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Paxon nearby systems (3151)
Paxon nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -70.799 : 1879.644[e]
Star names K9V (200 hours)
Planets 9

The Paxon system was the location of a habitable world, Paxon IV, and a gas giant Krakau, and as of 3075 is located in the Deep Periphery region known as the Clan Homeworlds.[1]

Paxton IV[edit]

Paxton IV
System position 4 (of 9)
Jump point
3.31 days
Moons 1
Surface gravity 1.3
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial temperature 35C°
Surface water 60%

Political Affiliation[edit]

Era Specific Data[edit]

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Wars of Reaving[edit]

March 3070 Clan Steel Viper began targeting Clan Snow Raven Possession across the Clan Homeworlds, ostensibly to remove the "taint of the Inner Sphere". Eager to find a distraction in order to evacuate the Clan Homeworlds in safety, Loremaster Klaus Harper, working in concert with Clan Snow Raven's Watch and Outworlds Alliance Intelligence, discovered in May 3070 that Clan Diamond Shark had begun secretly trading prohibited Clan technology (Undine Battle Armor) with the Federated Suns. Khan Lynn McKenna promptly presented the Watch's findings to the Clan Grand Council, a finding corroborated by Clan Jade Falcon. However, all votes on an appropriate response beyond simply censuring the Diamond Sharks failed. Clan Snow Raven's machinations had worked, as Clans Steel Viper, Star Adder, and Cloud Cobra shifted their attention to the Sharks.[14]

Clan Star Adder immediately launched Trials of Possession for Diamond Shark holdings on Barcella. Clan Steel Viper took Diamond Shark holdings on Strato Domingo, Paxon, and Babylon, but were repelled after initial successes. Clan Steel Viper's difficulty in securing Clan Diamond Shark Possessions prompted the Vipers to unveil the newest addition to their fleet, the Leviathan Prime-class Battleship CSV Perigard Zalman on 20 September 3070. While the Zalman initially engaged fleeing Clan Snow Raven assets,[9] the obvious escalation in Steel Viper aggression helped convince the Diamond Sharks to accelerate their evacuation, moving their population to temporary holdings outside the city of Thermopolis.[11]

In late 3070, Clan Wolf traded its holdings on Paxon to Clan Coyote. Clan Coyote received the CWS Provider, CWS Relentless Pursuit, five Stars of aerospace fighters, and the rest of Clan Wolf's Homeworld Possessions in exchange for Omicron Galaxy, ten sibkos of Coyote Warriors from minor Bloodhouses (mostly shared with Clan Wolf legacies), and five Stars of JumpShips.[10] For the next year, Clan Wolf holdings on Paxon were transferred to Clan Coyote, while all Clans on planet were beset by Bandit Caste rebels under the command of Commodus Van Houten. However, Clan Coyote's new colonies faced renewed, determined assaults shortly after Clan Wolf used the former Coyote Warriors in Omicron Galaxy to raid and steal the genetic legacies of Nicholas Kerensky, Andery Kerensky, and Jennifer Winson, on 3 December 3071.[11]

In response to Clan Wolf's audacious theft, Clans Star Adder, Goliath Scorpion, Blood Spirit, and Fire Mandrill launched punitive Trials of Possession against Clan Coyote's former Wolf colonies of Hoard, Glory, and Paxon. Assaulting Paxon, Clan Blood Spirit landed the Scarlet Guards on 20 December, and immediately defeated half of the 49th Battle Cluster in the Susquehanna River Valley. In an attempt to continue to flank the outmaneuvered Coyote forces, the Scarlet Guards trampled through the civilian evacuation encampment outside Thermopolis, killing over 600. This prompted Clan Diamond Shark to engage the Scarlet Guards with the 83rd Combined Strike Cluster, leaving the evacuees undefended. Star Colonel Daniel Levien quickly realized his opportunity and seized the undefended Shark property.[11]

With the Trial quickly becoming more complicated, the previously uninvolved Diamond Sharks withdrew to Thermopolis and armed all former Warriors among the city's lower castes, and redeployed the stationed DropShips from evacuation to engaging the Blood Spirits. As the fighting between the Sharks and Spirits in the city intensified, the Coyotes continued their repair and rearmament efforts, until a Binary from the Sharks' 83rd slipped through the Coyote cordon and decimated the 49th Command Star. In retaliation, the remnants of the 49th also entered Thermopolis. Facing forces from two Clans, Star Colonel Megan Clarke pulled the 83rd Combined Strike into the best defensive positions possible.[11]

After two days, the Blood Spirit forces on Paxon were reduced to a Binary of ProtoMechs, giving the exhausted Diamond Sharks the opportunity to attempt an evacuation. The Sharks' lower caste members reembarked as quickly as possible, then lifted off. Seeing two Stars of DropShips beginning to depart, the Scarlet Guards Star Colonel Stok Campbell ordered Blood Spirit AeroSpace Forces to intercept, believing the DropShips were laden with isorla. Two vessels, the CDS Orson and Uther were destroyed, killing 1,100 more civilians.[11]

As the last of the Diamond Shark DropShips lifted off, Levien's 49th Battle finished off the last of Clan Diamond Sharks' 83rd Combined Strike Cluster, then turned their guns on the retreating Scarlet Guard. The Scarlet Guard was reduced to a single Star of ProtoMechs. Levien then quietly ordered Clan Coyote's own evacuation, departing with a Star and a half of OmniMechs and Elementals, leaving Paxon defenseless. Clan Coyote would abandon several more of its colonies in the coming years.[11][15]

Industrial Center[edit]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Susquehanna River: River[11]
  • Thermopolis: city[11]


Moons 2 or more

Political Affiliation[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (3 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Londerholm 29.4 Grant's Station 44.5 Barcella 50.0 Kirin 63.4
Tamaron 72.4 York 72.6 Zara 81.0 Strato Domingo 81.6
Vinton 85.0 Colleen 86.5 Albion 89.9 Delios 92.2
Priori 103.5 Hoard 110.2 Gatekeeper 111.3 Hellgate 116.9
Brim 120.3 Roche 139.0 Lum 143.8 Shadow 146.8


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