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Kallon Industries

Kallon Industries
Kallon Industries logo.png
Corporation Profile
Previous Name(s)Kallon Corporation[1]
Division(s)Kallon Weapon Industries
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Kallon Industries was a large multinational military hardware manufacturer, producing everything from BattleMechs and vehicles to DropShips. The Federated Suns branch was often referred to as Kallon Weapon Industries.


In 2490, Kallon Corporation was a second-tier supplier for the Terran Hegemony Armed Forces that produced parts and supplies for the Hegemony. They entered BattleMech production in 2504 when their FALCON GRAY BattleMech was accepted as the RFL-1N Rifleman. This early success justified the twenty years the company had spent building a list of subcontractors and suppliers, as well as risking their position as a Hegemony weapons developer.[1]

Kallon Industries was once a subsidiary of Earthwerks Incorporated and broke off during the Star League era. With operations in the Free Worlds League, Federated Suns, and sometimes the Capellan Confederation, the Federated Suns division branded itself as Kallon Weapon Industries by 3025.[2] The different divisions essentially operated as independent companies that shared a single board of directors.[3] This arrangement changed during the Clan Invasion as the branches began to work more closely, though under League law, Kallon Industries was treated as a foreign company, putting them at a disadvantage against local, larger League manufacturers.[4]

First Succession War[edit]

The Thermopolis branch of Kallon Industries was responsible for the development of the WVR-6M variant of the Wolverine. The border region of the Free Worlds League in which Thermopolis was located during the First Succession War was an active combat zone, with Thermopolis being unfortunate enough to be close to the central border region that saw particularly brutal and intense fighting as the Lyran Commonwealth annexed the worlds of the Bolan Thumb, with both nations launching multiple attempts to gain control of the significant Bella system. By the mid-2810s, the Thermopolis factories were suffering from the disruption to supply networks and trade endemic to the Inner Sphere during this era, and had exhausted their stockpile of the GM Whirlwind Autocannon used in the construction of the standard WVR-6R Wolverine BattleMech, although the factory assembly lines producing Wolverines were still largely intact and functioning. The local engineers reacted to this problem by adapting the design using available resources, developing the new WVR-6M variant, which entered full production in 2816, and was in action a year later.[5]

Thirty-first century[edit]

With the rediscovery of Star League technology in the thirty-first century, Kallon would go on a development blitz to improve their market share. One of these projects was the upgrading of their existing designs, such as the Wolverine for the Free Worlds League, and reopening their mothballed Exterminator line to produce a new variant for the Com Guards.[citation needed]

In 3067, Kallon Industries was operating on Keid to build an intercontinental maglev railway between Keid City and New Clairton whose deadline was December 30 that year. The AMC attack that destroyed the companies Warehouse would most sure impact the project.[6]

The Jihad[edit]

During the Jihad, the company expanded its portfolio of products to include aerospace fighters. When the SelaSys WarShip facility on Loyalty was destroyed, Kallon's DropShip shipyards managed to survive the attacks. Then Kallon constructed an aerospace manufacturing plant on the surface of Loyalty to further entrench themselves on the world. By 3083, Kallon began production of its Poignard light aerospace fighter, selling them to the newly formed Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Two years later, Kallon would add a Poignard line to its production facilities on Asuncion for sales to the new Republic of the Sphere.[7]

However, in March 3080, elements within Kallon Industries were implicated in being involved in local disturbances on the world of Nanking. Backed by interests in the Federated Suns, these elements were supplying weapons to rebels and renegade Coalition forces attempting to destabilize the world.[8]

The Bernardo and Loyalty plants suffered no losses during the Jihad.[9] The facility on Nanking suffered heavy capital and personnel losses of 85%, and the operating capacity of the factory was reduced to 13% of its main production volume by the end of 3079.[10]

The Dark Age[edit]

During the Lyran-Clan Wolf Invasion of the ex–Free Worlds League, many of Kallon's facilities would be captured by these invaders. Ultimately by 3142, Kallon's facilities were serving Clan Wolf and its newly formed Wolf Empire. Once upgraded, those same facilities would start producing Clan grade weapons and equipment for the Empire's Touman.[11][12] One line that didn't fall to the Wolves was found on Loyalty. There the First Loyalty Defenders were able to defeat the Nineteenth Wolf Cavalry in a Trial of Possession. Kallon's Loyalty plant dedicated their output to rebuilding the Defenders in gratitude.[13]


Kallon Industries had manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Asuncion:[14][15]
Component Type
FNHK-9K Falcon Hawk[15] Light BattleMech
CRD-5M Crusader[14] Heavy BattleMech
Aerospace Fighter
Poignard Light aerospace fighter - (Since 3085)[16]
Crucis-B Crusader[14]
Kallon Light Type 2AXQ Falcon Hawk[15]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Omni 175 XL Falcon Hawk[15]
Hermes 260 XL Crusader[14]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Kallon Light Ferro-Fibrous Falcon Hawk[15]
Jump Jets
Chilton 465 Crusader[14]
Communications System
Irian TelStar Falcon Hawk[15]
Targeting-Tracking System
GuideRite with Laser Coordination Link Falcon Hawk[15]
Medium Laser
Intek Crusader[14]


Components produced on Bernardo:[17]
Component Type
CRD-5M Crusader[17][18] Heavy BattleMech
Crucis-B Crusader[17]


Components produced on Loyalty:[19][20][21]
Component Type
ERS-2N Eris[22] Medium BattleMech
Vengeance[21][23] DropShip
Kuan Ti[21] DropShip
Partisan[19] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Partisan AA Vehicle[20] Wheeled Vehicles
Aerospace Fighter
Poignard[24] Light aerospace fighter - (Since 3083)
Fusion Engine
Nissan 230 Partisan AA Vehicle[20]
Interplanetary Drive - DropShips
Warrior-ATP Vengeance[19]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Kallon Unity Weave ferro-fibrous Partisan AA Vehicle[20]
StarSlab/7 Partisan[19]
Communications System
Jolex Systems Partisan[19] & Partisan AA Vehicle[20]
Targeting-Tracking System
AntiAir Flak Systems-1 Partisan AA Vehicle[20]
Flak Partisan[19]
Defiance Shredder Partisan AA Vehicle[20]


Components produced on Nanking:[1][25][26][27][28][29]
Component Type
WVR-7D Wolverine[27] Medium BattleMech
WVR-10R Wolverine[30] Medium BattleMech
RFL-1N Rifleman[1] Medium BattleMech (Primitive)
RFL-3N Rifleman[29] Heavy BattleMech
RFL-5D Rifleman[29] Heavy BattleMech
RFL-7G Rifleman[29] Heavy BattleMech
RFL-7N2 Rifleman[29] Heavy BattleMech
SHD-8L Shadow Hawk[27] Medium BattleMech
Ontos[25][27] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Partisan[26] Tracked Vehicles - Heavy Tank
Partisan-CC[26][27] Tracked Vehicles
Partisan-LC[26] Tracked Vehicles
Partisan Hull Defense[28] Tracked Vehicles
Kallon-X Exterminator[31]
Internal Combustion Engine
GM SuperLoad 240 ICE Partisan[26]
GM 285 HeavyLoad ICE Ontos[25]
Jump Jets
Northrup Nova Leap 30a Exterminator[31]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-7 Partisan[26]
SimplePlate Manufacturers Ontos[25]
Communications System
EasyTalk-2 Ontos[25]
JoLex Systems Partisan[26]
Tek BattleCom Exterminator[31] and Wolverine
Targeting-Tracking System
AntiAir Flak Systems-1 Partisan[26]
GuideRite Coordination Link Ontos[25]
Tek LOR T13d Exterminator[31]
LB 10-X AC
Imperator Code Red Partisan[32]


Components produced on Thermopolis:[33][34][35][5][36]
Component Type
Wulfen[33] Light OmniMech (As of 3142)
WVR-6R Wolverine[5] Medium BattleMech (until ca. 2815)[5]
WVR-6M Wolverine[5] Medium BattleMech (from 2816)[5]
WVR-7M Wolverine[34] Medium BattleMech
RFL-5M Rifleman[34] Heavy BattleMech
RFL-7M Rifleman[36] Heavy BattleMech
EXT-4A Exterminator Heavy BattleMech (In 3007)
Warwolf[34][35] Heavy OmniMech (As of 3138)
Stormwolf[37] Medium OmniMech (As of 3149)
Crucis-A Wolverine[34]
WW-1 Heavy Endo Steel Warwolf[35]
Kallon Type IV Rifleman[34]
Process 12 Endo Steel Wulfen[33]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 240 XL Rifleman[34]
Hermes 275 XL w/MASC Wolverine[34]
Starfire 375 XL Warwolf[35]
Fusion engine - XXL
Model 39b 300 XXL Wulfen[33]
Jump Jets
Northrup 12000 Wolverine[38]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Forging BL2 Reactive Warwolf[35]
Maximillian 60 Wolverine[34]
Imstar V-Stealth Wulfen[33]
Kallon Royalstar w/CASE Rifleman
Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Caesar & Cataphract[34]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Kallon FWL Special ferro-fibrous Shipped to Savannah for Quickdraw[34]
Kallon Unity Weave ferro-fibrous w/CASE Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Axman & Wolverine[34]
Communications System
Garret T11-b Warwolf[35] & Stormwolf[37]
Garret T11-b w/ECM Suite Wulfen[33]
Targeting-Tracking System
Sync Tracker (39-42071) Wulfen,[33] Warwolf,[35] and Stormwolf[37]


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