Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130)

Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130)
Product information
Type Sourcebook (former website content)/(PDF)
Pages 256
Publication information
Publisher WizKids/CGL
First published 2003 (via LinkNet)
2009 (PDF for download)
Era Dark Age
Timeline 3130
Series MechWarrior: Dark Age Website

Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130) is a compilation file in PDF format for what was originally a subsection of pages presented on the official website for the MechWarrior: Dark Age (MWDA) game. The individual pages were write-ups detailing some of the various planets that made up the Republic of the Sphere in the year 3130. The 251-page document has no cover features and no introduction, and is broken up into ten sections by Prefectures following the structure of the Republic of the Sphere.

After Topps, Inc. discontinued the game and took the MWDA website down, Catalyst Game Labs began to host the entries, compiled into a single downloadable PDF document initially titled Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130) and later, after the main BattleTech website was moved and the download section altered, simply DA Republic Worlds.


As the document has no actual formal page devoted to contents, this section is subdivided into subsections after the prefectures of the presented worlds.

Several pages are devoid of any information other than the world's name and the statement "No description for this world." This was also the original LinkNet content. It may be presumed these pages would have been developed as the original website grew. Entries marked with an asterisk (*) in this article had this line and were otherwise presented as blank pages.

Prefecture I[edit]

Alnasi Alrakis Altais Alya
Ascella Cebalrai Dromini IV Dyev
Eltanin Imbros III Kaus Australis Kaus Borealis
Kaus Media Kessel Konstance Kuzuu
Lambrecht Moore New Wessex Sabik
Tsukude Vega

Prefecture II[edit]

Al Na'ir Albalii Ashio Athenry
Chichibu Dabih Deneb Algedi Halstead Station
Kervil Nashira Nirasaki Piedmont
Pike IV Rukbat Saffel Shimonita
Shinonoi Shitara Styx Telos IV
Yance I

Prefecture III[edit]

Addicks Ancha Biham Cylene
David Errai Fellanin II Galatia III
Helen Mallory's World Mara Markab
Murchison Northwind Ozawa Proserpina
Quentin Sadachbia Scheat Skat
Small World Towne

Prefecture IV[edit]

Achernar Alrescha Angol Ankaa
Basalt Bharat Caselton Deneb Kaitos
Fletcher Hamal Hoan Ingress
Kawich Mirach New Rhodes III Nopah
Rio Ronel Ruchbah Schedar
Sheratan Tigress Tikonov Tybalt

Prefecture V[edit]

Acamar Algol Algot Arboris
Azha Buchlau Foochow Foot Fall
Gan Singh Genoa Halloran V Hunan
Kansu Liao Menkar New Aragon
Ningpo Palos Pleione Poznan
Shensi Shipka Slocum St. Andre
Styk Tsitsang Wei Woodstock

Prefecture VI[edit]

Aldebaran (*) Asuncion (*) Berenson (*) Bernardo (*)
Elgin (*) Elnath (*) Hall (*) Hsien
Ibstock (*) Kyrkbacken (*) Menkalinan (*) Nanking (*)
New Canton (*) Ohrensen (*) Park Place (*) Saiph (*)
Second Try (*) Suzano (*) Tall Trees (*) Wasat (*)
Yunnah (*) Zion (*) Zurich (*)

Prefecture VII[edit]

Abadan (*) Acubens (*) Adhafera (*) Alkes (*)
Alphard (*) Augustine (*) Avellaneda (*) Bordon (*)
Castor (*) Connaught (*) Devil's Rock (*) Dieudonné (*)
Hamilton (*) Holt (*) Irian Kalidasa (*)
Miaplacidus (*) Nathan (*) New Hope (*) Pollux (*)
Remulac (*) Savannah (*) Stewart (*) Talitha (*)
Tania Borealis (*) Van Diemen IV (*)

Prefecture VIII[edit]

Alchiba Alcor Algorab Alhena
Alioth Alkaid Callison Carsphaim
Chara Chertan Cor Caroli Denebola
Dubhe Gacrux Galatea Laiaka
Lipton Marcus Menkent Milton
Mizar New Kyoto Oliver Phecda
Rochelle Shiloh Summer Syrma
Vindemiatrix Wing Zaniah Zavijava
Zollikofen Zosma

Prefecture IX[edit]

Alkalurops Alphecca Atria Baxter
Carnwath Corridan IV Gladius Glengarry
Izar Kimball II Ko Kochab
Komephoros La Blon Lyons Marfik
Nusakan Ryde Seginus Skondia
Skye Unukalhai Yed Posterior Zebebelgenubi

Prefecture X[edit]

Altair Alula Australis Asta Bryant
Caph Capolla Dieron Epsilon Eridani
Epsilon Fomalhaut Graham IV Keid
Liberty Muphrid New Earth New Home
Outreach Procyon Rigil Kentarus Sirius
Terra Firma Terra Thorin Yorii


  • Hean is referred to as Hoan in this product. Maps in the Jihad series of books and products set in the Republic Era, published after this product, confirm that the proper name is Hean.
  • For BattleTechWiki editors: when referencing this product, use the following format: Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130), p. ##: "World name", with a link to this article. For example: Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130), p. 54: "Mara".
  • There are at least two versions of this document. Editors should use the 256-page ©2012 version that includes a Table of Contents and Index.

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