Hoard 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates39.368 : 1879.723[e]
Spectral classA2V[1]

Hoard is a world located in the Kerensky Cluster in Clan space.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Hoard II[edit]

Hoard II
System positionSecond[citation needed]
Surface gravity0.8[citation needed]
Atmospheric pressureStandard[citation needed]
Equatorial temperature15°C[citation needed]
Surface water50%[citation needed]
Highest native lifePlants[citation needed]
History and Culture
Population6,600,000 (3062)[citation needed]

Planetary History[edit]

In 3050 as part of the Hellion's Fury campaign Clan Ice Hellion challenged Clan Hell's Horses to a Trial of Possession for several mining complexes. The attacking Hellions were quickly dispatched by the Horses.[11]

Prior to 3059, Clan Burrock, Clan Nova Cat and Clan Ice Hellion controlled sizable enclaves on this world. However, Clan Star Adder gained control of the Burrock enclaves in February 3059 when they absorbed the Burrock Clan. Then, when Clan Nova Cat joined the Second Star League in early 3060, the Nova Cats were forced to leave Clan space. Clan Ice Hellion, Clan Star Adder, Clan Wolf and Clan Hell's Horses quickly staged several Trials of Possession for the Nova Cat enclaves while that Clan tried to evacuate. For several years, the fighting was chaotic between the four Clans, with Clan Wolf and Clan Hell's Horses taking heavy losses as they tried to fight for a foothold.[citation needed]

In the power vacuum left from the departure of Clan Ghost Bear and the Trial of Abjuration of Clan Nova Cat, Hoard suffered from years of Trials of Possession, frequently involving a new factor in Clan combat, collateral damage. The circumstance began to stabilize with Clan Star Adder gains. Having struck at prime enclaves, then stopped to reinforce, the Adders found themselves prepared to reengage in Trials of Trials of Possession while their closest rivals had exhausted themselves. In this manner, the Adder found the Wolf garrisons on Hoard unprepared, and took most of their enclave.[12][13][14]

The Adders would then expand the size of their enclave on Hoard in the wake of Clan Ice Hellion ill-advised assaults'. Khan Asa Taney launched the assaults in retribution for a Clan Cloud Cobra assault on Hellion merchants in the Tanis system. Taney wished to punish the Star Adders, Cloud Cobra allies, as an earlier assault on the Cloud Cobras had failed on Brim. This attack was disastrous, costing the Hellions much of their territory on Hoard.[15][16]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

In late December 3067, Clan Star Adder became aware Clan Hell's Horses were preparing the Deep Periphery colony of Nouveaux Paris, and believed the Clan was making arrangements for a second attempt to secure an Inner Sphere Occupation Zone. Khan Stanislov N'Buta confronted Khan James Cobb about the preparations, but then struck a deal with the Horses' Khan. Clan Hell's Horses would trade their entire mineral-rich enclave on Hoard in exchange for aiding Star Adder operations in the Deep Periphery. In addition, Clan Star Adder would begin conducting new Trials of Possession as a means to distract other Clans from discovering the Horses' activities. Though a steep price for Star Adder support, Cobb agreed to the terms, relinquishing their holdings to the Adders.[5]

The next year, saKhan Connor Rood of Clan Ice Hellion would also become suspicious of the Horses' intent to invade the Clan Occupation Zone. In response to his inquiries, Khan James Cobb would extend the timetable for the Horses' Inner Sphere operations, and offer Harvest-style Trials of Possession with Clan Ice Hellion, to be conducted on Hoard. The Horses did quite well with the Trials, taking two clusters from the Hellions, however, the Trials were meant as a ruse to keep the attention of other Clans, allowing the Horses to surprise and taking one-third of Tranquil from Clan Wolf.[17]

As Clan Wolf departed the Clan Homeworlds, many of their Possessions were traded to their, Clan Coyote in late 3070. The Wolves traded to the Coyotes enclaves on several worlds, 5 stars of aerospace fighters, and a pair of WarShips, the CWS Provider and the CWS Relentless Pursuit, in exchange for several sibkos from shared Bloodhouses, five Stars of JumpShips, and Omicron Galaxy. These enclaves were spread throughout the Kerensky Cluster, including Glory, Paxon, and Hoard; after acquiring these colonies, Clan Coyote began redeploying its touman to garrison their new holdings.[6] Before these holdings could be fully garrisoned, Clan Wolf stole the genetics legacies of the founders of the Clans, Nicholas Kerensky, Andery Kerensky, and Jennifer Winson, on 3 December 3071.[7]

In retalation, Clans Blood Spirit, Fire Mandrill, Goliath Scorpion, and Star Adder mobilized against Clan Coyote former-Wolf enclaves on Glory, Paxon, Hoard. Attacking from their enclave across the planet, the Adder were able to catch the Coyote's garrison, the 80th Strike Cluster by complete surprise, destroying the unit in its city. The Adders then continued their campaign, taking more of the remaining Ice Hellion enclave, too.[7]

However, Hoard would lose all communication with the rest of the Kerensky Cluster within a couple month as a result of HPG infrastructural damage during the initial stages of The Society rebellion (by January, 3072).[18][19][20] The loss of Hoard was disastrous to the Hellions; many Hellion enclaves, including the colony on Tathis starved without the harvests of Hoard to feed their lower castes.[21] Communication would finally be restored in September, 3072, when Clan Steel Viper's Alpha Galaxy, mobilized under the command of ilKhan Brett Andrews, arrived in the Hoard system and liberated the Ice Hellion enclave. The enclave was defended by Society-tainted Warriors, some displaying genetic abnormalities. Any surviving Warrior with deformities was Annihilated.[8]

The Steel Viper enclave was liberated upon their Annihilation, leaving the otherwise undamaged system[citation needed] in Possession of Clans Cloud Cobra, Stone Lion, and Star Adder.[9] After The Society released a mutant strain of the Sept-Delta-4 virus into the ground water aquifers of Sheridan in 3079, Clan Star Adder consolidated the system[10] and moved their genetic repositories and capital to Hoard. Additionally, with the naval yards severely damaged in the Albion and Priori systems, with damage significantly enough to even the repair and maintenance of vessels, the Adders began construction of new shipyards above Hoard, with construction continuing as of 3085.[22]

Military Deployment[edit]



Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Boleyn Pass[25]
  • Jötun Ice Shelf[26]
  • Mining Complex Alpha-Two[27]
  • Mining Complex Alpha-Three[28]
  • Titan Firebase[29]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (6 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Strato Domingo 28.6 Roche 30.1 Hellgate 36.4 Vinton 45.4
Tamaron 47.2 Tiber 50.2 Barcella 65.2 Glory 74.4
Kirin 75.9 Priori 80.2 Londerholm 81.9 Tathis 82.1
Marshall 89.9 Delios 93.5 Paxon 110.2 Strana Mechty 112.1
Grant's Station 115.1 Gatekeeper 117.9 Sheridan 121.7 Huntress 122.3


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