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Clan Cloud Cobra
Faction Profile
Time period: 2807 – Present
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 12 (5 at 100%)[1]
Capital world: Homer[2]
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Cloud Cobra touman
Secret Service: Clan Cloud Cobra Watch

Clan Cloud Cobra was one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky, named after the cloud cobras found on Arcadia. The Clan's heavily religious orientation and faith-based Cloisters were the legacy of its first Khan, Windham Khatib, who had been a chaplain in the Star League Defense Force. They were also known as one of the most devious and cunning Clans with a talent for politics as well as warfare.[3]

The Cloud Cobras participated in the liberation of Babylon during the Pentagon Campaign but suffered heavy losses, inhibiting their later growth. The Clan was among the first to begin the use of genetic manipulation, creating a eugenics program which would be copied by and become synonymous with the Clans to this day. Politically, the Cloud Cobras became moderately Warden in the years prior to Operation Revival, although they maintained little contact with other Clans. Recusing themselves from the Trials for a place in the invasion of the Inner Sphere, the Cobras instead opted to husband their strength and managed to emerge from the chaotic events of the 3060s and '70s as the second-strongest surviving Home Clan. By 3090, the Cloud Cobras were a major power in the Clan Homeworlds and evenly split between the Bastion and Aggressor philosophies.


Early Years[edit]

Captain Windham Khatib was one of the few survivors of the 335th BattleMech Division, which had been destroyed in the Amaris Civil War. The horrors of that war, particularly the death of his grandmother Pope Lanai Madonn, inspired Captain Khatib to seek a new beginning for humanity. However, after the Exodus Fleet's arrival at the Pentagon Worlds, ancient rivalries and discontent caused fighting to break out, and Aleksandr Kerensky suffered a heart attack. His son Nicholas gathered his father's loyal disciples, Captain Khatib among them, and led them on the Second Exodus to Strana Mechty, where the Clans would be forged.[4]

Though Windham Khatib was Clan Cloud Cobra's first Khan, Vice Admiral Rafe Kardaan was chosen as his saKhan in order to help make up for Khatib's martial weaknesses. Together with thirty-eight other men and women, the Clan trained extensively, and during Operation Klondike was assigned to capture the world of Babylon alongside Clan Coyote, Clan Ice Hellion and Clan Sea Fox.[4]

Operation Klondike[edit]


Working under the direction of Khan of Clan Star Adder Absalom Truscott, ships from every Clan worked to gather intelligence about the Pentagon worlds. Most of the ships, however, came from the Cloud Cobras and Clan Snow Raven.[5] A small boarding party of Cloud Cobras was inserted aboard the naval cache in Babylon, which would aid greatly in capturing it later.[6]

The Pentagon Run[edit]

Prior to and during the beginning of the main ground operations that characterize Operation Klondike, saKhan Kardaan led forces in pursuit of the rebel spacefarers who lived aboard JumpShips and sometimes WarShips and space stations above the Pentagon Worlds. As overall commander of naval operations in the Babylon system, he helped to ensure that the space above the world was secured before touching down on the planet.[7] This task would see him chasing rebels through multiple star systems while commanding a force drawn from across the Clans. Khan Khatib would be on his own during the opening months of the grand reconquest.[8]

Solath Landing[edit]

Four Clans were selected to land on Babylon. Their target was the continent of Solath, around the vicinity of the city-state of Camlaan. Each of the four Clans had their own thoughts about the main goals of their mission. The Cobra focus was to be on saving the survivors of the Pentagon Civil War from themselves and bringing them into the fold of the Clan Way. Reality after the drop was quite different. As Clan Coyote and Clan Sea Fox advanced on Camlaan directly, Cloud Cobra aerospace fighter Stars spotted reinforcements moving in from nearly every direction. Most pressing were rebel forces advancing rapidly toward their drop zone. Khan Khatib had his ground forces stay back and guard their DropShips, while help soon arrived in the form of Clan Ice Hellion and Khan Stephan Cage, flanking the rebels as the Cobra aerospace assets strafed the enemy ranks. Losses were sustained to the Cobras, but these would pale in comparison to the final cost of the campaign.[9]

Clan Coyote Khan Dana Kufahl's abandonment of Clan Sea Fox to face Camlaan and its many reinforcements alone caused the other Clans to avoid the prospect of working alongside them. After this incident, the Sea Foxes struck off on their own, recovering from the loss of their Khan. By contrast, the Cobras and Ice Hellions saw the wisdom of continuing to support each other for the duration of the campaign.[9][10]

New Drineshane[edit]

To the east and south they turned, easily seizing Hope, a settlement on the eastern shore that once was a hub of space and sea trade. Using this as a base of operations, the two Clans spread out, advancing on settlements large and small. They would take a settlement called New Drineshane after a nighttime attack, driving off or destroying the defenders in short order. The next day, saKhan Kardaan (who had arrived back on-planet by this point) led his aerospace fighter Stars on reconnaissance duty, while the bulk of Clan Ice Hellion also set off for the same reason. Four Stars of Cobra BattleMechs commanded by Khan Khatib remained when suddenly over a regiment of enemy 'Mechs led by three rebel commanders poured up from the sewers to beset the garrison force. Within minutes, a fighter Star was on the scene with more coming soon after, strafing the sea of targets underneath them. In a little under an hour, the Ice Hellions raced in to help sweep the attackers aside, driving them off to eventually be destroyed, but only after several more hours of fighting. Less than half the Cobra 'Mechs remained functional, and several fighters were lost. The Clan survived, but at dear cost.[11][12]

Disaster Relief[edit]

After the last settlements of Solath were taken under the Clan banner, the two Clans would cross the straits of Shoshi'i, taking the islands that dotted the straits between Solath and the continent of Corsen. As their operation progressed, the unpredictable happened: a massive volcanic eruption wreaked havoc across the region. Earthquakes and tsunamis leveled villages and left thousands dead and homeless. Khan Khatib stepped forward and rallied his troops, not to fight but to aid the stricken people, providing medicine and food as well as assisting them at finding new shelter and rebuilding. Khan Cage of the Ice Hellions would assist when and where he could while commanding attacks that were still taking place in areas away from the shores on the southern continent.[13]


The city of Gralen occupied a key area along the straits dividing the continents. It would fall after six days of aerial assault by saKhan Kardaan and his forces, clearing the way to move inland. Kardaan would work closely with Khan Cage, planning every step of the fighting carefully, preserving both of their Clans' forces. The proto-state called The Oppenreich was perched high in the mountains of Corsen. Its lands were easily defensible, and the natives knew well how to use the lands around them to their advantage. Executing a carefully woven plan that involved half of saKhan Kardaan's fighter pilots being used as ground spotters for surgical airstrikes in concert with jump capable elements of the Ice Hellion forces, the Clans would come to victory after many more weeks of methodical but costly fighting. Operation Klondike was soon over, though unrest would crop up from time to time for years yet to come.[14]


Well over half of the Cloud Cobras' forces were lost during the course of the campaign, setting the Clan back militarily. Efforts to put down further dissent that cropped up after the Pentagon Campaign would serve to further weaken their numbers. Khan Khatib would step down from his position to heed a higher calling, wandering about Clan space in search of way to heal the spirit of all Clans. His efforts would lead to the founding of what would later become known as the Josian Cloister.[4]

The Golden Century[edit]

Soon after the Annihilation of the Not-Named Clan, the Cloud Cobras would face their own internal rebellions against what their new society was becoming. Of all the Clans who faced similar situations, the Cloud Cobra internal strife was held with the highest degree of secrecy. Reports are scarce, but in one instance involving Alpha Galaxy Rafe Kardaan, newly elected to the position of Khan, was forced to execute 70% of the warriors involved following trials to determine their guilt. Only the most steadfast Cloud Cobra warrior who acted in harmony with the Clan Way survived these quiet purges of dissension in the ranks. Those left behind after the purge were a stronger and more unified group, strong enough to guard their Clan through these early years of strife and into the new era.[12][15]

With Khan Kardaan leading them, Clan Cloud Cobra's scientific community flourished, excelling in the fields of genetic manipulation and laser technology. Khan Kardaan was also instrumental in what became known as "the Way", encouraging everyone he talked with to profess and practice their own faith. This made the other Khans uneasy, while at the same time Clan Coyote became enticed by Cloud Cobra scientific achievements. They attempted to take these by force, and though the Cloud Cobras were still weakened from the Pentagon campaign, their faith combined with their aerospace forces defeated the Coyotes. This would serve as the starting point in the two Clans' animosity towards each other.[16]

Early in the Golden Century, the Cloud Cobras would move to make a mutually beneficial trade of resources with Clan Mongoose. The Cloud Cobras offered up two large shipments of their newly developed Chippewa IIC aerospace fighters in exchange for land on the Pentagon World of Circe. However a mechanical JumpShip failure caused the second shipment to be delayed by one day, which the Mongooses used to cancel the carefully worded deal. While the Mongooses kept the first shipment they returned the second on order of the Grand Council, which had ruled that the Mongooses had the right to cancel the deal. That did not stop them from returning the second shipment to the Cloud Cobras as a mass of disassembled components. Though many would call for a Trial of Grievance over this issue, Khan Kardaan urged restraint, letting the matter go with the Grand Council ruling. His motivation is not known, but the following events perhaps cast a bit more light on this situation.[17]

After the Mongooses' eventual Absorption by Clan Smoke Jaguar in 2868, Jaguar Khan Theodore Osis would cast aside the genetic legacies of all Clan Mongoose warriors, wishing their lines to fade away with the memory of their Clan. The Mongooses had fought as well as they could, especially their aerospace forces, piloting as they were the many Chippewa IICs that they had gained earlier in the Golden Century from the Cloud Cobras.[18] Khan Josef Mannix of the Cobras boldly took this opportunity to launch a long series of Trials of Possession against the Smoke Jaguars, targeting the Mongoose aerospace pilot bloodlines. The Cloud Cobras would win 72 legacies spread over 11 Bloodname Houses, and quickly activated them for immediate use in the Clan Cloud Cobra eugenics program.[19]

Clan Cloud Cobra would continue to advance, fielding several Trinaries of OmniMechs by 2868 and birthing their first Elementals several years later. The Clan's size nearly tripled under Khan Mannix, especially after the sibkos of former Mongoose legacies came to maturation as Cloud Cobra warriors. Towards the end of the Golden Century, the Cloud Cobras were tasked along with Clan Burrock to hunt down members of the Dark Caste, whose attacks had grown more frequent. Keen to slay any who did not embrace the Way, the Cloud Cobras eagerly took part in the task force and destroyed dozens of Dark Caste bands. Burrock Khan Tabari Danforth declared their task a success and the Dark Caste exterminated, though it would be discovered later this was a lie.[16][20]

It was also during this time that the Cloud Cobras and Coyotes became true mortal enemies. In 2934 Khan Corian Tchernovkov of the Coyotes and ilKhan of all the Clans perished in a training accident. Khan Tobias Khatib of the Cloud Cobras was elected to take her place in 2935, a beneficial arrangement for both the Cloud Cobras and their allies Clan Snow Raven. However, within the decade the Snow Ravens began to mistrust Khan Khatib, whom they believed was advancing the interests of his own Clan above their own. By 2948 the Snow Ravens 'uncovered' and presented evidence that Khatib had been complicit in the death of Tchernovkov. For his crimes Khan Khatib was executed, but in an effort to sate their desire for revenge the Coyotes conducted a punitive war against the Cloud Cobras for the next fifteen years. This conflict saw heavy casualties as zellbrigen was frequently discarded, and while the Cobras took heavier losses in men and matériel they made territorial gains on Homer and Brim. Events finally came to an end when the Coyote saKhan challenged his own Khan to a Trial to end the Pyrrhic conflict and killed him, though the hatred between the two Clans would continue long afterward.[21]

Then in 2965, the exploration vessel Thoth discovered the Tanite Worlds, located just fifty light-years from the Pentagon Cluster and inhabited by the descendants of long-lost Star League colonists. After opening trade relations with the Tanites, Khan Tharan Kor-Dakar would heed the calling of the Way and forcibly absorbed them into the Clan, reaching an agreement with Clan Burrock to jointly administer the worlds in exchange for resource access.[22]

The Political Century[edit]

By the end of the thirtieth century, the Golden Century gave way to the Political Century and the Great Debate over whether to invade the Inner Sphere and rebuild the Star League. As Clan Cloud Cobra continued to follow the Way, the century also saw the rise of the Great Cloisters. These Cloisters, started as informal conclaves among warriors sharing similar beliefs and faiths, eventually formalized and took sides between the Wardens and Crusaders. Heated discussion took place within Clan Cloud Cobra as each Cloister argued for or against invasion. Only two issues could be agreed upon by both sides: sending Wolf's Dragoons to gather intelligence on the Inner Sphere and acknowledging the fact that the Clan lacked the necessary resources to conduct any potential invasion.[22]

The appearance of Outbound Light in 3048 finally brought the debate to a head. Interpretation of the Way was hotly debated in the Clan Council, with Khan Din Steiner arguing against and saKhan Leighton Khatib arguing for invasion. In the end, saKhan Khatib prevailed, and the true Way made itself known to the Khan. At the Grand Council the Cloud Cobra Khans voted in favor of attacking the Inner Sphere. However, Khan Steiner would not allow the Clan to take part in the proceeding invasion, resulting in a flurry of furious challenges to his leadership. The issue was only resolved when saKhan Khatib counterchallenged each challenger, allowing cooler heads to prevail. Eventually the Clan would come to understand that Khan Steiner had acted in accordance with the Way by refusing to take part in the invasion.[22][23]

Clan Invasion and Aftermath[edit]

As the Clans' invasion of the Inner Sphere progressed and news of victory returned to the Homeworlds, those Cloisters belonging to the Warden faction diminished, but with the death of ilKhan Leo Showers and the defeat of the invasion force in the Battle of Tukayyid, it became clear to Clan Cloud Cobra that the invasion had been against the Way. The Clans had been too arrogant to think they could take the Inner Sphere by force, and the resulting cracks in Clan civilization further proved this. The destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Refusal War between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon and the following schism between Clan Wolf and Clan Wolf-in-Exile, and most especially the Burrock Absorption, just proved to the Cloud Cobras how misguided the Clans had been all along.[23]

Rather than attempt to reach beyond their means as the other Home Clans did during Wars of Possession, Clan Cloud Cobra focused instead on easy pickings. They took command of the Smoke Jaguar enclave on Homer, countering an attempt by Clan Steel Viper to claim the same territory by calling on the aid of the Snow Ravens. The Clan was also able to secure Clan Nova Cat's enclave on Brim, with help from Clan Star Adder, in a relatively peaceful manner following initial bloodshed; unfortunately it did not take long before the Coyotes stole it away. And in the wake of the Burrock Absorption, the Star Adders agreed to uphold the Burrocks' previous contract regarding the Tanite worlds, though at a cost of increased resource rights.[23][24][25]

The Babylon Diet[edit]

In the renewed spirit of bringing the faithless back onto the path of the Way, the Cobras held a diet on Babylon in 3065, inviting members from many prominent religions from across Clan space, as well as the Inner Sphere. The inclusion of the Inner Sphere created an uproar among the warriors of Clans Coyote, Steel Viper, Ice Hellion and Fire Mandrill, with many joining Coyote Loremaster Clarissa Jerricho in a multi-Clan task force to disrupt the Diet. However, in a spirited defense of their own soil, the Cobras struck down the invading force with the assistance of Clan Diamond Shark. Due to this brilliant defense, the diet was a success and, quite surprisingly, resulted in an alliance with the Blood Spirits. The fact that the Spirits are mortal enemies of the Adders, the Cobras' principal ally, did not go unnoticed.[25]

After the first Diet on Babylon, Khan Steiner gained many allies in the Grand Council by bringing a motion of censure against the Coyotes for their attack. When the Steel Viper Khans voted against the measure, it was not unnoticed that many Steel Viper warriors had taken part in the attack and the Cloud Cobras launched a punitive strike against their enclave on Homer. The campaign was finally resolved with the intervention of their allies the Star Adders, and together the two Clans succeeded in evicting the Steel Vipers from Homer, leaving them in sole control of the planet.[25] The Cobras held another Diet in 3067, this time with vastly more support from other Clans than previous.

After the Wars of Reaving, the fate of the Babylon Diets remains unknown, but given the rising Bastion and Aggressor philosophies held throughout the Home Clans, it is assumed they have been closed off permanently.

Wars of Reaving[edit]

After the Cobras successfully punished the Steel Vipers for interrupting the Babylon Diet, the Vipers offered an alliance to the Cobras (along with their allies Star Adders) to form a political power base with them as the leaders. Seeing this opportunity to gain more power, throughout the Clan Homeworlds, the Cobras agreed, forming the Snake Alliance and attack the Spheroid Clans and other sworn enemies of each Clan. When the Wars of Reaving broke out across Clan Space, they decided to align with many of the Homeworld Clans who did not take part of Operation Revival. They would be tasked with Clans Goliath Scorpion and Fire Mandrill to take part in destroying (or damaging) Blood Chapels and genetic legacies in the Homeworlds that were considered "tainted" throughout the mid-3070s. They would end their alliance with the Steel Vipers in 3075 after the Vipers' Reavings were turned against them by the Star Adders. The Cobras would participate in annihilating their former allies and gain their Bloodnames in the process along with the remaining Home Clans. With the Crusader-Warden divide considered tainted, the Cloud Cobras would abandon their Warden beliefs for the Bastion philosophy. Many Cloisters followed suit embracing the Bastion way, while only the Josian and Ka'an Cloisters embraced the more brutal Aggressor path. During the bloody aftermath of the Reavings, the Cobras would have a hand in Abjuring the Goliath Scorpions after evidence was found of the Clan mixing Eridani Light Horse genes into their breeding program.


The Way is many things to many people, though few can recognize it or understand its workings. Whether known as God, or Time, or Fate, the Way gives meaning to existence, offering multiple paths towards a horizon of paradise. However, many paths lead only to certain doom, requiring those who walk the paths of the Way to tread carefully. According to themselves, only the Cloud Cobras are enlightened enough to recognize the true path, a fact only reinforced by their diversity of beliefs.[24][3]

The Way takes precedence above everything; though naturally drawn to peace, Clan Cloud Cobra will go to war if the Way decrees it. All life is sacred, and so each Galaxy and Cluster maintains their own garden or Honorarium. For every life that is lost, whether friend or foe, a new life is planted, and the gardens serve as places of quiet meditation. They also tell the unit's history and character, varying from unkempt to meticulously maintained. The Clan's Honorarium is located in Svoboda Zemylya, surrounding the Hall of Khans on Strana Mechty, and takes up several square kilometers where the ashes of the fallen are spread.[24]

To outsiders, the Cloud Cobras' devotion to the Way borders on the same fanaticism as Clan Nova Cat's mysticism. Some observers have also noted members taking advantage of the Way's vague and contradictory nature to achieve their goals, labeling the Clan as clever opportunists.[26]

Great Cloisters[edit]

A defining feature of the Cloud Cobras is the creation of Great Cloisters, ecumenical-political units based around various religions and belief systems, similar to a Clan Wolf Bloodname House or Fire Mandrill Kindraa. Each Cloister is led by an ecKhan, one who has demonstrated extraordinary comprehension of the Way, and its warrior-priests are schooled heavily in both martial and theological matters. A Cloister's size can range from a few dozen to over a thousand warriors in addition to lower-caste members. Debate between the Cloisters is almost always civilized, especially when the Clan as a whole is threatened, and even lower-caste members have a voice in these discussions.[27]

The vast majority of these Cloisters' members are Cloud Cobras, though some are from other Clans. Clan Star Adder has the most Cloister members, due in part to their absorption of the Burrocks, and the Smoke Jaguar warrior Lucas Beckett was raised within the Josian Cloister before his Clan’s destruction led to his journey into becoming the Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis.[28] While outsiders may rise to positions of leadership, efforts to influence the Cloister against the teachings of the Way are ruthlessly put down.[27]

By 3062, nineteen Cloisters were in existence, although the largest five wielded the greatest military and political power:[27]

  • Josian - One of the first, the Josian Cloister traces its origins back to the Clan's founding Khan, an ordained minister in the Church of the Crucifix. A predominately Christian group, they are the most ardent Crusaders and evangelists within the Clan. Their insignia are two crossed swords over a Cross of Lorraine.
  • Tongo - The most politically powerful of the five, the Tongo Cloister has dominated the Clan since Khan Terrell N'Buta took over in 2996. First founded in 2946 by captured Star Adder warrior Santana N'Buta, their view of the universe itself as a deity leads them towards the Warden position. Their insignia is an intricately carved Zulu shield flanked by two spears.
  • Quarani - The largest of the five, the Quarani Cloister is based upon the Islamic holy text, the Quran. Perceived as quiet and of mild temperament, they preach the Warden viewpoint, although when enraged they become virtually unstoppable. Their insignia is a red-and-orange sunburst.
  • Ka'an - Similarly based upon the teachings of Windham Khatib, the Ka'an Cloister practices the Judaic tradition. The first to preach the Crusader viewpoint, they adamantly believe in making Clan Cloud Cobra stronger militarily. Their insignia is a six-pointed star made of six outward-facing daggers.
  • Anasaz - Inspired by an ancient Terran civilization, the Anasaz Cloister practice ancestor worship and believe the Supreme Being is a triumvirate, composed of Aleksandr Kerensky, his son Nicholas and the Way. They are heavily isolationists and espouse the Warden philosophy. Their insignia is a cloud cobra coiled around a yellow-orange sun.

Among the minor Cloisters is the Rossei, an example of the mysticism found in Clan Nova Cat. After the first Babylon Diet, Isaiah Khatib led seventeen fellow Cloud Cobras from the Rossei Cloister away from their home to join the Nova Cats in the Inner Sphere without the blessing of their Khan nor their ecKhan. His actions split the Rossei Cluster between the ones that stayed in the Clan space and those that left for the Inner Sphere.[29]

There is also the Star of the Magi. This Cloister descended from Christian beliefs, and its members historically maintained that the star followed by the three Magi (or Wise Men) to Bethlehem was not just there for the birth of Jesus. It was also a star they were meant to find, that would lead them to Heaven or Eden. As the One Star Faith worked its way across the Clan Homeworlds, members of the Star of the Magi thought this vision might point to that same star. These issue divided the Cloister, though most of its members remain in the middle.[30]

After the Wars of Reaving ended in 3075, twelve Cloisters remained in existence, with the Tsalagi Cloister rising to power after the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper. Most Cloisters were now closed to non-Cobra warriors; the Tongo and Tsalagi Cloisters allowed a limited number of outsiders to join, maintaining some ties with other Clans. These two Cloisters were also proponents of the Bastion philosophy, while the Ka'an and Josian Cloisters espoused the Aggressor viewpoint, and the Anasaz and Assissi Cloisters acted as self-appointed peacekeepers. As a result of this balance of power, the remaining six Cloisters were sought after for political favors during Council debates.[31]

Inter-Clan Relations[edit]

Their religious and opportunistic nature would give Clan Cloud Cobra very few allies and enemies. But their belief in The Way would allow them to gain friends to their Clan.

Clan Name Symbol Relationship Reason
Clan Burrock Clan Burrock.png Ally Clan Cloud Cobra's chief ally was Clan Burrock before its Absorption. Afterwards that close relationship was continued with Clan Star Adder, especially with their agreement to uphold the Burrocks' garrison commitment to the Tanite worlds.
Clan Star Adder Clan Star Adder.jpg Ally The Cobras would shift their friendly relationship to the Star Adders following the Burrocks' Absorption. After the Great Refusal and into the Wars of Reaving, the Cloud Cobras, Clan Star Adder and Clan Steel Viper formed a loose alliance and power bloc within the Grand Council that would come to be known as the Snake Alliance.[32][33] After the Wars of Reaving and the Steel Viper Annihilation, the close alliance between the Cloud Cobras and Star Adders slowly unraveled due to differences in ideology and politics. By 3090 the relationship between the two Clans had morphed into respectful rivalry, while their civilian castes still worked together as partners.
Clan Stone Lion Clan Stone Lion logo.png Ally The Cobras also had a respectful relationship with Clan Stone Lion following the Wars of Reaving.

The Cloud Cobras also had good relationships with Clan Diamond Shark, Clan Snow Raven and Clan Ghost Bear, with more covert dealings with Clan Nova Cat and Clan Wolf-in-Exile, until the Wars of Reaving severed those ties.

Clan Name Symbol Relationship Reason
Clan Coyote Clan Coyote.jpg Enemy The Cobras' only real enemy was Clan Coyote, which harbored grudges against the Cobras for causing the death of their ilKhan, Corian Tchernovkov and the Adders. After the Wars of Reaving, the age-old feud with Clan Coyote was given new life due to the Coyotes' involvement in The Society's machinations. The Cobra scientist caste in particular nursed a vehement hatred for the Coyotes, barely avoiding the fostering of a caste war between the two Clans.[34]


For much of its existence Clan Cloud Cobra had one of the strongest aerospace force of any Clan, which they often use to soften up an enemy with before finishing them off with ground forces. Indeed, they were not above using assault DropShips and WarShips when it was deemed necessary: preserving the honor of the Way took precedence over one's personal honor, and a foe rendered helpless before he can strike is a foe that cannot harm the Clan.[35] This preference for aerospace forces also led to the employment of the first VTOL-capable battle armor suit, the Sylph, which debuted in early 3060. Conversely in terms of ground forces they were one of the weakest of any Clan, with these two factors combining to make the Cloud Cobras average as a measure of overall military strength.[25]

The training cycle for Cloud Cobra warriors lasted slightly longer than on average, a process which graduated more warriors but also restricted them from facing their first Trial of Position before the age of twenty-two. The training also emphasized moral character in addition to combat prowess, and indeed an act of self-sacrifice done solely to better the Clan and advance the Way was part of the requirement for graduating. While primary training camps existed for all warriors, a few of the most powerful Cloisters ran their own; these were restricted to select sibkos of certain exclusive legacies to ensure a correct spiritual upbringing. Each of the largest Cloisters also ran its own secondary training facilities, with the smaller ones force to join together to form several colleges. Entrance into a secondary school required that the applicant complete four years of active service in the Cloud Cobra touman, pass a rigorous battery of tests run by that Cloister's ecKhan, and receive the recommendations of at least two of the Cloister's current warriors. Education in the secondary facilities consisted of a two-year course of additional combat training, studying and meditation, the successful completion of which allowed the warrior to be officially inducted into that Cloister as a consecrated member.[36]

The Cloud Cobra touman also differed in that each Galaxy maintained their own reserve contingent. A scheme first instituted by Khan Samson McCloud in 2894, warriors assigned to each contingent fight among each other for the right to be the top reserve warrior. This warrior had the honor of filling in the latest open spot in that Galaxy's ranks; those assigned to a second-line Galaxy reserve who earned the top honor could also wait for a position in a frontline Galaxy's reserve to open. Warriors were rotated between contingents to allow more opportunities for advancement, training hard in simulators and occasional live practices to keep their skills sharp. The reserve contingents also performed logistical, technical and administrative duties for their parent unit, necessary tasks seen as honorable service in the name of the Way, and in dire need could be dragooned into combat-related roles: augmenting technical crews, piloting combat vehicles or fighting as conventional infantry. It is because of this reserve system that Cloud Cobra solahma units, those too old or unfit even for reserve assignment, lack any sort of advanced technology and operate strictly as infantry. These units are assigned mainly garrison duty, with the honor of serving on the front lines coming rarely.[37]


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See: Loremaster of Clan Cloud Cobra

Territorial Possessions[edit]

Clan Cloud Cobra owned little in the way of territory in the decade prior to the Wars of Reaving. Indeed, aside from Strana Mechty they held enclaves on only three or four worlds within Clan Space proper, plus the three Tanite worlds:

By the end of the Wars of Reaving, the Cobras had undergone a massive territorial expansion. By 3075, while they'd lost their Babylon enclave and been forced to abandon Tanis, the Cobras owned four worlds outright - Brim, Delios, Hellgate and Homer - and, excluding Strana Mechty, held enclaves on ten more: Albion, Arcadia, Barcella, Bearclaw, Eden, Hoard, Huntress, Londerholm, Tamaron, Tathis and Tiber.[38]

After another decade, following the destruction of Clan Blood Spirit, the Abjuration of Clan Goliath Scorpion, and despite the abandonment of some worlds, the Cobras remained an extensive landowner. Five worlds were held outright - Brim, Foster, Hector, Hellgate and Roche, which became the Cobra's primary stronghold[39] - plus enclaves on six more: Bearclaw, Homer (which was now shared with Clan Coyote), Huntress, Londerholm, Tamaron and Tiber.[40]

Demographics (3061)[edit]

Cloud Cobra Demographics
Affiliation: Warden

Population (Clan Space): 58,374,000 (3060)
Population growth rate: 2.2 percent (68/46)
Self-Sufficiency Index: 87 percent

Khan: Din Steiner
saKhan: Kieran Telinov
Loremaster: Eleni Riaz
Scientist-General: Goran (Pasteur)
Merchant Factor: Joshua
Master Technician: Franco
Senior Laborer: Yuu

Clusters: 22
WarShips: 15


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