Light Ferro-Fibrous Armor

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Light Ferro-Fibrous armor was developed by the Inner Sphere for use on BattleMechs and combat vehicles. It was first put into production in 3067. In their attempt to mimic Clan Ferro-Fibrous armor, Free Worlds League scientists were able to reduce the amount of space that Light Ferro-Fibrous takes up to match that of the Clans, but the cost was reduced protection.[1]

In game terms, Light Ferro-Fibrous takes up seven critical slots in a BattleMech or one slot in a combat vehicle. The amount of armor points is increased by six percent when compared to standard armor.[2]


Light Ferro-Fibrous Armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Kallon Light Light Ferro-Fibrous Asuncion Kallon Industries FNHK-9K Falcon Hawk [3]
Kallon FWL Special Bernardo Kallon Industries ??? [citation needed]
Krupp 205 Light Ferro-Fibrous Terra Skobel MechWorks LMT-2R Lament [4]
Valiant Ringmail Robinson Valiant Systems ??? [citation needed]


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