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Tranquil nearby systems (3151)
Tranquil nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 124.79 : 1757.882[e]
Spectral class F0V[1]
Recharge time 171 hours[1]
Planets 1[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Tranquil I[edit]

Tranquil I
System position First[1]
Jump point
21.94 days[1]
Moons 1[1]
Surface gravity 0.8[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 45°C[1]
Surface water 60%[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Tranquil was colonized after Operation KLONDIKE.[2]

Clan Wolf's Tranquil colony was claimed a result of Trials of Possession for Elemental Battle Armor. Apparently late to attempt to claim battle armor technology, Clan Smoke Jaguar could have attempted to take the technology from other Clans, but desired to take the technology from its inventor. After several such attempts had failed, Clan Wolf decided to offer a Trial of Possession that seemed to significantly favor a Smoke Jaguar victory in exchange for colonies and resources on Tranquil.[11] The Smoke Jaguars lost this Trial.[12]

The debut of the Timber Wolf in 2945[13] indirectly helped Clan Wolf consolidate its colony on Tranquil. Attempting to blood their new OmniMech with speed and striking power, Clan Ice Hellion designed and produced the Wolf Hunter on Tranquil to take the fight to the Wolves. However, the added harassment from the Hellions only aggravated the Wolves, prompting them to take the fight to the Ice Hellions and take their new OmniMech and its production lines.[3]

During the first half of the thirty-first century, the planet hosted enclaves belonging to Clans Wolf and Smoke Jaguar.[11] One battle in the 3020s proved to be the first encounter in the lifelong rivalry between Ulric Kerensky and Leo Showers; while Kerensky emerged victorious, then-Star Captain Leo fought ferociously enough that nearly every Clan Wolf OmniMech was lost.[14]

In 3060 the final battle of Clan Smoke Jaguar's annihilation occurred on Tranquil, where Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett mounted his failed attempt to rally and restore Clan Smoke Jaguar.[citation needed] Subsequently the planet was held exclusively by Clan Wolf until the Wars of Reaving.[15][6]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

By 3068, Clan Hell's Horses had been expelled from the Inner Sphere, but had formulated a plan to migrate most of their Clan and their holdings to the Occupation Zones. Coincidentally, Clan Ice Hellion was also in the process of preparing for its own conquest and migration. In late 3068, saKhan Connor Rood of Clan Ice Hellion became aware of the Hell's Horses' preparations, and approached Horses' Khan James Cobb to form an alliance. Seeing an opportunity, Cobb suggested the alliance could begin with a series of Harvest-style Trials between the two Clans on Hoard.[8]

Under the guise of troop movements for these Trials, Clan Hell's Horses under saKhan Tanya DeLaurel mobilized Alpha Galaxy and with little warning issued Trials of Possession for Wolf Possessions on Tranquil. Initially, the Horses were able to take nearly one-third of Clan Wolf's enclaves on Tranquil; however, the scope of the Trials and Clan Wolf's skill with bidding left the Horses overstretched. Save Heavy Facility Wolf-3, all of Clan Hell's Horses conquests had been retaken by January 3069. On 16 January 3069, the two surviving Clusters of Alpha Galaxy stripped Heavy Facility Wolf-3 and abandoned Tranquil in order to re-form with two newly harvested former Ice Hellion Clusters, the Forty-fifth Striker Irregulars and the Seventh Hector Cavaliers. Alpha Galaxy was subsequent assigned to repel the assaults of Clan Fire Mandrill on Kirin and Niles.[8]

As Clan Wolf was forced from the Clan Homeworlds, Tranquil had become its final holding there by the end of May 3071. The nuclear attack on Tamar at the end of 3070, along with the resulting destruction of key industrial sites and most of Clan Wolf's genetic material in the Inner Sphere, forced Clan Wolf to use Tranquil as a staging area to retrieve their genetic stocks on Strana Mechty. On 10 April 3071, Clan Wolf's First Wolf Lancers under Star Colonel Ygrane Fetladral and Clan Wolf's Scientists gathered all of their exclusive genetic material, loaded it aboard the Feral Penance, lifted off Strana Mechty and docked with the Stealthy Kill, and departed for Tranquil, leaving three Clusters of solahma behind.[16][17]

In the aftermath of Clan Wolf absconding with its genetic material, 14 April saw a massacre on the streets of Katyusha City, followed by a successful Clan Grand Council vote to Abjure Clan Wolf from the Homeworlds. Though Clan Wolf was already quietly transferring its Homeworld enclaves to Clan Coyote, Clans Blood Spirit, Cloud Cobra, Ice Hellion, Star Adder, and Steel Viper interfered on several worlds, while Clan Goliath Scorpion also seized holdings, but granted hegira. Wolf Warriors and lower caste members from Wolf enclaves on Dagda, Eden, Glory, and Grants Station began arriving at Tranquil to depart the Homeworlds if possible, but most of the population and facilities were stranded, or worse. The interference in Clan Wolf's departure cost the Wolves and Coyotes significantly.[17]

By the end of May 3069, Tranquil itself was facing Trials of Possession. The defense under command of Galaxy Commander Warren Stiles, lower caste Trueborns were allowed to rejoin the Warrior caste in order to delay the Abjuration. Armed with Star League-era Combat Vehicles and BattleMechs from the planet's caches, Stiles focused his defenses on Aquila and Fort Newclay. With the addition of nearly four Clusters of Combat Vehicles and BattleMechs, the Wolves were still entrenched on Tranquil by June 3069.[17]

Clan Wolf was able to maintain a small enclave on Tranquil until December 3071. On 3 December, former Clan Coyote Warriors Harvested by Clan Wolf under the command of Star Colonel Ramil Kerensky, Omicron Galaxy's 246th Wolf Strike and 509th Solahma Battle Cluster, aided by a Star of Clan Watch operatives, stole the genetic legacies of Nicholas and Andery Kerensky, along with Jennifer Winson. The Warriors of Omicron Galaxy issued public challenges as cover for the operation. The remains of the facilities were intentionally destroyed under cover of the ensuing chaos. In retaliation, Clan Coyote's former Wolf Possessions were ransacked, and Tranquil and its backup Genetic Repositories were Annihilated from orbit by the CSV Snake Leader, 17-19 December 3071. Tranquil was left uninhabitable.[18][19][20]


Tranquil I has two large landmasses.[21]

Planetary locations[edit]

  • Durghan City:
  • Aquila
  • Fort Newclay

Industrial Centers[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (7 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
New Kent 26.9 Hector 29.1 Tokasha 33.9 Sheridan 36.4
Bearclaw 42.2 Niles 51.4 Atreus 58.0 Tathis 66.7
Marshall 73.4 Huntress 75.6 Ironhold 79.7 Glory 81.8
Foster 84.3 Strana Mechty 93.0 Lum 119.0 Hellgate 120.1
Tiber 124.0 Roche 125.7 Shadow 127.1 Priori 131.0


  • There is a problem with the timing of the Smoke Jaguar Trial for Elemental battle armor. Field Manual: Crusader Clans, p. 136: "Clan Wolf: The Golden Century" states "... This battle, won by Wolf forces, marked Clan Wolf's first use of OmniMech technology, as well as the debut of the highly successful Timber Wolf design." This statement seems at least partially erroneous, considering two sources:
1. If the writers wrote this correctly, Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade, p. 136: the Timber Wolf debuted 2945 to help replace the aging Woodsman OmniMech, and "was a nasty surprise for the Sea Foxes".
2. If the writers meant Clan Wolf's first use of any OmniMech, Era Digest: Golden Century, p. 21: "Random Assignment Table (2858)" indicates the Woodsman (Clan Wolf's first heavy OmniMech) is available after 2865. This is three years before the introduction of Elemental battle armor</ref>


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