Small World

Small World
Small World 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates51.693 : -7.025[e]
Spectral classM5V[1]

The Small World system was home to at least one habitable world and as of 3151 was located in the Al Na'ir Prefecture in the Dieron Military District within the Draconis Combine.[2]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Small World V[edit]

Small World V
Small World.jpg
System positionFifth[1]
Jump Point distanceTwo days[1]
MoonsOne (Alfonso)[1]
Surface gravity1.04[1]
Atmospheric pressureLow (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature24°C[1]
Surface water67%[1]
Highest native lifeBirds[1]
History and Culture
Population247,189,000 (3130)[1][58]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderArmando Sanchez, Legate (3130)[1][58]
CapitalNew Mariotta[1]

Small World entered an ice age approximately a thousand years ago. With icebergs floating through its seas and three of its five continents buried under glaciers, Small World's only claim to fame is the radioactive materials that can be extracted from mining operations along the equator. In fact most of the world's wealth comes from supporting these mines. One family, House Small, own most of these mines and have been the planet's noble rulers for quite a while. A long-term dream held by the family was to found a star empire; after the chaos of Operation Guerrero this dream briefly came true when Small World became the capital of the Duchy of Small. Unfortunately for the Smalls, the operations to forcibly integrate other worlds under Small World's leadership failed, and the family fell from power.[1] Small World is a world covered by arctic conditions. These conditions made the world well-suited to training in arctic warfare; the Small family leased large portions of the world to the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth for training areas.[59]

Planetary History[edit]

Amaris Civil War[edit]

During the Star League era Small World became the site of the Army Headquarters for the Star League Defense Force Second Army[60] the administrative headquarters of the first region of the Federated Suns and a series of training bases, many of them major.[13] With the eruption of the Periphery Uprising in 2766 the Second Army found itself responsible for the entire Federated Suns, and even though the Second Army received some reinforcements drawn from the First Army[60] this greater astrographical area of responsibility naturally led to the Second Army being stretched thin.[13]

When Stefan Amaris launched his coup on the 27th of December 2766 on Terra his forces also swung into action on all of the other worlds within the Terran Hegemony and a number of jointly administered worlds.[61] This included Small World; despite the Second Army being deployed across the Federated Suns there were still a large number of personnel from the Second Army on Small World, as well as a substantial number of SLDF personnel within the support and training organizations. These people, primarily administrative, support and logistics personnel, posed a risk to the Rim Worlds Republic forces, which had already managed to occupy at least one Castle Brian on Small World prior to the Coup beginning.[13]

The Republican forces hadn't been able to establish a foothold within any of the training facilities or the Military Region administrative headquarters, and as a result when they launched their campaign to take control of Small World they bombarded the Castle Brian housing the Military Region HQ with multiple nuclear weapons while also hitting the various training bases with a combination of nuclear and biological attacks. While these attacks were largely effective, the Republicans didn't manage to hit every training base, nor were they able to track down and hit every location where SLDF equipment was stored; they also failed to capture or destroy all of the war matériel stored across Small World awaiting shipping to the Periphery front. Small World subsequently became a hotbed for resistance against the Republican forces and Stefan Amaris as the SLDF personnel who survived the initial attacks made use of the remaining equipment to form and lead resistance groups across the planet.[13]

First Succession War[edit]

The Capellan Confederation launched a small-scale offensive against the Federated Suns in early 2787, intent on capitalizing on the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns focus on the large-scale invasion being conducted by Coordinator Minoru Kurita and huge numbers of Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery units. The Capellan attack involved three waves of planetary invasions, each targeting three former Terran Hegemony worlds that had been annexed by the Federated Suns; the first wave was complete by August, and the second by October. Small World was one of three worlds hit in the third wave, along with Addicks and Ankaa. The invasions were a success, and Small World was under Capellan control by January 2788.[16]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Following negotiations between Colonel Pavel Ridzik, chief military advisor to Chancellor Maximilian Liao, and AFFS Lieutenant General Ardan Sortek, conducted in February 3029 Ridzik created a new nation, the Tikonov Free Republic. The Republic was created by incorporating those worlds of the Tikonov Commonality that hadn't already been conquered during the first half of the Fourth Succession War. Ridzik returned to Elgin, the new capital of the Tikonov Free Republic, on the 3rd of March 3029 and swiftly began implementing a new government consisting of family members, friends and other appointees loyal to himself, purging dissident elements on the various Republic worlds and taking the opportunity to settle old scores. Small World was one of the systems incorporated into the Republic.[29]


Small World is noted as having been liberated in a near-bloodless victory for the allied coalition forces in mid to late 3077 as a part of the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR.[50]

Dark Age[edit]

Situated within the Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture III, Small World was left outside of Fortress Republic when the Wall went up in 3135. The III Principes Guards remained to defend Small World but finally left the planet in 3142; soon after, the planet was annexed by the Draconis Combine.[62][56]

In early 3145 Small World was attacked by an RAF raiding party venturing beyond the Wall.[63]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Sixth FedCom RCT[66]





Planetary Locations[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 80 systems (80 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Errai 10.5 Ingress 11.8 Deneb Kaitos 14.2 Lockdale 14.9
Ruchbah 16.8 Fletcher 17.3 Helen 18.0 Northwind 18.1
Sheratan 18.1 Quentin 20.2 Addicks 20.7 Kawich 22.6
Towne 23.1 Ankaa 23.1 Epsilon Indi 24.1 Hean 24.2
Pokhara 26.1 Basalt 26.3 Nopah 27.2 New Stevens 29.4
Woodstock 30.7 Nirasaki 31.5 Tigress 32.2 Saffel 32.2
Fomalhaut 33.2 Acamar 33.8 Ozawa 34.5 Deneb Algedi 34.7
Murchison 35.4 Bharat 35.4 Alpha Eridani 36.0 Epsilon Eridani 36.2
Hamal 38.8 Bryant 39.0 Al Na'ir 39.2 New Florence 39.2
Caph 39.3 Terra Firma 39.5 Tybalt 40.6 Nashira 40.8
Styx 41.6 Bex 43.6 Yangtze 43.9 Ronel 44.2
Galatia 44.4 Azha 44.5 New Britain 44.7 New Home 44.8
Dieron 45.2 Arboris 45.3 Slocum 45.7 Altair 47.6
Telos 47.9 Biham 48.1 Angol 48.2 Keid 48.7
Rio 48.8 Ancha 49.3 Brownsville 50.6 Athenry 51.1
New Rhodes 51.4 Sadachbia 51.7 Sol 52.2 Nanking 53.3
Alrescha 53.6 Skat 53.7 Genoa 54.2 Sirius 54.3
Markab 54.8 Kansu 55.1 Rigil Kentarus 55.4 Capolla 55.6
Kervil 55.8 Pike 56.0 Procyon 56.9 Halstead Station 56.9
Asta 57.6 Carver 58.7 New Hessen 59.6 Ningpo 59.8


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