Leviathan Prime


The Leviathan-Prime-class WarShip was a battleship class created by Clan Steel Viper. It was apparently derived from the Leviathan-class battleship created by Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Snow Raven.[1] The only member of the class, the CSV Perigard Zalman, was first seen in combat in 3070. After fighting WarShips of every Homeworld Clan the Perigard Zalman was destroyed in 3074 while fighting with the Clan Coyote WarShip Ancestral Home.[2][3]

The Leviathan-Prime was heavily armed. Prior to its destruction the Leviathan-Prime inflicted massive losses on the naval assets of the Homeworld Clans. During its first combat the Zalman was able to destroy the majority of the Diamond Shark's Black Diamond Naval Star. The CDS Bloodletter and Predator were destroyed in a single pass, and two more WarShips were destroyed before the Swift Strike jumped away.[4] Shortly thereafter, the Zalman attacked Lum, a Clan Snow Raven holding defended by a force that consisted of the Circe Battle Star and survivors of the Brim Naval Assault Star. Seven hours after battle was joined, the four surviving Snow Raven WarShips jumped out of the Lum system.[5]

On or near 26 September 3070, the Snow Raven WarShips Venture Star, Black Beard, Black Justice, and Lord Death returned to Lum. They and their escorts simply attacked the Zalman. The Zalman destroyed the Venture Star and Black Beard.[6]

The CSV Perigard Zalman arrived in the Tamaron system in December 3074. The ship engaged the CCS Ancestral Home in combat. The Leviathan-Prime inflicted massive damage on the Coyote vessel, but the Ancestral Home's K-F drive briefly opened a hyperspace bubble that engulfed both vessels. The Ancestral Home was instantly destroyed, and the Perigard Zalman was torn in half.[7]


No game statistics have been provided for the Leviathan-Prime and so this article differs greatly from the typical WarShip article. If and when game stats are provided, this article will be updated.


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