Kindraa Mattila-Carrol (Clan Fire Mandrill)

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Kindraa Mattila-Carrol
Unit Profile (as of 3073)
Nickname Up and Coming
Parent Formation Clan Fire Mandrill Touman
Disbanded 3073


Consisting of two front line and two second line Clusters in 3059, Kindraa Mattila-Carrol clusters were largely populated by Binary-sized units. These smaller formations are more tactically flexible, and allow the Kindraa to harass enemy forces. These formations provide the same number of troops as a Trinary-sized Cluster, but provides more units to the commanders. The Kindraa allows freeborn and bondsmen to serve in the second line Clusters, but only the absolute best of these troops can hope for promotion to front line Clusters.

In 3067 Kindraa Mattila-Carrol suffered several political setbacks and changed its role from mediator to isolationist force. The Kindraa also began improving their second line forces to prepare for assaults by larger Kindraa. The 71st Firestorm, 202nd Firebrand, and 301st Firebrand Clusters were assigned a Binary of assault class combat vehicles. The three Binaries of 'Mechs and Elementals were used to form the core of the First Fire Assault Cluster. [1]

By 3069 the Kindraa had added almost two clusters worth of ProtoMechs to their forces and in a deal with Clan Coyote added several new warriors straight from the Coyote Sibkos. [2]

In 3072 Clan Steel Viper forces attacked the Kindraa's industrial complex of Molten. The Sixty First Firestorm Cluster put up a solid defense, losing half it's warriors before being forced to surrender. Those that managed to retreat joined up with the First Fire Assault Cluster at Mockva. Desperate for revenge the the First attacked Reston which had recently fallen to the Seventy-ninth Blood Hussars of Clan Blood Spirit the fighting saw both sides take heavy losses. In December the 301st Firebrand Cluster forced by starvation attacked the Hellion enclaves on Marshall, but found them more heavily defended than first thought, but by Dark Caste warriors. The Mandrills ran straight into prepared positions and were quickly disabled and captured leaving their own holdings undefended.[3]

By October 3072 the Kindraa's warship Rage had been captured by Clan Coyote and pressed into service. [4] The Kindraa had also lost at least three clusters worth of warriors.

A Clan Goliath Scorpion force moved to Glory in September 3073 and found the shattered remnant of their allies Kindraa Mattilla-Carrol under heavy attack from Steel Viper forces. As the Scorpions landed near the city of Portage their fighters bombed the Viper positions allowing their ground troops to sweep in behind the Vipers and crush them against the Mandrill forces. A dispute broke out between the allied Clan forces, but as they were settling their differences in a Trial of Refusal the Vipers counter-attacked. Both Clans were caught off guard and Khan Carrol was killed. With her death the Mandrills fell into disarray breaking down into small pockets that were easily overwhelmed and wiped out. The Scorpions called down orbital bombardment to halt the Viper attack, but were unable to dislodge them from the planet. Left in control of the remaining Fire Mandrill holdings the Scorpions absorbed the civilians and prepared for a counter assault.[5]

By late 3073 the 202nd Firebrand Cluster represented the last remnant of their Kindraa. Stationed on Niles they had not heard from their high command for over two years. Under attack by forces of Clan Coyote they readily accepted aid from the Blood Spirits Alpha Galaxy and were absorbed by them.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Kindraa Mattila-Carrol
Khan Amanda Carrol 3059[7]
Kindraa Leader Amanda Carrol 3067 - 3073


Kindraa Mattila-Carrol favors head-hunting missions and assaults where small fast units flank an enemy's main force.

Composition History[edit]

Ground Forces[edit]



  • Kindraa Mattila-Carrol Command Binary
  • 61st Firestorm Cluster
  • 71st Firestorm Cluster
  • 1st Fire Assault Cluster
  • 202nd Firebrand Cluster
  • 301st Firebrand Cluster

Naval Assets[edit]

The Kindraa had command of the CFM Rage, a Lola III-class WarShip.



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