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Eden 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-133.451 : 1613.747[e]
Star namesLilith[1][2]
Spectral classF4Ib[1][2]
Recharge time175 hours[1][2]

The Eden system is the location of a habitable world, Eden I, and as of 3075 was located in the Deep Periphery region known as the Clan Homeworlds.[3]

System Description[edit]

Eden is located near the Circe and Dagda systems. In relation to the capital of the Clan Homeworlds, Strana Mechty, Eden is located at the coordinates -167:-174.[4] The Eden system consists of a F4Ib class primary star named Lilith, orbited by two worlds.[1]

System History[edit]

The Eden system is one of five systems known as the Pentagon Worlds and was the fifth and final Pentagon system to be settled by the Star League-in-Exile.[1]

Operation SABLE SUN[edit]

Between 28172821 Eden was affected by Operation SABLE SUN, the operation launched by Khan Absalom Truscott to gather intelligence on the Pentagon Worlds and the state of the naval defenses in the region, including the SLDF naval caches. Eden proved to be one of the easiest of the SABLE SUN assignments; the local population had remained unaware of the Eden SLDF Naval Cache, which was located in a series of caverns inside one of the smallest moons orbiting Eden II—the moon itself being little more than an asteroid, captured by the planet and locked in an erratic orbit. Quickly securing the cache, the Clan forces used the cache as a staging area and listening post, using the unstable pirate points nearby to jump in and out of the system. Two ships lost K-F Drives and a JumpShip and WarShip were destroyed during jumps as a result of the instability and complexity of the pirate points, leading to those points subsequently being declared off limits, but the cache contained more than enough ships to make up for the losses. After the Clans secured the cache, the Clans maintained surveillance of the Eden system for three years.[5]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

As part of the first stages of Operation Klondike, a Clan squadron moved against the spacefarer enclave at the nadir jump point. The bulk of the spacefarers surrendered after a few warning shots, although five JumpShips attempted to jump away. Three jumped to nearby systems and were captured by Clan forces. A fourth ship was captured after either aborting its jump or suffering a K-F Drive failure. The final JumpShip managed to jump after a shuttle with a boarding party had just attached. Years later, the lost JumpShip was found in an uninhabited system approximately seventeen light-years from Eden. All aboard the vessel had died in the boarding operation, or of hunger since and the JumpShip's K-F Drive had been disabled.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Eden I[edit]

Eden I
Eden Planetary Map.jpg
System positionFirst[1][2]
Jump Point distance16.10 days[1][2]
Moons2 (Adam, Eve)[1][2]
Surface gravity1.1[1][2]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Viral Taint)[1][2]
Equatorial temperature30°C (Temperate)[1][2]
Surface water40%[1][2]
Highest native lifeMammals[1]
Landmasses5 (Amur, Irkutsk, Novy Sakhalin, Noruff, Yakut)[1]
History and Culture
Population1,500,000 (2800)[1]
450,000 (2821)[1]
61,000,000 (3067)[11]
Government and Infrastructure
CapitalNovy Moscva (2800)[1]

Eden I, more commonly known simply as Eden, is a habitable but dry world which, in common with many other Clan worlds, has been held and contested by several Clans at the same time for the majority of its history as a settled world. Eden has a two moons named Adam and Eve.[1][2] During the era of the Star League-in-Exile Eden was the capital of the Star League Defense Force and home to Novy Moscva, the largest and most sophisticated city in the Pentagon worlds.[1]

Planetary Description[edit]

Most of the early settlements on Eden were founded within a narrow temperate habitable zone—a region extending some 20° around the equator within which the majority of the planetary rainfall actually fell. Regions outside the habitable zone were rocky and largely inhospitable. While some outlying settlements would be founded outside this region, largely due to the discovery of isolated pockets of vegetation and mineral deposits, many of these outlying settlements were only occupied on a seasonal basis.[1]

Eden's settlers were afflicted with a viral "brain fever," likely a form of meningitis, called the Curse of Eden, with a 75% mortality rate. The Curse of Eden infected ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky as a child in 2790, and his mother Katyusha Kerensky a few years later. The Curse of Eden was later cured by Clan scientists, before the beginning of Operation Klondike.[16][17]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Eden became the capital of the SLDF almost by accident, as Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky refused to establish a home for himself and his family until the other exiles had homes under construction, and the SLDF fleet was in Eden when he finally decided to begin building the capital for his new society of exiles.[1]

Whilst many Terran species flourished on Eden from the beginning, many growing to become larger, more numerous and more aggressive than their home species due to the lack of predators, the atmosphere on Eden was tainted, and this taint — which became known as the Curse of Eden — affected many colonists, inflicting a brain fever that could be fatal. Among the early casualties of the Curse of Eden were Kerensky's wife; his son Nicholas also contracted the brain fever, but survived.[1]

Pentagon Civil War[edit]

Between about 2794 and 2800, the population of the Pentagon Worlds began to polarize into cultural and religious factions similar to those of the Inner Sphere, a situation compounded by frustrated former military members unhappy with their new roles. Discontent turned to riots on Eden on 28 December 2800. On 5 May 2801, a Capellan nationalist group declared their independence from the Star League in Exile and seized a Brian Cache.[18] When Aaron DeChavilier led a regiment to Eden to put down the rebellion, he was drawn into a trap and was slain. This led to what was later called the DeChavilier Massacre.[19] After that, open rebellion began on all the Pentagon Worlds. Groups fought not only the SLDF, but each other.[20]

As the SLDF was about to mount a campaign across all five worlds, Aleksandr Kerensky died of natural causes. With the leadership of the SLDF fragmented, his son Nicholas led those still loyal to him on a Second Exodus.[20]

Novy Moscva[edit]

The Levic Ascendancy fought the other larger powers on Eden. In order to protect its civilian population, The AMF installed air-raid shelters in many of the prefabricated building of its capital, Novy Moscva. In addition, Novy Moscva had been invaded three times during the Pentagon Civil Wars, and bombarded from orbit, before the Ascendancy was able to destroy their attacker with an SDS system. The bombardment of Novy Moscva left the northeastern industrial sector of the city a shelled ruin.[21]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

In 2821, Eden was home to a patchwork of factions of varying size and strength. The strongest faction on Eden was the Levic Ascendancy, commanded by Major-General Matthieu Tillam. The Levic Ascendancy maintained the Ascendancy Martial Foundation. The Ascendancy controlled Noruff continent and the planetary capital, Novy Moscva. The continent Yakut was controlled by the second strongest power, the Sarbat Khanate. All other powers were either city-states, small temporary alliances of city-states, or agricultural collectives.[22][1]

While the ilKhan initially considered beginning ground operations on Eden with a joint assault on Novy Moscva, the preference of Smoke Jaguar Khan Franklin Osis, Kerensky decided on a piecemeal approach, with each Clan assaulting factions across the planet before jointly liberating the capital city from the Levic Ascendency.[23]


Clan Jade Falcon was first to land on Eden in early July 2821, dropping into Petrograd Bay, the port city which trafficked and dealt the agricultural bounty of its nearby hills region. The farms themselves were controlled by a pair of puppet factions, the Lyran McDonald Collective, which divided its communes into family-owned farms, and the People's Congress. Both factions capitulated to the Falcons within three days. The McDonald Collective had no militia, only hunting weapons for self-defense and pest control, while the People's Congress had a poorly armed militia. While these agricultural factions posed little risk, the larger Sarbat Khanate had a significantly large fighting force and a defensible position. Therefore, rather than capture civilians, or begin reeducation, Khan Elizabeth Hazen allowed any dissidents to flee, knowing the refugees would bring word of the Clan invasion to the Khanate, and potentially draw them out.[24]

Hazen's plan worked, because Khanate probes of the Jade Falcon invasion began probing Falcon invaders within a couple weeks. Each probe was, likewise, repulsed with minimal Falcon Warriors, allowing a fraction of each probe to return to the Khanate. While this strategy set the groundwork Hazen desired, the ilKhan became impatient, deploying Clan Hell's Horses as a reserve force for the Falcons.[24]

The presence of the second plan also worked into Hazen's plan. A final Khanate raid on 19 July caught Clan Jade Falcon with two Stars of Hell's Horses unprepared. The faster Horses attempted to flank the Falcons in order to engage the Khanate probe, resulting in a short feud between the Clan forces on the field of battle, including physical attacked exchanged between the two forces. The Khanate probe witnessed the Falcons and Horses feuding over the right to fight the raiders, leading the Khanate leadership to suspect poor discipline. This mistake proved their undoing. 24 July, the Sarbat Khanate moved en masse against Clan Jade Falcon, finding four Stars of Falcons waiting near Petrograd Bay. Their forces, a BattleMech battalion flanked on both sides by a combat vehicle battalion, engaged the Falcons. As the Falcon link began to falter, Khanate forces started to break for the Falcons. It was at this moment four additional Stars of Jade Falcon BattleMechs emerged from Petrograd Bay into the flank of the Khanate attack. The surprise was total, and the Falcons destroyed the Khanate force, allowing none to escape. Clan Jade Falcon occupied the Sarbat Khanate capital, Rubat, 11 days later on 5 August, 2821. Clan Jade Falcon lost 8 of their 40 Warriors in the operation.[24]

By the middle of August, the few remaining free city-states of western Yakut were assaulted by Clan Smoke Jaguar. Those that did not surrender were given a brief period in which civilians could flee with amnesty, after which airstrikes and artillery barrages leveled the rest of city.[25]

West Irkutsk[edit]

Initially held in reserve for the operations of Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf, and pacifying conquests for Clan Smoke Jaguar,[25] Khan John Fletcher petitioned the ilKhan for a frontline combat assignment. In response, the ilKhan ordered half of Clan Hell's Horses to clear the warring city-states of Purgatory Peninsula, the large peninsula on the west coast of Irkutsk, starting in mid-July 2821. Primarily covered in jungles and swamps, Khan Fletcher deployed his Clan through Minotaur Shatters, a decimated forest, in an attempt to engage each city-state individually. Fletcher initially deployed his BattleMechs due to their advantages in maneuverability over through the swamps and rainforests. However the disparate cities allied against the common foe, probably at the behest of the Levic Ascendancy.[26] They joined forces to spring a series of traps and raids against the Horses invaders, costing the Clan part of their light BattleMech assets. In response, Fletcher abandoned his drive through the shatters and scouted each city individually. By analyzing troop deployments, Fletcher realized the Purgatory soldiers ignored infantry and armor to exclusively target Horses BattleMechs. Clan Hell's Horses used this to their advantage, using mobile 'Mechs to draw enemy units into traps or a kill zone, and disengaging when not fighting with the advantage.[27][28]

By early August, all of the available BattleMech and combat vehicle assets on the Peninsula had been neutralized, leaving the cities themselves. The largest of the cities was Allah, Dante, and Vesta. As Clan Hell's Horses began conquest of the cities of the Peninsula, they began widespread use of electronic countermeasures to prevent communication between targets. The communication interdiction would be paused prior to entering each city, allowing target cities to broadcast their fall to future targets and weaken morale. Allah fell to the Horses in three hours; Horses infantry and armor, led by saKhan Patricia Cobb breached the wall, allowing BattleMech assets to flood into the city. Dante, having heard the chaos of Allah, surrendered quickly after Horses troops breached their wall. Vesta, the largest city and final rebel bastion on the Peninsula, determinedly fought for its government building, and only fell after 12 hours of Hell's Horses infantry clearing the building room by room. Vesta was renamed by Clan Hell's Horses Hades, and made the capital of the Clan.[27][28]

With the completion of Hell's Horses operation, Khan Fletcher immediately accepted Purgatory soldiers into Clan Hell's Horses touman as auxiliary combat vehicle crews and auxiliary infantry, allowing the Horses to reach their full combat strength in time for the upcoming operation against Novy Moscva.[28]

Amur and Irkutsk[edit]

Though never doubting Clan Smoke Jaguar's superlative skills, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky had significant doubts about the Jaguars' combat effectiveness and discipline. Their Khan, Franklin Osis, began as a gang member on Eden, and lacked the martial discipline of the other Khans. Therefore, the ilKhan assigned the Jaguars to take a series of city-states on the continents of Amur, Irkutsk, and the remaining city-states of Yakut. The invasion of Amur began on 2 July as the Falcons got underway in Yakut. In response to the Jaguar invasion and with support of the Levic Ascendancy,[26] the Jaguars discovered resistance was better organized than expected. Quickly learning to fight together, Clan Smoke Jaguar quickly smashed their opposition in Amur, and allowed the Hell's Horses' allies to pacify the cities.[25]

In mid-July Clan Smoke Jaguar began the liberation of Irkutsk. This time, Clan Smoke Jaguar no longer had the backing of the Horses, forcing the Jaguars to pacify their captured cities. The added discipline and effort significantly slowed their pace. With frustration mounting, Jaguar security and Warriors began raping and beating unruly workers in the city of Kaliningrad. In response the civilians of the Kaliningrad rose up against their perceived oppressors, killing several Smoke Jaguar Warriors, the largest loss for the Jaguars during Operation Klondike before the assault on the Levic Ascendancy. Khan Osis responded in kind by bombing Kaliningrad and leveling the city by AeroSpace and artillery strikes. Subsequent city states in Irkutsk and western Yakut were each allowed to peaceably surrender and submit to Jaguar rule, or be bombed, with amnesty given to unarmed civilians fleeing the cities. This brutal efficiency allowed Clan Smoke Jaguar to "complete its objectives" by mid-August.[25]

While their brutal strategy limited Jaguar casualties for the remainder of the campaign, the Jaguars did not rebuild the infrastructure they destroyed. ilKhan Kerensky was rightly furious at the leadership of Clan Smoke Jaguar for the unnecessary loss of life and destruction and even limited their future involvement in Klondike campaigns. However, Kerensky never once publicly rebuked the Clan.[25] Whether the Jaguars fed their Clan by Trials of Possession because of need, or modus operandi can be debated; the destruction of so many Eden assets exacerbated their need to raid.[citation needed]

Abaddon Heights[edit]

Clan Wolf was assigned to pacify Abaddon Heights. For this mission, they employed an effective strategy, bartering a treatment for the Curse of Eden for submission to Clan rule. Abaddon Heights was dotted with mining groups, exploiting the large quantities of uranium present in the continent. Most of these groups bartered for the antigen-based treatment, and expected the firm-but-fair approach of the Wolves.[16]

Richer mining settlements with the backing of the Levic Ascendancy[26] resisted Clan Wolf with armed IndustrialMechs, terrorist bombings, suicide bombings, civilian hostages, and the rare BattleMech. The richest of the mining settlements, Afula, attempted a cat-and-mouse campaign against the besieging Wolves, only to lose 'Mechs and lances to the Wolves hit-and-run strikes. Though the campaign was prosecuted slowly and ridiculed by Khan Osis, the pace was steady and Clan Wolf completed their objectives in Abaddon Heights with few casualties.[16]


On Founding Day, 24 August 2821, Clans Hell's Horses, Jade Falcon, Smoke Jaguar, and Wolf undertook a joint operation to liberate Noruff from the Levic Ascendancy. The Operation became known as The Grand Campaign. The Levic Ascendancy was the remaining power in Noruff, having outlasted the New Capellan Hegemony. The Ascendancy was a well-armed and equipped Pentagon power, led by Major-General Matthieu Tillam, a chief rival of Nicholas Kerensky before the Second Exodus. Its organized armed forces, called the Ascendancy Martial Foundation, consisted of two battalions of BattleMechs, two combined arms regiments of combat vehicles and infantry, an AeroSpace detachment, and a special forces detachment of Star League-in-Exile special forces. These special operatives were veterans who had defended Aleksandr Kerensky during the initial stages of the Pentagon Civil War.[26]

The campaign began with coordinated beachheads by each of the four Clans. Clan forces on Noruff were harassed and scouted by the AMF's AeroSpace assets until the Clans established AeroSpace superiority, after which time the AMF relied on fast scout vehicles. One such mission was captured by Clan Jade Falcon, who was subsequently attacked by a headhunting special operations raid determined to free the prisoners and decapitate the Clan. Forewarned, two more spec ops raids were thwarted by Clans Smoke Jaguar and Wolf.[26]

By 19 September, the organized resistance to Clan occupation in Noruff was taking its toll. While the Clans were winning their main battle engagements, including at Hill 319 and Grovan, the need to police captured territories, especially the unrest caused by Clan Smoke Jaguar's brutal manner of conquest, was adding to attrition. Realizing numbers was the greatest weakness of the Clan invading their territory, the Ascendancy withdrew the AMF to Novy Moscva, with the strategy of killing as many Clan Warriors as possible, to force a ceasefire or bargain for better terms for surrender. In response, Clans Wolf and Smoke Jaguar were ordered to intercept as many retreating forces as possible without overstretching the Clans' lines, then recalled all forces for a strategic council. The council determined Novy Moscva was too valuable a target to destroy, and a siege would be difficult to prosecute, so the Clans decided to undertake a street clearance of the city.[26]

Upon the approach of the Clans, most of the civilian population bunkered in the air-raid shelters of Novy Moscva. In order to minimize collateral damage and casualties, the ilKhan devised a series of lightning thrusts into the city to begin on 15 October at 0 hours local, supported by Clan Hell's Horses security and occupation forces. However, an AMF reconnaissance probe drove at Clan Wolf's headquarters, causing an early start to the operation at 2100 hours.[26]

Clan Jade Falcon drove into the shelled, northeast industrial sector of Novy Moscva, their target the large, central foundry. Their path was beset by AMF regulars and militia, occupying building along Stephanie Ulitza, the main avenue into the northeast sector. Using security infantry to help clear the well-defended, often booby-trapped buildings delayed the Falcons from reaching their objective on the evening of 16 October.[26]

Clan Smoke Jaguar drove into the southeast mercantile sector of the city, now a sprawling slum. The buildings in this sector were prefabricated, with gaudily colored tiled roofs and the occasional sniper. The Jaguar advance was slowed at Cameron Most (Cameron Bridge), but quick action by lighter Jaguar element jumping the river forces an AMF retreat from the bridgehead, while Horses special ops engineering infantry disables the explosives wired to collapse the bridge. With the bridge secure, Clan Smoke Jaguar reached its objective, Novy Moscva Bourse and the Ploshchad Kerensky, taking only a few casualties at the bridge crossing.[26]

The Wolf assault into Novy Moscva was intended to be a feint toward the heart of the city down Novy Zemylya Bulvar (New Earth Boulevard), turning west at Cameron Park to secure the Eden Military Academy. However, the recon element that discovered the Clan Wolf headquarters had to be interdicted to prevent their report of Clan troop movements. Therefore, Clan Wolf split a single fast Star of 'Mechs equipped with electronic countermeasures to prevent their report to AMF command. The pursuing Star followed the AMF scout forces all the way to the AMF staging area within the city center by 300 hours, themselves having to flee from the numerically superior force. Surrounded by Ascendancy forces in the northern part of Novy Moscva, Star Colonel Andery Kerensky[29] led a detachment to open a path of retreat for the fleeing Star at 700 hours. Kerensky's team reached the Star, finding two members mortally wounded and only one BattleMech operational. Their Star recovered, Clan Wolf achieved its objective, assault on Eden Military Academy by 1200 hours on 16 October.[26]

Their objectives achieved, each Clan had to weather continued counterattack by AMF forces, and grueling ground combat running street by street. A Hell's Horses clearance group was trapped by anti-armor, pinning the conventional vehicle convoy along Novy Zemylya Bulvar and killing several dozen Horses Warriors and auxiliaries. The Horses escaped only after Wolf Warriors hunted down the harassing guns and artillery and bulldozed an escape route. The freed Horses completed their objective, the clearance of Aleksandr Kerensky's command bunker in the government center, into which ilKhan Nicholas relocated on 21 October to direct clearance operations from the front.[26]

Clearance convoys in force continued through the mercantile and industrial zones, with the Falcons and Jaguars attempting to provoke Ascendancy forces into a main battle. However, the Ascendancy maintained pressure on the Clans through deployment of partisans and terrorists. These irregular tactics provoked a heavy-handed response from Clan Smoke Jaguar, who collapsed an apartment block housing AMF infantry, killing 80 civilians in the process.[26]

Though the Academy was relatively free of civilians, Clan Wolf continued to hunt from the Ascendancy leadership. It was rumored the AMF leaders relocated regularly to stay ahead of the Clan assaults, forcing the Wolves to hunt through dozens of vintage Star League-in-Exile bunkers and newer air-raid bunkers throughout the city.[26]

A Jade Falcon convoy in force found the Major-General Tillam and the rest of the high command of the Ascendancy Martial Foundation on 11 November. On assignment near Unity Station, an unfinished maglev terminal, a Jade Falcon patron seated 150 meters from an AMF signal tower intercepted a short message. The remainder of the Star repositioned around the site, but met heavy resistance. The resistance prompted an assault force from all four Clans to converge on the site, led by Wolf saKhan Elise Fetladral. This in turn prompted a large AMF force to attempt to break through and rescue its occupants, intercepted by a group of Wolves under Andery Kerensky. By dawn 12 November, the AMF high command was in custody and each remaining AMF pocket was cordoned off and laid siege. 1 December, a lance of AMF BattleMechs attempted to escape the cordon at Cameron Park, meeting only a single Wolf Clan Exterminator BattleMech. The four killed the pilot, Andery Kerensky, brother of ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky. The four assailants were all subsequently killed. The final pockets of resistance, including the Finance Ministry and the Palace of Justice, fell to the combined Clan siege by December.[26]

The death of Andery Kerensky shook the Clans, especially Clan Wolf, significantly. To assuage their grief, and distract himself with completion of the remaining military campaigns, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky reassigned Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf to aid in the liberation of Black Brian.[26]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

In November 3068 Clan Steel Viper moved against Clan Jade Falcon in the Homeworlds, hitting almost every Jade Falcon garrison with a series of swift, heavy attacks. Eden saw the Steel Viper Gamma Galaxy swiftly defeat the First Falcon Dragoons and Third Falcon Velites; two Binaries of warriors from the Dragoons were taken as bondsmen by the Steel Vipers, in recognition of the honorable manner in which they fought. Having waited for the Steel Vipers to land before fighting in accordance with Clan principles, the Dragoons were viewed as the most honorable of the Jade Falcons faced during their wave of attacks across the Clan Homeworlds.[13]

In May 3071, forces from Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Coyote and Clan Steel Viper attacked the Clan Wolf forces on Eden. Leading the assault were the Steel Vipers, who deployed the Fifth Legion, Fourth Fang and 141st Phalanx, determined to hunt down the surviving elements of the Twelfth Wolf Regulars. The Steel Viper forces pursued the Regulars across Yakut until the Regulars assembled for a last stand in the ruins of an enclave that had belonged to Clan Burrock.[13]

Whilst the Steel Viper forces surrounded the enclave, they failed to detect forces from Clan Coyote arriving - specifically, the Twenty-seventh Strike Cluster, a former Clan Diamond Shark unit that had been acquired by the Coyotes as a part of the departure of the Diamond Sharks from the Homeworlds. The Coyotes had a prearranged agreement with the Wolves, allowing them to take over Wolf enclaves and resources, and the Regulars coordinated their actions with the Coyotes, both units striking at the Steel Vipers in concert. In the resulting battle more than half of the Steel Vipers were lost, including Lars Varga, the Galaxy Commander of Rho Galaxy.[13]

As agreed in advance, Star Captain Terence of the Wolves followed the battle by formally transferring Mount Royal and the mining facilities to the Coyotes, before requesting that the Coyotes divert any other Clans wishing to test themselves to the Regulars location. Star Colonel Rolen Clearwater was happy to oblige, conveniently losing a DropShip load of parts and supplies close to the Regulars' position shortly after the agreement. When the Sixty-sixth Blood Hussars arrived two weeks later, Clearwater provided the Blood Spirits with the location of the Regulars, allowing the Blood Spirits to hit the Regulars in force.[13]

Commanded by Star Colonel Suzanne Church, the Blood Spirits dropped a star of ProtoMechs directly into the ruins, while another Binary circled the perimeter of the enclave. The Wolves called out challenges to the Blood Spirits circling them, and refused to be pushed out of the ruins, destroying the ProtoMech star piecemeal, before taking advantage of a heavy rainstorm to pile up the shattered remains of the ProtoMechs and their pilots on the main causeway outside the enclave. This act enraged the other Blood Spirits sufficiently to drive the Blood Spirits into a savage assault on the ruins, an assault that included repeated strafing runs using their DropShip. Despite the ferocity of the furious Blood Spirits, it took six hours to destroy the last three Wolf 'Mechs and two Elementals.[13]

In mid-3071, Clan Star Adder took over the Hell's Horses enclaves on Eden, as part of an agreement reached between the two Clans. They retained control of the former Horses enclaves until early 3073, when the Blood Spirits managed to redeploy four ProtoMech clusters from Omicron Galaxy onto Eden. Omicron Galaxy quickly overwhelmed the Star Adder enclaves, securing supplies and food vitally needed after the heavy damage inflicted on the Blood Spirits by the Star Adders at York, and proceeded to execute those Star Adder warriors they had captured. Those former Hell's Horses personnel captured, military and civilian, were offered a choice between joining the Blood Spirits or being executed like the Star Adders. Having secured the majority of Eden, Omicron Galaxy was then redeployed to Arcadia, although the 171st Crimson Guards remained on Eden, to maintain a watchful eye on the Cloud Cobra forces on the planet.[14]

Between 3078 and 3081 the Cloud Cobras evacuated thousands of civilians from their enclaves on Eden, which had been devastated during the Wars of Reaving, to Roche, the former Clan Goliath Scorpion homeworld, which the Cloud Cobras had acquired holdings on during the Goliath Scorpion Abjuration.[30]

Post–Wars of Reaving[edit]

By 3085, Eden had been depopulated or abandoned by the Clans.[15]

Military Deployment[edit]


  • Abaddon mining settlements (3 mixed companies) (located on Yakut)
  • Irkutsk Irregulars (2 mixed battalions) (located on Irkutsk)
  • Levic Ascendancy (2 BattleMech battalions, 5 mixed battalions) (located on Noruff)
  • Minor Amur factions (3 mixed companies) (located on Amur)
  • People's Congress (2 infantry companies) (located on Yakut)
  • Purgatory Cities (4 mixed battalions) (located on Yakut)
  • Sarbat Khanate (4 mixed battalions) (located on Yakut)



Eden has five continents named Amur, Irkutsk, Noruff, Novy Sakhalin, and Yakut. Of the five continents, Amur and Novy Sakhalin lie in the southern hemisphere and are the smallest continents, whilst Irkutsk is the largest single continent. Petrograd Bay separates eastern Irkutsk from the western coast of Yakut and the northwestern coast of Amur. A large cluster of islands lies in the region between the northwest coast of Novy Sakhalin, the eastern coast of Noruff and the Purgatory Peninsula region of western Irkutsk.[1] Though unlabeled, Abaddon Heights region of Eden is rugged uplands, likely on the continent of Novy Sakhalin,[36] but is rich in uranium, and therefore the site of several mining communities. The low latitude and the rugged terrain of Abaddon Heights, along with endemic Curse of Eden, mean the population of this region is small.[16]

Novy Moscva, the largest and most sophisticated city to be found on any of the Pentagon worlds, flourished in the heart of the Noruff continent. Built from a combination of prefabricated structures and new construction, the city is widely laid out; with broad avenues leading between cardinal points, beautiful parks and memorials, but also bland prefabricated buildings.[21] Novy Moscva became the seat of the Star League-in-Exile under Aleksandr Kerensky.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

Planetary Map of Eden
  • Amur (continent)
  • Irkutsk (continent)
  • Allah: a city on the Purgatory Peninsula[37]
  • Dante: a city on the Purgatory Peninsula[37]
  • Hades: a city on the Purgatory Peninsula, previous called Vesta[37]
  • Kaliningrad: a major city located on western Irkutsk, to the east of the Purgatory Peninsula; destroyed during the Clan invasion of Eden by Clan Smoke Jaguar[38]
  • Minotaur Shatters: the deeply scarred region of the Banlan forest created by orbital bombardment from the Aegis-class WarShip Minotaur in 2801[37][39] located on the Purgatory Peninsula
  • Purgatory Peninsula: a large peninsula on the west coast of Irkutsk[37]
  • Noruff (continent)
  • Novy Moscva: planetary capital city during the Star League-in-Exile era, located on Noruff; left abandoned as a memorial to Operation Klondike at the orders of Nicholas Kerensky[1]
  • Eden Military Academy: a Star League-in-Exile military training academy established in Novy Moscva[40]
  • Yang's Bazaar: a city on southern Noruff, and site of a notable battle during Operation Klondike[41]
  • Novy Sakhalin (continent)
  • Yakut (continent)
  • Petrograd Bay: a large agricultural region on Yakut[42]
  • Rubat: site of the Sarbat Khanate capital on Yakut[42]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (5 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Dagda 10.0 Circe 10.9 Fasa 16.0 Babylon 16.3
Arcadia 18.5 Radulov 76.8 EC821-387D 138.8 Shadow 189.3
Brim 189.3 Zara 193.2 Albion 196.9 Gatekeeper 199.3
Lum 200.4 York 203.2 Foster 214.0 Ironhold 222.5
Delios 224.0 Colleen 224.5 Strana Mechty 226.3 Grant's Station 231.4


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