Glory (system)

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Glory nearby systems (3151)
Glory nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 99.292 : 1835.555[e]
Spectral class G4IV
Recharge time 185 hours
Planets 5

System Description[edit]

Glory is a remote world located at the fringe of the Kerensky Cluster in Clan space.[citation needed]

System History[edit]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Glory IV[edit]

Glory IV
System position 4th
Jump point
7.96 days
Moons 1
Surface gravity 0.9
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial temperature 40°C
Surface water 50%
Highest native life Mammals
Population 6,200,000 (3062)


Planetary History[edit]

Golden Century[edit]

Glory was discovered and colonized during the Golden Century (and therefore presumably after the death of Nicholas Kerensky). Both Clan Jade Falcon and Wolf "almost simultaneously" started colonies there. While the adaptive Wolves thrived on Glory, the Jade Falcons could not exploit the efforts of their lower castes, due to their rigid interpretations of Clan caste hierarchy. The Jade Falcons ultimately focused their efforts on "other directions". Whether the Jade Falcons abandoned Glory completely is questionable, considering their later interest in and possession of the colony.[1]

Early Thirty-First Century[edit]

In early decades of the century, half of Glory was controlled by Clan Jade Falcon.[13] While not explicitly stated, Clan Wolf is likely to have maintained possession of at least part of the colony.

Battle of Glory Station[edit]

Prior to the Clan return to the Inner Sphere in the late 3040s, the planet's most noted battle was during a Trial of Possession between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon. Clan Wolf's 16th Battle Cluster bid then garrison commander, Star Colonel Kael Pershaw for the possession over his genetic legacy. The Falcon's chose to fight on the Glory Plains. However, the battle did not unfold as Pershaw had planned. A Clan Falcon Trinary of 'Mechs inbound on a DropShip, was attacked by Wolf aerospace fighters and crashed down into the Blood Swamp region.

The Wolves' 16th Battle Clusters' force nearly overcame the Falcon defenders, however a plan developed by Star Commander Jorge allowed the Falcon forces to overcome the Wolves.[14]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

Beginning in late 3069, Glory became subject of number of Trials of Possession by various Home Clans. Late in that year, Clan Steel Viper's forces would mobilized against several Falcon colonies, in an attempt to dislodge Clan Jade Falcon from Clanspace. The Vipers' Alpha Galaxy initially assaulted Ironhold, Beta Galaxy hit Marshall, and Gamma Galaxy (Clan Steel Viper)|Gamma Galaxy took Eden. These three colonies were followed by assaults on Barcella, Glory, Huntress, and Tokasha. All of the Trials of Possession were hard fought, but Clan Steel Viper prevailed in each campaign. By January, 3070, only Strana Mechty and Lum remained in Jade Falcon control.[5]

In May 3071, Clan's Wolf's control of their portion of the planet would soon be taken by various Clans. Notably, Steel Viper's Gamma Galaxy attempt to take the rest of the planet would be blocked by Clan Coyote's Delta Galaxy, allowing the Wolves' 12th Wolf Regulars to withdraw from the planet.[6]

While this left the Wolf enclave in Possession of Clan Coyote, the Coyotes would only control this enclave for less than a single year; Clan Wolf's actions on Strana Mechty would incite anger on all former Wolf holdings. After razing the Kerensky Blood Chapel in December, 3071, Coyote's gifted enclaves would come under attack by the combined forces of Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Fire Mandrill's Kindraa Mattila-Carrol in early 3072. The Coyote's 120th Strike Cluster was crippled by losing its commander, Star Colonel Harm Tchernovkov, was slain early in the fighting. The Scorpions and Mandrills would divide the Coyote's enclave at the end of the campaign, and take a large Coyote Scientist enclave intact[7][15]

Clan Steel Viper would use the cover of the HPG-blackout to expand their holdings on Glory in 3073. When a Scorpion task force, under the command of saKhan Kelton Myers and Loremaster Colin Yeh, arrived in September, 3073, they found the planet in Viper control, save for the city of Portage, held by Khan Amanda Carrol and the last remnants of Kindraa Mattila-Carrol. The Scoprion task force, comprised of the remains of Beta Galaxy and Gamma Galaxy, Alpha Naval Reserve Star (the CGS Atropos, the CGS Auriga, the CGS Bernlad, the CGS Corona Borealis, and the CGS Serket), as well as a fleet of DropShips and aerospace fighters, was immediately opposed by a pair of Steel Viper WarShips, the CSV Ophidian and the CSV Silver Snake, accompanied by their own fleet of DropShips and fighters, upon entering orbit above the planet. When the Scorpions had reached long range in orbit of the planet, the Viper forces declared the Scorpions dezgra for their actions on Foster, and without warning opened fire, destroying the Auriga. Both fleets sortied, and the heavy fighting ended with the damaged Silver Snake limping beyond Glory's[16] largest moon with the remnant of the Steel Viper forces. In addition to the Auriga, the Scorpions lost the Serket and the Corona Borealis, while the Steel Vipers lost the Ophidian.[8]

Once landed outside Portage, Clan Goliath Scorpion forces mustered with the remaining Mattila-Carrol forces, and devised a plan to take Ettiau and the nearby SLB-32 Brian Cache to resupply. On 30 September, Kindraa Mattila-Carrol began to engage the 93rd Assault, under the command of Star Colonel Anders Breen. Breen began to move his forces into clearer territory, in order to challenge and potentially destroy the weakened Kindraa. However, with his forces split, the Scorpion's elite 3rd Cuirassiers, the personal unit of Loremaster Yeh, was able to bomb the garrison Trinary, destroying their defensive positions and sowing disarray and confusion in the Steel Viper defenders. The 10th Scorpion Dragoons used the confusion to get behind the Viper positions and destroy the 93rd in a pincer movement. The defeat of the 93rd allowed the Scorpions and Mandrills access to the Brian Cache.[8]

Unfortunately, SLB-32 had already been emptied by the Steel Vipers. With little gained from their success, Khan Carrol ordered the joint unit ahead to finish operation and take Ettiau. The order was immediately questioned by saKhan Myers, who argued the forces should take the time to fortify the cache and rearm with supplies brought in from Portage. The disagreement was not resolved quickly, and led to a Trial of Refusal in a Circle of Equals. Before the Trial could begin, the Vipers launched their counterattack. Led by the aerospace binary of the 2nd Fang, the initial Mandrill and Scorpion defenses were sufficiently neutralized to allow the rest of the 2nd Fang to assault the two forces. saKhan Myers was wounded in the attack, while Khan Carrol was killed in the cockpit of her Crimson Langur by the aerospace binary. Without the cohesion of their Khan, the Mattila-Carrols fought a series of small-unit actions, but were defeated to the last. The Scorpion forces did better, rallying around their wounded commanding officer, and calling in orbital support from the Atropos, allowing the Scorpions to repulse the 38th Phalanx and 2nd Fang's coordinated assault, find an opening, and retreat to their DropShips to fortify Portage.[8]

After the Steel Viper Annihilation, Clans Coyote and Goliath Scorpion would be left in possession of Glory.[9]

In December, 3078, a Trial of Possession between Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Cloud Cobra for a Scientist enclave on Hector upended the balance of power within the surviving Clan Homeworlds. The battle was hard-fought, and ended with a Cobra victory after the accidental destruction of a nearby bridge, killing half of the Cobra combatants, allowed the Cobras to declare the Scorpions dezgra and break zellbrigen. The Cobras found the scientists at the facility were attempting to harvest genes from former Inner Sphere MechWarriors (from the Eridani Light Horse) to modify the genomes of Scorpion Warriors. The Grand Council of the Clans voted the Scorpions should be Abjured a few months later in 3079. None of the remaining Clans could easily prosecute this war, with the exception of Clan Star Adder. The Adders would seize Clan Goliath Scorpion's holding on Glory as part of their strategy to destroy unwanted former Goliath Scorpion infrastructure and facilities, thereby starving any Scorpion enclaves still in Possession of the Scorpions and forcing the Scorpions to contest the Adders on their terms while the Clan evacuated what they could to Roche.[17]

As of 3085, Clan Stone Lion's control of the planet grew to include most of Glory, while the Coyotes held onto a portion for themselves.[18]

Military Deployment[edit]





The planet is known for its low mountains, sparse and runty vegetation, and its breathable air.[22]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • The Blood Swamp - This is the planet's most notorious landmark, which is part of Glory's jungle region. It is which as noted for its powerful odors and dangerous landscape. Local legends on the planet tells the story of a demigod or demon known as Cadix which unleashed his odors into the swamp and dove into it, becoming the aroma itself.[23] The swamp had a number of hidden quicksand pits and other pitfalls lurking in its misty interior.
  • Ettiau - a large city west of SLB-32[8]
  • Glory Station - This was originally a Clan Jade Falcon military outpost located on the planet. It is located 100 km from the jungles, which are known as the Blood Swamp. Outside the enclave is Glory Plains, a large expanse of flatlands.
  • Portage - the final enclave held by Kindraa Mattila-Carrol in September, 3073[8]
  • SLB-32 - a large Brian Cache. Clan Goliath Scorpion and Kindraa Mattila-Carrol fought a large battle against elements of Clan Steel Viper in the vicinity of the cache, intending to resupply with materiel. They later discovered the Vipers had already plundered the Brian Cache.[8]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (7 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Tathis 27.3 Tiber 42.3 Roche 46.6 Sheridan 49.2
New Kent 55.5 Marshall 58.6 Hellgate 59.5 Hoard 74.4
Tranquil 81.8 Hector 83.9 Huntress 92.4 Strana Mechty 95.3
Strato Domingo 99.3 Priori 99.5 Tamaron 103.5 Atreus 105.0
Ironhold 105.0 Tokasha 107.5 Foster 116.3 Vinton 119.4


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