Raymond Sainze

Raymond Sainze
Raymond Sainze
Born19 March 2760[1]
AffiliationKindraa Sainze,
Clan Fire Mandrill
Title(s)Khan of Clan Fire Mandrill

Raymond Sainze was the first Khan of Clan Fire Mandrill and Bloodname Founder of the Sainze Bloodname, a founding legacy of Clan Fire Mandrill. Originally from the Draconis Combine and a member of the Combine military, Sainze was sent as an ambassador to Aleksandr Kerensky to determine the intentions of the SLDF fleet gathering in Kuritan space. Upon Sainze's arrival on McKenna's Pride, Kerensky explained his plan, and commenced Operation EXODUS, bringing Sainze along against his will.


Born in the Draconis Combine. Raymond Sainze was the fifth son in a noble samurai family along with his four older brothers. In his career as part of the Draconis military, he was stationed on the recharging station, Shiro's Hope, that was orbiting New Samarkand. It was here that he would meet the SLDF Exodus fleet. He was sent by his superiors as an ambassador to the fleet to figure out the fleet's intentions. Upon his arrival, he met with Nicholas, Andery and Aleksandr Kerensky. It was this conversation with the three that led to him being taken away under the order of Aleksandr. The reason for this deals with Aleksandr wanting to keep on schedule with the fleet's departure of the Inner Sphere and to prevent the Great Houses learning of Operation EXODUS' aims prematurely.[2]

While in the SLDF Exodus fleet, Sainze became a believer of Aleksandr's vision and got closer to both Andery and Nicholas. He also established a rapport with the future Khan of Clan Cloud Cobra, Windham Khatib.[1]

By the time Nicholas Kerensky's followers landed on Strana Mechty during the Second Exodus, Sainze held the rank of Colonel.[3]

When the Clans were formed, Raymond Sainze became the first Khan of Clan Fire Mandrill. Like his saKhan, Laura Payne, he was deeply competitive, and this soon morphed into a less healthy combativeness that spread to and shaped the entire Clan.[1][4]


During the Exodus, Raymond Sainze meet the younger son of Aleksandr, Andery Kerensky. He was very hostile to the youngster, probably because he hated his father for having forced him into the Exodus, but with time, their relationship became more respectful.[5]


General Kerensky has invited one representative onboard his flagship. I will travel there tomorrow, alone and unarmed. I must have faith that the General will have honor enough to abide by his promise of safe passage...

--Chu-sa Raymond Sainze, 4 November 2784[6]


This character is named for the man who introduced Loren L. Coleman to BattleTech, a member of the "Orlando Gaming Group".[7][8][9]


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