Ramil Kerensky

Ramil Kerensky
Character Profile
Died 3071
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Profession Star Colonel

Ramil Kerensky was the Watchman and Star Colonel of Clan Wolf's Omicron Galaxy during the Wars of Reaving. He would ensure that the Wolves would carry Kerensky's heritage to the Inner Sphere.


During the Wars of Reaving, numerous Blood Chapels that were considered "tainted" by their contact with the Inner Sphere were approved for destruction by ilKhan Brett Andrews. After hearing about this news, every Invader Clan rose to defend their Chapels against destruction by other Clans. Wolf Khan Vladimir Ward was no exception. He devised a plan to safeguard Kerensky's genetic material, while at the same time, deny it to the other Clans, both Home and fellow Invaders. To also demonstrate the message that the Wolves were the sole protectors of Kerensky's heritage, Vlad struck the Kerensky Chapel using Star Colonel Ramil Kerensky of Omicron Galaxy to prove that point. The attack on the Blood Chapel was carried out immediately by Ramil under Vlad's orders.

Taking the Chapel[edit]

On 3 December 3071, Star Colonel Ramil Kerensky deployed two Clusters of Omicron Galaxy near the Blood Chapel. He and his forces easily overwhelmed the ground forces responsible for protecting the Kerensky Blood Chapel. He took over the communications and announce that he and his Clan had taken over the Kerensky Blood Chapel. Ramil offered the Clans a batchall they could not refuse: rights to the Kerensky Bloodname. Ramil goaded the Clans by urging them to "[s]natch the Legacy of Kerensky from the Wolf's jaws to prove themselves worthy of it."[1] With a challenge like that broadcast across space to the other Clans, they jumped at the opportunity, and to make the challenge more enticing, the Bloody ilKhan announced that any Clan who reclaimed the Kerensky Blood Chapel from the Wolves would become the new "Protector of Kerensky's Heritage". Taking their chances, every Clan descended on the Chapel to fight the Wolves, as well as other Clans who wanted to claim the honor of that title. Unknown to them, this is exactly what the Wolves wanted. While the other Clans were distracted, the Wolves sent their scientist caste to claim the genetic sample and destroy every copy so that no other Clan could produce warriors from the Kerensky linage.

Death and Legacy[edit]

Kerensky's legacy does not deserve to be spoiled by his ungrateful children.
  — Ramil's final words to the remaining Clans at the Kerensky Blood Chapel

Although Ramil and his Omicron Galaxy fought their best, both he and his Galaxy were overwhelmed and destroyed by the other Clans. Ramil himself was killed at the controls of his Dire Wolf, but not before uttering his final insult against the Clans and detonating the Kerensky Blood Chapel.[2]

Ramil's sacrifice was not in vain, as his role helped bring the Kerensky legacy to the Inner Sphere. After Omicron Galaxy's defeat, the Kerensky Blood Chapel was detonated from the inside with their Scientist Caste having committed suicide inside the building. When the remaining Invader Clans fled to the Inner Sphere after the war, the matter of Kerensky's legacy and the Wolves' fate were brought up again during the formation of the Council of Six. Vlad revealed that he had the original material all along and never intended to destroy it. The other council members were relieved that Kerensky's material was safe and sound (and under the control of Clan Wolf again).


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