Grant's Station

Grant's Station
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-66.81 : 1835.346[e]
Spectral classG6III

System Description[edit]

Grant's Station is a system located in the Kerensky Cluster in Clan space.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Grant's Station III[edit]

Grant's Station III
System position 3rd
Surface gravity 1.5 G
Atmospheric pressure Standard
Equatorial temperature 35°C
Surface water 70%
Highest native life Birds
Population 7,100,000 (3062)

Planetary History[edit]

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Wars of Reaving[edit]

As Khan Vlad Ward attempted to depart the Clan Homeworlds, he and the Khans of Clan Coyote negotiated a series of material and unit transfers. In return, the Wolves agreed to ease transfer of Clan Wolf Homeworlds to the Coyotes. The timeline for this transfer began to tighten in early 3071, after the nuclear attack on the Wolf Occupation Zone capital of Tamar.[9] On 10 April, Clan Wolf deployed the First Wolf Lancers to help escort their genetic repositories off Strana Mechty and deliver them to Tranquil, where a flotilla was forming to depart to the Inner Sphere. On 15 April, news of the operation prompted the Clan Grand Council to Abjure the Wolves. Ostensibly to enforce the Abjurement, Clan Coyote Trialed for and won the right to Abjure their allies, defeating units from Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Steel Viper on the Plains of Kerensky on Strana Mechty.[4]

For the next few weeks, the Wolf exodus continued unmolested while Clan Coyote, under the command of saKhan Raven Clearwater[10], took Possession immobile facilities. However, by the end of the first month, Clans Blood Spirit, Steel Viper, and Cloud Cobra grew impatient with the Abjurement, and voided the outcome of the Trials.[4]

Clan Steel Viper's Alpha Galaxy moved against Clan Wolf Possessions on Grant's Station, defended by Clan Wolf Warriors under the command of Star Colonel Derin. The Trials began with a large aerospace dogfight above the planet. Of the defending Wolf Trinary, only three aerospace fighters returned, but not before destroying one Viper Dropship and sending a second out of control. Once the Viper forces had landed outside New Thebes, the Wolves relied on waves of battle armor infantry and combat vehicles to slow the Viper advance. The determined defense continued for three days, but disappeared on the third night in response to Clan Goliath Scorpion landing Mu Galaxy and encircling the city. The Scorpion landing diverted the attacks of the Steel Vipers, but the depleted Vipers were quickly forced to withdraw. With the Vipers routed, Star Colonel Allison Baba then offered the Wolf defenders single-combat duels for Possession of New Thebes. After killing Star Colonel Derin in single combat, Baba took Possession of New Thebes, and allowed all thirteen remaining Wolf Warriors to either become Goliath Scorpion bondsmen, or accept hegira and regroup with the Clan Wolf flotilla massing at Tranquil. All thirteen Warriors accepted hegira.[4]

When The Society mobilized at the beginning of 3072, Grant's Station was one of at least six systems in which the uprising successfully disrupted or disabled the Hyperpulse Generator Network in late January (the others being New Kent, Vinton, Arcadia, Hoard, and Tokasha).[11] Under cover of the communications disruption, all six Steel Viper enclaves on Grant's Station had been assaulted in 14 months, beginning in January 3072. Two of the enclaves had been lost, with the civilian population forced into slave labor, executed, or starved near to death. The remaining four enclaves had barely maintained their defense. The 33rd Phalanx, defending Firebase Zebra, had been reduced to a single binary, and had lost the aerospace factory and much of the city.[6]

The Scorpion enclaves did not appear to be assaulted in the same manner as the Steel Viper enclave. Wide-spread destruction was not apparent in the Scorpion enclave, however, there were no signs of Warriors, and all war materiel was missing. Much of the civilian castes from the Scorpion enclaves could not be found.[6]

In March, 3073, Clan Steel Viper assembled a relief task force composed of the Perigard Zalman, the Anaconda, the Martial Legacy, the Sanra Mercer, and all of Alpha, Beta, and Delta Galaxies. The task force had two missions, re-establish communications with enclaves isolated by HPG failure, and serve as a mobile command for Clan Steel Viper, since New Kent still suffered from HPG blackout. When the task force jumped into the Grant's Station system, they found the system was largely silent. However, their opening transmission was eventually returned by the Firebase Zebra garrison. Upon atmospheric descent, the task force was met by "swarms" of aerospace fighters and light craft, but lost only a single DropShip. After successfully landing, the task force relieved Firebase Zebra, then Annihilated any Dark Caste units they could find on the surface.[6]

By April, the Vipers had successfully scourged Grant's Station of bandits. Clan Steel Viper then euthanized 300,000 Clan civilians too weak to recover, transferred the survivors to Firebase Zebra to restart OmniFighter construction, and began preparation to move on to Marshall. However, a viral outbreak started one week after the enclave was repopulated, and before the Steel Vipers lifted off world. In response, saKhan Boyle Grimani ordered all of the Steel Viper ground forces off-world, with all infected Warriors Reaved (ultimately, a single trinary from the 93rd Assault was lost). Additionally, all Steel Viper Scientist and Merchant Caste in the system were ordered to find a cure for the virus, or abandon the system.[6]

After the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper, Clan Star Adder ended up Possessing Grant's Station by 3075.[7]

Military Deployment[edit]



Planetary Locations[edit]

  • New Thebes - an urban enclave of Clan Wolf[4]
  • Firebase 4 - an enclave of Clan Steel Viper[6]
  • Firebase Zebra - the largest enclave Possessed by Clan Steel Viper, located in the mountains[6]
  • Northern Badlands - sparsely inhabited region, used by the Dark Caste to deploy nearly a Galaxy in 3072[6]

Manufacturing Centers[edit]

  • Unnamed Kirghiz and Sabutai manufacturing complex in Firebase Zebra[6]
  • Unnamed, "massive BattleMech factories", presumably near New Thebes, as Clan Goliath Scorpion took Possession of the factories from Clan Wolf. The factories were all stripped by the Dark Caste some time in 3072-3072.[6]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (7 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
York 28.6 Zara 38.2 Kirin 43.3 Paxon 44.5
Londerholm 44.7 Albion 46.3 Delios 58.6 Tamaron 68.3
Gatekeeper 71.3 Barcella 74.7 Priori 75.7 Brim 79.0
Colleen 79.8 Strato Domingo 89.9 Lum 106.2 Vinton 107.0
Shadow 107.2 Hellgate 107.4 Hoard 115.1 Strana Mechty 119.9


  • According to a blog posting by author Blaine Lee Pardoe, back when he created the first map of Clan space (for the 1991 Wolf Clan Sourcebook) he named the Grant’s Station system after the antique shop that his parents owned in Galesburg, Michigan (Grant’s Antique Market).


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