Operation KLONDIKE

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Operation KLONDIKE (begun 02 July 2821 – concluded 26 May 2822[1]) was the name given to the Clan attempt to retake the Pentagon Worlds from the various rebel groups that had sprung up in resistance to Aleksandr Kerensky's, and later Nicholas Kerensky's rule over the remnants of the SLDF.

Our victories here have proved the rightness of the Way of the Clans; let it always be so among those of the True Faith. Let these few words always announce our coming and portend our victory.
  — Nicholas Kerensky, 26 May 2822


A few years after Aleksandr Kerensky had reached the Pentagon Worlds, many of his "dispossessed" former warriors who had been forced to work as farmers and laborers out of necessity revolted against his rule. All five of the worlds exploded into open rebellion against Kerensky, and forced him to flee with the remaining troops loyal to him.

Kerensky's forces eventually found what would later be termed the Kerensky Cluster by the Clans. However, shortly after the arrival at and subsequent colonization of the worlds, Aleksandr Kerensky died, leaving command of the SLDF in the hands of his son, Nicholas Kerensky. The younger Kerensky immediately began drawing up plans for the recapture of the Pentagon Worlds.

To form an elite force to retake the worlds, Kerensky took his newly formed Clans, originally composed of 40 MechWarriors each, and divided each Pentagon World up into occupation zones for 4 Clans to occupy on the planet. His forces trained for months for the invasion, and eventually struck the unprepared rebels.

The battles were fierce, and several of the Clans suffered great losses, but the troops loyal to Kerensky prevailed and retook the Pentagon Worlds.


A great deal of initial intelligence on conditions in the Pentagon Worlds was provided by both refugees, and traders plying the space between colonies. While useful, much of the information was of varying quality, and it was soon determined that more detailed and accurate information would be required before Operation KLONDIKE could be launched.[2]

Operation SABLE SUN[edit]

Operation SABLE SUN was launched in May 2817. Five fleets (each containing several JumpShips with a WarShip escort) were sent out, one to each Pentagon World, to perform several phases of reconnaissance, including placement of listening posts, plotting the location of all colonies and active spacecraft, and securing any derelict spacecraft. This operation lasted roughly four years, only officially ending when each of the invading Operation KLONDIKE fleets reached their target systems.[3]

The Invasion[edit]


The Clans assigned to Arcadia were Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Steel Viper, and Clan Star Adder.


The Clans assigned to Babylon were Clan Sea Fox, Clan Ice Hellion, Clan Coyote, and Clan Cloud Cobra


The Clans assigned to Circe were Clan Nova Cat, Clan Mongoose, Clan Wolverine, and Clan Snow Raven.


The Clans assigned to Dagda were Clan Fire Mandrill, Clan Widowmaker, Clan Goliath Scorpion, and Clan Burrock.


The Clans assigned to conquer Eden were Clan Hell's Horses, Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Wolf, and Clan Smoke Jaguar.


The events directly preceding the aftermath of the invasion helped to shape the fledgling Clans into what they are today. Seeing the prowess that Clan Wolf displayed during the battles, Kerensky decided to join that Clan, a move which earned the Wolves the ire of Clan Jade Falcon. As well, the losses suffered by some Clans, Clan Ice Hellion and Clan Cloud Cobra in particular, shaped their later geopolitical situation in the Kerensky Cluster, as those Clans became greatly weakened and never achieved the same status as more successful clans such as Clan Jade Falcon or Clan Star Adder.[4]


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