Gamma Galaxy (Clan Steel Viper)

Gamma Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname Striking Serpent Galaxy
Parent Formation Clan Steel Viper Touman
Disbanded 3074


Gamma Galaxy was a frontline military formation of Clan Steel Viper. After the death of ilKhan Leo Showers during Operation Revival the invading Clans returned to the Homeworlds to elect a replacement. During this lull in the fighting the four Clusters of Gamma Galaxy launched a Trial of Possession for the genetic legacy of Jade Falcon Khan Elias Crichell. Crichell defended it successfully with three Clusters from the Falcon's Omega Galaxy.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

Gamma Galaxy was one of four Galaxies allocated by Clan Steel Viper to the invasion of the Inner Sphere, the others being Alpha, Beta and Zeta. Gamma Galaxy fought on Twycross and captured it in November 3051.[2]


Gamma took massive losses on Tukayyid, firstly against the Sixth Division at Devil's Bath. Taking heavy losses it had to be rescued by Zeta Galaxy. Subsequently it moved against the fresh 321st and 401st Divisions. This time it was shattered holding the ComGuards at bay, it received over 60% casualties. [3] [4]

Post Invasion[edit]

The need to rebuild left Gamma out of most of the post-invasion Trials against the Jade Falcons, although the newly arrived Fifty-first did fight on Parakoila and Trell I in 3053.[5]

Ejection from the Inner Sphere[edit]

Gamma took heavy losses against the Falcons during the Vipers' withdrawal from the Inner Sphere. These losses resulted in the Fifty-first and Ninety-fourth Battle Clusters being merged.[6] After returning to the Clan Home Worlds the Galaxy settled into a garrison posting on Arcadia. [7]

War of Reaving[edit]

On Londerholm in 3072 the Galaxy ran up against forces of Clan Coyote and the Society. After a prolonged battle, the Steel Vipers emerged victorious, but at woeful cost. The populace of the planet was found to have been subject to experiments by the scientists, and sometimes showed physical signs of genetic tampering and mutation. [8][9]

In September 3074 a large Viper force of four Galaxies arrived at Tokasha. Finding Clan Blood Spirit forces in a position to take the entire planet the Vipers called their own Trial of Possession for it. The Blood Spirits had three Galaxies on planet and the Vipers landed all four of their to oppose them. The Vipers moved against each Galaxy in turn first crushing Zeta in Koche Mountains. Beta Galaxy found itself outflanked by the Spirits' Omicron Galaxy, but the timely arrival of Nu Galaxy crushed the defenders. Only the arrival of aerospace fighters bombing the Viper lines allowed a few of the warriors to escape. The assault by Gamma Galaxy overran the defensive line of Omega Galaxy allowing Alpha Galaxy to push on to the Blood Spirits headquarters killing their Khan. [10]

After the battle Gamma was disbanded and its surviving two clusters, the 423rd Assault and 428th Assault Clusters were transferred to Delta Galaxy.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Gamma Galaxy
Galaxy Commander James Andrews 3061 - 3067[4]


The individual Clusters combine and work well as a massed unit.

Composition History[edit]


Gamma Galaxy

The Fifty-seventh was Gamma's only Striker Cluster at this time.[14]


Gamma Galaxy[15][16][4]

  • Galaxy Command Star
  • 51st Battle Cluster
  • 57th Striker Cluster
  • 94th Battle Cluster
  • 423rd Assault Cluster
  • 428th Assault Cluster


Gamma Galaxy [7]

  • Galaxy Command Star
  • 57th Striker Cluster
  • 94th Battle Cluster
  • 423rd Assault Cluster
  • 428th Assault Cluster
  • Gamma Cluster


  • Invading Clans lists a Star Colonel Jim (sic) Andrews as Commander of Gamma in 3055. It is not clear if this is supposed to be the same officer listed in Field Manual: Warden Clans.


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