Hamal 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates64.875 : -43.47[e]
Spectral classK2III[1]

The Hamal system was the location of at least one habitable world, Hamal VI, and as of 3145 was located in the Tikonov Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[2][3]

System Description[edit]

The Hamal system is located near the Bharat and Yangtze systems[4] and consists of a class K2III primary orbited by eight worlds.[1]

System History[edit]

The Hamal system was colonized during the First Exodus from Terra and was one of the worlds that survived the Demarcation Declaration of 2242. Hamal was a member of one of the proto-nations to form during the later years of the Terran Alliance, the Tikonov Union, and served as one of three provincial capitals within the Union.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Hamal VI[edit]

Hamal VI
System positionSixth[1]
Jump Point distanceFive days[1]
MoonsThree (Arietis, Natih and Ras)[1]
Surface gravity0.8[1]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature10°C[1]
Surface water40%[1]
Highest native lifePlants[1]
History and Culture
Population36,000,000 (3130)[1][42]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderLuis Avilez, Legate (3130)[1][42]
CapitalCalifa Hamal[1]

Hamal VI - more commonly known simply as Hamal - is the sixth planet in the system and has three moons named Arietis, Natih and Ras.[1]

Planetary History[edit]


Hamal was originally colonized by settlers from the highland regions of South America on Terra, who founded the only major city, Califa Hamal, at the equator.[1]

Early History[edit]

The Tikonov Union allied with the nearby Chesterton Trade Worlds, and with clashes with other worlds and states escalating from 2202 onwards, the Carinus family of Tikonov gained increasing amounts of influence until they reached a point where they could force institutional change on the Union. This led to the Union merging with the Chesterton Trade Worlds in an administrative and defensive pact, creating an enlarged Tikonov Union organized into three provinces and ruled by a quorum of four rulers known as the Tikonov Tetrarchy. Hamal was one of the three provincial capitals, alongside Chesterton and Tikonov, and would continue to be a provincial capital until at least as late as the formation of the Tikonov Grand Union[5] in 2243.[6]

As time passed, Hamal's importance diminished; other worlds were more habitable, had more resources and soon had larger populations, whilst Hamal became increasingly backwards in comparison; most of the population of Hamal lived in a tribal, nomadic fashion, following the vegetation that grows as the seasons on Hamal changed, and would continue to live in that fashion for more than a thousand years. By the time the Tikonov Grand Union joined the Capellan Confederation[1] in 2366[7] Hamal had lost the importance it once had. The Terran Hegemony subsequently agreed to incorporate Hamal into the Hegemony.[1]

Amaris Civil War[edit]

As a Terran Hegemony world, Hamal became a part of the Amaris Empire during the coup perpetrated by Stefan Amaris. Hamal would remain an Amaris Empire world until September 2772, when the Star League Defense Force Fifteenth Army, operating as a part of the Seventeenth Army Group, liberated Hamal as a part of Operation CHIEFTAIN.[43] The liberation of Hamal wasn't as easy as XL Corps had anticipated; while there were no major problems, there were a number of large pro-Amaris enclaves on Hamal that XL Corps didn't expect, and defeating Amaris' supporters took more time than XL Corps had anticipated, as well as forcing the Corps to recapture territory it already believed to have been pacified.[44]

Succession Wars[edit]

Hamal was one of many Hegemony worlds to be annexed by the Capellan Confederation during the early years of the First Succession War, and was a Capellan holding by 2791.[14] Hamal would remain a Capellan holding until it was conquered by the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War, although the expertise of the desert fighters on Hamal earned the respect of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns during the invasion.[1]


The tribes on Hamal remained technologically poor during the Succession Wars, and when the Word of Blake arrived, they found willing converts among the population; some of the population would continue to remain loyal to the Blakist theology and ideology even during the Dark Age.[1] In July 3081 forces from the allied coalition nearly caught Precentor John Garrick, the Word of Blake's Director of Nuclear Technology, in a safe house in Califa Hamal. Although the coalition forces successfully defeated a bodyguard detachment from the Light of Mankind[45] and even believed briefly that they had captured Garrick, the Blakist Precentor managed to escape through the local sewer system amidst the distraction offered by his bodyguard, leaving the coalition with a body double.[46]

Military Deployment[edit]



Hamal is a cold and dry world, a desert world consisting of a single landmass dominated by frozen tundra and windstorms that the local population refer to as "sand blizzards". Most of the planet remains below freezing; it's only at the equator that temperatures can climb above freezing. There are a number of small, landlocked seas dotted across the surface of the planet; the seas contain mostly crushed ice.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Califa Hamal, the planetary capital city, and only major city on the planet.[1]
  • Bladensville, a town on Hamal.[48]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 80 systems (79 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Bharat 6.2 Yangtze 10.6 Slocum 11.1 Nopah 12.5
Azha 13.7 Basalt 14.5 Kansu 16.5 Alpha Eridani 16.7
Tigress 17.1 Kawich 17.8 Alrescha 20.5 Woodstock 21.7
Ruchbah 22.0 Arboris 23.2 Angol 23.5 New Hessen 23.5
Algol 24.3 Ningpo 25.6 Acamar 25.8 Buchlau 25.9
Fletcher 26.9 Ingress 29.1 Deneb Kaitos 30.5 Genoa 30.6
Hean 30.6 Conwy 30.7 Sheratan 32.6 Bex 32.7
Rio 33.9 Tybalt 34.0 Halloran 34.5 Ankaa 35.5
Demeter 37.3 Poznan 37.8 Tikonov 38.0 Pleione 38.6
Small World 38.8 Mira 39.5 Cynthiana 39.6 Mesartim 39.6
Almach 40.2 New Florence 40.9 Nanking 42.9 Gan Singh 43.0
Addicks 43.3 Terra Firma 43.5 Algot 44.5 New Aragon 45.0
Aldebaran 45.2 Epsilon Indi 45.3 New Rhodes 46.6 Mirach 47.0
Errai 48.5 Zurich 48.9 Shensi 50.3 Ozawa 50.4
Northwind 50.9 Ronel 51.1 Epsilon Eridani 51.6 Towne 51.6
Caselton 51.7 Lockdale 52.2 Tianamon 52.6 Hunan 52.9
Bhaktapur 53.5 Helen 54.0 Menkar 55.0 New Stevens 56.6
Capolla 56.9 St. Andre 57.2 Schedar 57.5 Chesterton 57.7
Styk 58.6 Sonnia 58.7 Quentin 58.9 Foochow 59.1
Manennaia 59.2 Bryant 59.9 Brownsville 60.0 Hsien 60.2


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