Sheratan 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates40.84 : -21.506[e]
Spectral classK5V[1]
Recharge time216 hours[2]
Recharge station(s)Nadir[2]

The Sheratan system was home to at least one habitable world, Sheratan V, and as of 3151, it was located in the Tikonov Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[3]

System Description[edit]

Sheratan is located near the Fletcher and Ingress systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Sheratan V[edit]

Also known asSheratan V
System positionFifth[1]
Jump Point distance4 days[1][2]
Surface gravity0.9[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature31°C[1]
Surface water40%[1]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
History and Culture
Population116,000,000 (3130)[1][47]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderLegate Josef Sparrow (3130)[1][47]
CapitalGellen's Heights[2]
HPG ClassB[2]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Having become independent as a result of the Demarcation Declaration, Sheratan was subsequently added to the resurgent Terran Hegemony; whilst some worlds joined the Hegemony during its early years as a result of diplomatic and trade incentives, many more were conquered in "campaigns of persuasion" launched by Director-General James McKenna, the first of which began in 2316 and ended with the capture of Towne in 2317. Sheratan was one of the worlds added to the Hegemony during or around the time of this first military campaign.[48][4][5]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Other than a great deal of farmland, Sheratan had nothing much to offer; therefore, it was generally spared the horrific effects of the Succession Wars.[1]

Sheratan was one of the systems incorporated into the Tikonov Free Republic in 3029 as a result of the Fourth Succession War.[23] Afterward, the Capellan secret police established a number of terrorist groups on Sheratan and supplied them with funding, leading to a protracted terrorist campaign across the planet. The primary defensive force on Sheratan was a command known as the Sheratan Knights, a regiment of conventional forces who were ferociously loyal to the Federated Commonwealth. Heavily involved in attempting to stop the outbreaks of terrorism, the Knights ended up receiving extensive practical experience in dealing with guerrilla warfare.[2]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

Sheratan had relatively few large cities, and when the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation launched Operation GUERRERO the Chancellor ordered the terrorist groups on Sheratan into action, leading to bombings and mass shootings in Sheratan's cities. The Sheratan Knights went into action against the terrorist again, and managed to destroy a number of cells, but the wild forests and jungles that covered much of Sheratan made it impossible to stamp all of the terrorist groups out.[2]

Life became significantly worse for the population when a battalion of mercenaries hired by the Free Worlds League landed on Sheratan. The mercenaries in question were the Fist of Mokal, and had arrived to support the Capellan nationalists; quickly seizing Gellen's Heights, the capital city, the Fist declared Sheratan a Capellan holding once more. Colonel Toby Knight of the Sheratan Knights had the furious Knights converge on Gellen's Heights and launched an aggressive hit-and-run attack against the Fist that destroyed several BattleMechs. The Commanding Officer of the Fist, Major William Jeffreys, was caught out by the ferocity and success of the Knight's attack, and ordered two companies of his troops to hunt down the Knights in Sheratan's forests, leaving the third company to secure the militia fortress in the city.[2]

Aided by the Capellan-aligned terrorist groups, the Fist managed to track down and destroy one of the Knights' three battalions, but the Knights responded by setting the forest on fire, trapping the Fist's troops. Faced with a burning maelstrom, Jeffreys ordered his troops to charge through the flames, but only a single company of 'Mechs survived; the company still in Gellen Heights responded to news of the attack by slaughtering thousands of civilians. It wasn't long before word of the Fist's brutal actions led to their contract being voided, but before leaving Sheratan the Fist started several major fires of their own.[2]

With vast areas of Sheratan on fire, the planetary government was unable to keep control of the situation and collapsed, leading to a leadership vacuum, which various local factions attempted to fill. Resources that could've been spent fighting the fires ended up being consumed in small-scale warfare between competing factions led by members of the local aristocracy or other charismatic figures, and soon there was so much smoke in the atmosphere that Sheratan's days became hazy and the nights particularly dark. The Knights were able to retain control of Gellen's Heights and a few square kilometers of territory around the city, but not much more; without support from the Fist of Mokal, the influence of the Capellan nationalist forces was also heavily reduced, leaving the planet in flux.[2]

After the formation of the Chaos March, Atticks Enterprises hired several mercenaries to secure the foodstuffs stored on Sheratan at the Hollingsworth Agrifoods warehouse in Daggaknott city.[49] Atticks had been taken over by a pirate group known as Death's Holiday, who had found the properties formerly owned by the Shen family of Acamar abandoned after the family was wiped out and assumed control. The pirates operated under the pretense that the Hollingsworth Agrifoods stores were Atticks Enterprises property to be reclaimed, in an effort to avoid tangling with the major influences in the region such as Wolf's Dragoons, who took a dim view on piracy of any kind. Daggaknott was home to various civilian factions competing for control, and due to the upheaval on Sheratan the board of Directors of Hollingsworth Agrifoods had hired a mixed conventional forces company to secure their compound, who clashed with the hirelings deployed by Death's Holiday.[50]


In 3070, Sheratan was garrisoned by Grim Determination.[51] The Word of Blake hired several mercenary units to land on Sheratan and drive the Determination off the world. (The Word agents who hired the units claimed to be from the Federated Suns). The Determination surrendered when they were informed that the contract called for the destruction of their force. Many of the soldiers from Grim Determination later joined Cumberland's Missiliers.[52]

Sheratan was used as a baseworld by the Fifth Division. In 3070, the world was raided by the Thirteenth Stalking Horse and Wild Geese mercenary commands. They inflicted serious damage on the Fifth Division, which was on Sheratan to recover.[53] After this raid and the removal of Grim Determination, the Fifth Division staged a military coup and took control of the world. Precentor Garin Latronis conscripted civilians into "volunteer engineering groups" to repair infrastructure and fortifications on the planet. By the end of 3070, the Precentor had created work camps all over the world and deposed the planetary government, establishing himself as a despotic ruler. Labor strikes were put down with lethal force, and a peaceful protest of 100,000 citizens turned into a massacre.

In 3073, the Opacus Venatori arrived on Sheratan. They removed Precentor Latronis from power (by killing him) and punished those Word of Blake militia members who had engaged in crimes against humanity. Their job done, they left the world in the hands of the native Sheratanians, who quickly reestablished a junta and tried to get back to normal. They remained in power until the Coalition arrived in 3079. In July, the Sheratan Protectorate Militia was defending Sheratan along stragglers of Fifth Division. They engaged elements from the Com Guard Third Army. The Militia surrendered after a token fight.[54] Devlin Stone promised that those people guilty of crimes against their fellows would be tried.[55]

Some anomalous reports have the Clan Nova Cat Delta Galaxy attacking Sheratan in late 3077, where they employed the new Arbalest to neutralize the Blakist networks. Without corroboration this battle cannot be confirmed.[56]

Dark Age[edit]

On 16 December 3132, fighting broke out on Sheratan between forces from the Republic Armed Forces and forces from the local Clan Wolf enclave.[57] The call to arms issued by Kal Radick in June had unnerved the leadership within the Republic, and led to a number of Clan Wolf enclaves within the Republic's borders receiving visits from Knights, checking to see if the Wolves were continuing to remain loyal. The fighting in December was between the Malenky Katyusha Clan Wolf enclave located outside Gellen's Heights, the planetary capital, and a force from IV Principes that had been dispatched under the overall command of a Knight-Errant.[58] At this point, Radick was still trying to create the impression that the Steel Wolves were a new Clan, and the defeat on Sheratan at the hands of IV Princepes was a high-profile setback for him.[59]

In mid-3134, Wiremu Telosa, the leader of the Chosen—an offshoot faction of the One Star Faith—attempted to merge his followers with the Clan Wolf enclave on Sheratan. The Chosen's beliefs were a mash of syncretic mysticism and articles borrowed from Clan culture—or at least, the Chosen's interpretation of Clan culture—and the attempt was a disaster.[60]

Late in 3135, prior to the Fortress Republic protocols being enacted, Tara Campbell arrived on Sheratan to secure a hidden armaments depot from anti-Republic forces. Campbell then assembled a ragtag force from the remaining loyalists there, including individual soldiers who had flocked to her banner rather than abandon Republic worlds outside the Wall. Paladin Ariana Zou later met with Campbell and aided her in withdrawing the arms cache and her force to the Republic Remnant.[61][62] At some point afterwards Sheratan fell to the Capellan Confederation.[44]

Military Deployment[edit]





Sheratan is an agricultural world. The land is arranged in a single continent with several large inland seas. This continent is covered in forests, jungles, and farmland.[1] Sheratan is described as being a beautiful world, sparsely populated, with forests and jungles around the equator.[2] The forests created large fertile areas, and agricultural concerns moved in, bought land, cut down the forests and planted fruits and vegetables from across the Inner Sphere.[49]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Daggaknott: a city and the location of Hollingsworth Agrifoods[49]
  • Gellen's Heights: capital city[2][66]
    • The Republic Spire: the seat of government in 3135[66]
  • Jaynesville: a city[67]
  • Pittston: a city[68]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Image gallery[edit]


Chaos March gives recharge times in days rather than hours, with nine days for Sheratan. Assuming a standard 24-hour day, this is equivalent to 216 hours.

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 88 systems (85 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Fletcher 6.3 Ingress 9.2 Epsilon Indi 13.1 Kawich 15.2
Woodstock 15.6 Ruchbah 16.6 Acamar 17.1 Small World 18.1
Northwind 19.8 Nopah 20.3 Terra Firma 22.0 Epsilon Eridani 22.5
Lockdale 24.1 New Stevens 24.1 Deneb Kaitos 25.3 Bex 26.0
Basalt 26.4 Bharat 27.1 Errai 27.6 Bryant 28.9
Arboris 30.1 Hamal 32.6 Azha 32.6 Fomalhaut 33.5
Quentin 34.3 Hean 34.6 New Home 34.7 Tigress 34.8
Caph 34.9 Nanking 35.2 Slocum 35.3 Brownsville 35.4
Helen 35.6 Ankaa 36.0 Saffel 36.7 Addicks 37.0
Alpha Eridani 38.0 Genoa 38.3 Capolla 38.4 Keid 39.4
Towne 40.9 Yangtze 41.3 Nirasaki 41.4 Pokhara 44.0
Sirius 45.5 Aldebaran 45.8 Outreach 45.9 Sol 46.2
Carver 46.3 Dieron 46.3 Zurich 46.5 Kansu 46.7
Procyon 47.1 Ningpo 47.2 Cynthiana 47.5 Deneb Algedi 47.6
Altair 47.6 Hsien 48.1 Chisholm 49.1 Tybalt 49.1
Styx 49.4 Rigil Kentarus 49.9 Angol 50.1 Ozawa 50.2
New Florence 50.7 Alrescha 51.8 Algol 52.1 Murchison 53.5
Rio 55.0 Nashira 55.5 Buchlau 55.6 New Britain 55.9
New Hessen 56.0 Al Na'ir 56.2 Athenry 57.4 Killbourn 57.5
Hechnar 57.9 Ronel 58.0 Gan Singh 58.2 Tau Ceti 58.6
Saiph 58.9 Pleione 59.1 Bhaktapur 59.3 Hall 59.3
Asta 59.7 Mandal 60.4 Tall Trees 60.4 New Canton 60.9


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