Light Ferro-Fibrous Armor

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Light ferro-fibrous armor was developed by the Inner Sphere for use on BattleMechs and combat vehicles. It was first put into production in 3067. In their attempt to mimic Clan ferro-fibrous armor, Free Worlds League scientists were able to reduce the amount of space that light ferro-fibrous takes up to match that of the Clans, but the cost was reduced protection.[1]

Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor was developed based upon the Light Ferro-Fibrous armor compound by Durallex for the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces in 3069. Durallex was inspired by Kallon Industries' idea to modify the amount of diamond in the armor, but went in the other direction. The result was a bulkier armor that was stronger.[1]


Light ferro-fibrous armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Durallex Light Gibson Gibson Federated BattleMechs Shipped to Federated Commonwealth for Wasp [2]
Durallex Light Taurus Taurus Territorial Industries Maultier Hover APC [3]
Hellespont Lite Sian Hellespont 'Mech Works Wasp 1A/Wasp 3L/Men Shen/Vedette [4][5][6]
Kallon FWL Special Thermopolis Kallon Industries Shipped to Savannah for Quickdraw [7]
Kallon Light Ferro-Fibrous Asuncion Kallon Industries FNHK-9K Falcon Hawk [8]
Krupp 205 Light Ferro-Fibrous Terra Skobel MechWorks LMT-2R Lament [9]
Strasbourg Valiant Ringmail Light Ferro-Fibrous Terra Strasbourg Armaments Shipped to Robinson Standard BattleWorks (Robinson) for AGS-5D Argus [10]


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