Star League-in-Exile

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Star League Logo.png
Star League in Exile
Faction Profile
Time period: 27862801
Classification: Coalition
Controlled systems: ~ 7+ (Approximate)
Capital world: Eden
Ruler title: Protector of the Star League
Military: Star League Defense Force
Secret Service: Star League Intelligence Command

Alternately known as the Exodus Planetary Council, the so-called Star League-in Exile was a provisional government that oversaw the Pentagon and Kerensky Cluster worlds settled by the Exodus Fleet. The collapse of the Star League-in-Exile following the death of General Aleksandr Kerensky and the resulting Pentagon Civil War would trigger the formation of the Clans.



The Star League-in-Exile was a state founded by the Star League Defense Forces who chosen to follow his commanding officer, Aleksandr Kerensky after they left the Inner Sphere in the Exodus. They settled in five marginally habitable worlds, called the Pentagon Worlds. Kerensky and his followers tried to re-create a new Star League in Exile as best as possible.


Despite the deaths by diseases, the colonization effort was a success, and big cities with advanced industry began to form. However within a year, cracks were beginning to form along cultural lines and soon the Pentagon Worlds were entering what would be later called the Exodus Civil War, a state of anarchy and wide spread devastation eerily similar to the early Succession Wars affecting the Inner Sphere. Increasingly frail after the death of his wife Katyusha and friend Aaron DeChavilier during what would become known as the DeChavilier Massacre, Kerensky prepared to gather the few troops still loyal to him as he suffered a massive heart attack. In 2801 General Aleksandr Kerensky died at the age of 100 years, and as his dying wish left the remnants of the exiled Star League in the hands of his son, Nicholas Kerensky. Kerensky's death was the last nail in the Star League in Exile coffin: his son wasn't accepted as successor by the majority of SLDF high ranking officers. Nicholas was forced to launch a Second Exodus to Strana Mechty, to save something of the imminent disaster.

After the leaving of Nicholas followers, total war begun, and all the factions attacked each other, using all class of weapons, even nukes, against the others, and destroying all advanced industry. Nicholas founded the Clans, and after twenty years of continual war, chaos and destruction, retaken the Pentagon worlds during the Operation Klondike.


For entire length of its existence, the Star League-in-Exile was led by Aleksandr Kerensky, once again adopting his former title of Protector of the Star League.[1]


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