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Founding Day

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The most significant Clan holiday, Founding Day refers to the arrival of the exiled Star League Defense Force on the Pentagon Worlds on 24 August, 2786.


With tensions within the Exodus Fleet again rising towards another Prinz Eugen Mutiny, and the discovery of five worlds (albeit marginally habitable) far from possible discovery by the Inner Sphere, Aleksandr Kerensky declared that the fleet had found their new home. While actual landings did not take place until September, the 24th of August is the date their future descendants focused upon.

Celebrated every year since, Founding Day is one of the few events that the Clans celebrate in concert instead of each having their own individual celebrations. Marked with great pageantry in every settlement across Clan space, with all watching the live holovid feed of the stupendous march of all Clans past the Hall of Khans as a demonstration of their martial strength. The highlight however is a "flyby" by McKenna's Pride, the flagship of Aleksandr and Nicholas Kerensky.

Founding Day is also one of the few holidays which is considered a time of truce between all Clans, though such respect is not extended to "barbarians" of the Inner Sphere and Periphery who still may come under attack. Notably, Founding Day of 2821 was the date Clan Jade Falcon launched their attack on the Levic Ascendancy in the Eden Campaign of Operation KLONDIKE.[1]


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