Tobias Khatib

Tobias Khatib
Character Profile
Died 2947
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Profession ilKhan

Tobias Khatib was a Khan of Clan Cloud Cobra during the waning years of the Golden Century. He would be elected to the office of ilKhan after arranging the assassination of his predecessor, ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov. This period generally marks the end of the Golden Century, and the beginning of what would come to be called the Political Century.[1][2]


There are no details presently known about the life of Tobias Khatib prior to his election to the office of Khan of the Cloud Cobras. Most obviously, he was a very shrewd warrior and politician with a strong ruthless streak. Rumors that he was part of a larger political conspiracy are not confirmed, though the only reliable source of information is Clan Snow Raven, who have been fair-weather allies of Clan Cloud Cobra since before the time of Tobias Khatib and are equally well-known for their sharp political skills.[2]

Reign of the Sixth ilKhan[edit]

With the tragic death of ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov in an apparent freak training accident, the Grand Council would elect Khan Tobias Khatib of the Cloud Cobras to the high office as her replacement, and to carry out the agenda of smoothing relations between the increasingly estranged Clans.[3] Though details regarding his reign are sparse, his agenda is fairly well-documented, becoming increasingly Cloud Cobra-centric as the years progressed. According to Snow Raven sources, Khatib would eventually get careless to the point where he would not even bother to try and hide his advancement of the Cloud Cobras above any considerations for the rest of the Clans - and often at their expense. The situation was untenable, and very soon the wheels of fate would begin to turn.[1][2]

In 2947, during his 12th year as ilKhan of the Clans, the end of the game finally arrived. Clan Snow Raven would bring disturbing evidence before the Grand Council, evidence that clearly displayed ilKhan Tobias Khatib's active involvement in the murder of his predecessor, ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov. Khatib was next impeached and executed for Treason against the Grand Council. But the troubles were only beginning for Clan Cloud Cobra, and for Clan Coyote as well.[1][2]


After the execution of Tobias Khatib, Clan Coyote would wage an all-out multi-world war of revenge against the Cloud Cobras. Lasting for over 20 months, his Clan's forces would be shattered by the end of the campaign. Their Coyote assailants would likewise take a great deal of damage during the assault.[4]

By and large, the Clans had already outgrown the need or desire to be supervised as they carried out their daily agendas. With the passing of the infamous Tobias Khatib, the high office would remain vacated until 3048, when Smoke Jaguar Khan Leo Showers was elected to a revived office of ilKhan in the wake of the Outbound Light incident.[5]


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