Fall from Glory

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Fall from Glory (cover).png
Fall from Glory
(authoritative edition cover)
Product information
Type Novel
Author Randall N. Bills
Cover Artwork Florian Mellies (authoritative edition)
Franz Vohwinkel (German edition)
Publication information
Publisher FanPro (first publication, German)
BattleCorps (original edition)
CGL (authoritative edition)
First published 2004 (German edition)
16 November 2007 (original edition)
8 March 2021 (authoritative edition)
ISBN-10 1947335723
ISBN-13 978-1947335721
Era Early Succession Wars Era
Timeline 5 November 2784-29 January 2802
17 October 2772-14 February 2777 (Interludes)
Series Founding of the Clans
Followed by Visions of Rebirth

Fall from Glory is a novel by Randall N. Bills, the first part of the Founding of the Clans trilogy.

The novel has a complicated publication history. It had just been written when FASA decided to cease active operations and Roc Books had no interest in publishing further novels in the BattleTech line. The manuscript remained unpublished for some time, and first saw publication in 2004 in its German translation under the title Clangründer: Abkehr ("Clan Founders: Breakaway") by Fantasy Productions. The original English text was only published starting 16 November 2007 as a serial via BattleCorps.

Over the course of the 2019 crowdfunding campaign for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion boxed set, a re-release of the entire Founding of the Clans trilogy was unlocked as a stretch goal. Bills and CGL decided to revise the first two books in the process (the third had not yet been written), creating new, authoritative versions that were expanded over the originals and partly rewritten. The first revised book was published on 8 March 2021.

Plot summary[edit]

Note: This is based on the "authoritative" 2021 version of the novel.

The first part of the Founding of the Clans trilogy, Fall from Glory covers the first eighteen years of Operation EXODUS. It depicts the difficult voyage of the Exodus fleet and the colonization of the Pentagon systems, sheds some light on the reasons behind the Exodus Civil War and culminates in the Second Exodus.

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