Alpha Galaxy (Clan Hell's Horses)

Alpha Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Stampede of Steel
Parent Formation Clan Hell's Horses Touman


Alpha Galaxy is the premier unit in the Hell's Horses touman. Elements of this Galaxy have been involved in every major campaign undertaken by the Horses, ranging from the Pentagon Wars to the capturing of battle armor technology. The lead Cluster (11th Mechanized Cavalry) joined forces with Clan Coyote forces to destroy Kindraa Smythe-Jewel. It was Alpha Galaxy who inadvertently started the Horses/Clan Ghost Bear feud when a Horses warrior assigned to Alpha accidentally killed Khan Kilborne Jorgensson on Tokasha. Every warrior of Alpha Galaxy is skilled in combined arms tactics, and they are the best equipped warriors in the touman.

In 3068 Alpha Galaxy launched a major assault on the Clan Wolf holdings on Tranquil. The Eleventh and Twenty-second Mechanized Clusters bid for the right to engage the First Wolf Regulars and the Green Keshik. The Wolves held the Twelfth and Thirteenth Wolf Regulars and the Second and Fifth Wolf Cavalry in reserve. The initial thrust by Alpha captured a third of the Wolf enclave, but by January 3069 the Wolves had recaptured the lost territory and reduced Alpha to two Clusters.[1]

The 21st and 22nd Clusters joined Khan Malavi in the Inner Sphere. The 12th Cluster was assigned to work for Clan Wolf, and was mauled in fighting on Hoard. Trials between members of the 11th Cluster reduced that unit's strength as well.[2]

After the Horses moved permanently to the Inner Sphere, they spent much time on Csesztreg supporting Khan Gottfried Amirault.[3] In 3145 Alpha Galaxy Command was stationed on Csesztreg.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Alpha Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Tanya DeLaurel 3040s[5]
Galaxy Commander Nobel DeLaurel 3059[6]
Galaxy Commander Sasha Mitchell 3067[7]
Galaxy Commander Trina Mitchell 3145[4]


Alpha Galaxy is skilled in combined arms tactics, and frequently deploys equal amounts of infantry and 'Mechs, with some armor support. They fight well in any terrain.[6]

Composition History[edit]


Alpha Galaxy[6][7][8]


Former Units[edit]



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