Loremaster of the Clans

The Loremaster of the Clans is the most senior of all Clan Loremasters and the most knowledgeable in Clan law, history and society. They are responsible for managing the proceedings during a meeting of the Grand Council, deciding upon the order of business, calling for votes and rendering judgments on points of law. Having never held the post of Khan the Loremaster cannot cast votes in the Grand Council and is expected to be impartial in all judgments, especially with regards to their own Clan. Partisanship may result in a motion of censure and the Loremaster's removal.[1]

The Clans were split into two major bodies after the Wars of Reaving: the Council of Six, and those remaining in the Clan Homeworlds. As of 3076, relations between the various Clans of the Council of Six had somewhat cooled, hampering the election of a new Loremaster to replace Kael Pershaw.[2] By 3087, however, the position had been filled once more by Laurie Tseng, once Loremaster of Clan Ghost Bear.

By 3090, former Clan Cloud Cobra Galaxy Commander Julia Danforth had been raised to the position within the Homeworlds, presenting the document Analysis: The Reavings to the Grand Council on 30 December 3090.[3]

List of Loremasters of the Clans[edit]

Name Reign
Kael Pershaw At least 3058 - 3072[4]

List of Loremasters of the Clans - Council of Six[edit]

Name Reign
Laurie Tseng At least 3087 - 3XXX[5]

List of Loremasters of the Clans - Homeworld Clans[edit]

Name Reign
Julia Danforth At least 3090 - 3???[6]

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