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  • April: The New Delos Massacre takes place.
  • July: The Battle of Tyrfing takes place with forces from all five Successor States present.
  • Draconis Combine troops invade Helm in an effort to capture an SLDF arms depot. Unable to locate the depot, Coordinator Minoru Kurita forces assume it was already stripped and bombard the planet's population centers with nuclear warheads in frustration.
  • Federated Suns troops launch a lightning raid on Hesperus II, but are repulsed.
  • The Draconis Combine raids Sudeten and destroys the Tamar Heavy Industries BattleMech factory there.
  • The Draconis Combine raids Yed Posterior and destroys the Argile Technologies MechWorks factory located there.
  • The Free Worlds League Military bombards Duantia with chemical and nuclear weapons.


  • January 1st: The Star League-in-Exile begins a demilitarization process to build a more balanced society.
  • Department of Communications is formally renamed ComStar by Jerome Blake.
  • Operation SILVER SHIELD.
    • June 25th 0600 hours Terran Standard Time: All HPG transmitters shut down.
    • In a 72 hour campaign, ComStar employed "mercenary units", secretly crack SLDF divisions pledged to aid Blake, seize control of Terra.
    • HPG transmission resumes and Jerome Blake broadcasts reasons for Silver Shield and goals of ComStar to entire Inner Sphere, Successor Lords deplore his capture of Terra but take no military action.
    • June 28th: Jerome Blake's forces capture Terra and declares its neutrality in the Succession Wars, forging ComStar's

power base.

    • July: - ComStar secretly strips New Earth, former headquarters of the SLDF of any remaining military equipment, transporting and mothballing it on Terra.
  • February 9th: Federated-Boeing Interstellar begins production from the Galax Megaplex.