Star League-in-Exile

Star League Logo.png
Star League in Exile
Faction Profile
Time period: 27862801
Classification: Coalition
Controlled systems: 13[1]
Capital world: Eden
Ruler title: Protector of the Star League
Military: Star League Defense Force
Secret Service: Star League Intelligence Command

Alternately known as the Exodus Planetary Council, the so-called Star League-in Exile was a provisional government that oversaw the Pentagon and Kerensky Cluster worlds settled by the Exodus Fleet. The collapse of the Star League-in-Exile following the death of General Aleksandr Kerensky and the resulting Pentagon Civil War would trigger the formation of the Clans.



On 24 August 2786, the Exodus Fleet arrived in the Pentagon Worlds. Five systems were found in close proximity to one another: Arcadia, Babylon, Circe, Dagda, and Eden. Landing began on each of the worlds by 17 September that year, and colonies began to take shape. Each world was either marginally habitable or had some dangerous pathogen native to it.[2]

Of six million people, two million were SLDF personnel, a military far beyond what they would need or support. General Kerensky and General Aaron DeChavilier demobilized noncombat specialties and, for any combatants who wished to remain in uniform, held testing at every rank, reducing the SLDF to a half-million strong.[2]

Exploration of the nearby Kerensky Cluster began, and more habitable worlds were found. Strana Mechty and six other worlds were colonized in the Cluster, though the bulk of the population remained in the Pentagon Worlds. The infrastructure and manufacturing to support the new nation were established.[1] New Moscva on Eden was established as the new capital.[3]


From 2794 to 2800, tensions and discontent grew among the people of the Pentagon Worlds. Old allegiances and identities from the Inner Sphere were revived, and demobilized SLDF members were unhappy with their new civilian lives. On 28 November 2800, rioting broke out on Eden, and it swiftly grew into full rebellion. A Capellan nationalist group declared their independence from the Star League-in-Exile on 5 May 2801, with the contents of a Brian Cache at their disposal.[1]

General Aaron DeChavilier led a regiment to Eden to put down the rebellion, where they were ambushed. DeChavilier was shot out of the sky while ejecting from his Atlas, and his troops retaliated. This became known as the DeChavilier Massacre.[4] Aleksandr Kerensky responded with General Order 1721, declaring martial law. This only inspired the spread of rebellion.[5]

SLDF forces gained ground against the rebels, as the different rebelling factions were fighting each other as well as the Star League forces. Then tragedy struck: on 11 June 2801, Aleksandr Kerensky passed away. The SLDF leadership fractured: some were willing to follow Nicholas Kerensky, others joined one of the rebelling factions. Nicholas Kerensky gathered together a million people and left for the Kerensky Cluster, there to found the Clans. The Star League-in-Exile was finished.[6]


For the entire length of its existence, the Star League-in-Exile was led by Aleksandr Kerensky, once again adopting his former title of Protector of the Star League.[7]


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