Map Designation of a Clan Galaxy


A Galaxy is the largest type of military formation fielded by the Clans, equivalent to a brigade in the defunct Star League Defense Force. Named for a letter of the Greek alphabet (e.g. "Alpha", "Delta", "Omega"), a Galaxy consists of several Clusters and is commanded by a Galaxy Commander. Galaxies are self-contained units which include all the necessary assets to mount independent operations, though in practice Galaxies rarely take to the field of battle as one unified force.[1]

Some Galaxies can have as few as two Clusters,[2][3] while others can have as many as six.[1] Most Galaxies will have three to five Clusters and include an independent command Trinary or Cluster.[2][3][4]

Nicholas Kerensky himself intended for Galaxies to serve as administrative and logistical organizations rather than as battlefield units, and unlike smaller formations never set down criteria for their composition.[2][3] Support elements such as engineers, artillery and MASH units are organized at the Galaxy level but can be attached to individual Clusters as needed.[1]


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