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Council of Six Clans

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The Council of Six Clans - later shortened to Council of Six - is the ruling body of the Spheroid Clans, in place of the Grand Council of Strana Mechty in the Clan Homeworlds.[1][2]

Historical Overview[edit]

In the wake of the bloody Wars of Reaving that rocked the Clan Homeworlds, the Invading Clans and the other Clans who fled Clanspace were Abjured by ilKhan Brett Andrews and the Grand Council in 3075. Mutually feeling that the Home Clans had lost their way to political corruption, petty jealousy and zealotry, the Spheroid Clans formed their own governing body after negotiations between Khans Marthe Pryde and James Cobb were expanded to include the other recognized Clans in the Inner Sphere. Centered on the infamous world of Tukayyid - which is viewed as neutral ground - it functions much like the Grand Council on which it is modeled.[1][2][3][4]

Among the first decisions made by the Council of Six was a vote to cease all attempts at communicating with the Clan Homeworlds, which passed the body by a convincing majority. They would also eventually lend military assistance to Devlin Stone's coalition, supporting Operation SCOUR against the fanatical Word of Blake as the Coalition fought to liberate the worlds of the Word of Blake Protectorate and Terra during the final stages of the Jihad. The Council also recognized the Republic of the Sphere - though many outside the Clans wondered how long this overall feeling of goodwill would remain. It should be noted that Clans who had been officially Abjured from Clan Society prior to the Wars of Reaving - namely, Clan Nova Cat and Clan Wolf in Exile - have no standing in the Council. Communications between Council of Six member Clans and these two "rogue" entities are not forbidden, in spite of circumstances.[1][2][5]

Despite the initial intentions for the body, by 3145 the Council of Six was shown to be increasingly toothless. Most Clanners interviewed in the Dark Age indicated that the Council was a largely ceremonial body with no real power, seeing it more as a means to share information, socialize, make backroom deals, and pass on information about grievances. The body was further weakened when the Wolf Clan proposed an amendment that would allow proxies to attend Council meetings in place of the Khans of the Clans; this was accepted. In 3142 the Council voted to admonish Malvina Hazen and Clan Jade Falcon for their un-Clanlike ways. Though the vote passed unanimously, it had no actual effect on the Falcons.[6]

Member Clans[edit]

Clans officially recognized by the Council of Six include[2]:

Official Postings[edit]

The body has never elected an ilKhan from their number, nor has a vote for such ever been called, according to available sources.

The first Loremaster of the Council of Six was Laurie Tseng, whose post is virtually identical to that of the Loremaster of the Clans in the Grand Council.[2][7]

Shared Bloodnames[edit]

In 3084, several Bloodname Trials of Possession were conducted that resulted with formerly exclusive Bloodnames being shared to help infuse some fresh stock into each Clan's eugenics program[8] (see Wars of Reaving Updates).


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