Fort Gorndack facility that was the hidden staging area. Barton would bring his entire 2nd Regiment to Ohrensen, but found the system on full alert. A massive aerospace battle saw Barton get the upper hand and he would be able to bring his command to planetside without any contestation. But shortly after landing, the Marik forces counterattacked. Barton's scouts and aerospace fighters were able to delay them long enough for Barton to get a fix on Fort Gorndack, and then the facility would face the all-out attack. Five hours later, Barton had crushed the Marik defenders, destroyed the fortress, and looted the resupply area of practically anything that the Big Mac's mechs could carry. This would be the beginning of Barton's legend as a "fort buster". [31]

Though many of these criminal organizations are constantly at each other's throats, Director Leow acts as the planet's leader. Director Leow's "enforcers" maintain power and order in this modern kleptocracy, enforcing policies that benefit the planet as a whole. (Though the criminal factions naturally have a great deal of influence over these policies.) Recently Leow's enforcers have come into conflict with Capellan organized crime families seeking to return to Ohrensen.[1]


Reports published in late March 3079 indicate that Ohrensen was subjected to a raid by Word of Blake forces on the 6th of February, one of five worlds within the Duchy of Oriente to be raided in the space of a few weeks by a Blakist task force consisting of units from several divisions with WarShip support. The Blakists used nuclear weapons to destroy the defending Essex-class destroyer FWLS Schrack in the Ohrensen system before making a ground assault which badly damaged the 1st Marik Militia and destroyed the planetary HPG.[22]

The Duchy of Oriente responded to the ongoing attack on Ohrensen by deploying reinforcements from the nearby Kyrkbacken and Suzano systems to the Ohrensen system a week later, reinforcements which consisted of both ground forces and the Zechetinu II-class corvettes FWLS Acari and FWLS Kustarachnae. The Blakist task force evidently destroyed the Kustarachnae as it attempted to cover both the Acari and the arriving 4th Fusiliers of Oriente; the Acari was then captured, and later used as a Trojan Horse for a later assault on the Oriente system.[22]

Military Deployment[edit]





Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Fort Gorndack: A heavily fortified Starport.[16]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 60 systems (59 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Second Chance 10.3 Jilin 12.2 Shui-pào 15.1 Park Place 17.0
Ilmachna 18.6 Ventabren 19.7 Harsefeld 20.3 Ibstock 20.4
Old Kentucky 27.1 Bernardo 27.6 Ling 27.7 New Delos 28.8
Wazan 29.2 Asuncion 29.4 Phact 32.6 Suzano 33.0
Myrvoll 33.2 Ramen 33.3 New Sarna 33.4 Gomeisa 33.5
Kyrkbacken 33.8 Elnath 35.3 Bonaire 37.6 Holt 38.1
Kristiandsund 38.9 Campertown 39.1 Corey 40.4 Chamdo 40.5
Hassad 41.2 Gorki 41.7 Snailzar 42.5 Yunnah 43.8
Hamilton 44.9 Belluevue 44.9 Sorunda 48.9 Zion 49.7
Kievanur 49.8 Pavia 50.4 Chengdu 50.4 Lesalles 50.5
Berenson 50.7 McKenna 51.0 Second Try 51.0 Ingersoll 51.7
Raballa 52.3 Vanra 52.4 Augustine 52.6 Sichuan 53.5
Menkalinan 53.7 Manennaia 54.5 New Canton 54.6 Ulan Bator 55.1
Bithinia 56.8 Avellaneda 57.2 Blue Sava 57.5 Tall Trees 57.6
Saiph 57.7 Bhaktapur 59.4 Abadan 59.9 Fuentes 61.3


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