Dwight Robertson

Dwight Robertson
Died7 October 2823[1]
AffiliationClan Wolverine
ProfessionsaKhan of Clan Wolverine

Dwight Robertson was the first saKhan of Clan Wolverine, killed during a Trial of Refusal over a Brian Cache.[1][2]


Robertson piloted an Archer 'Mech as a witness to a Trial of Bloodright in 2823, but he later piloted a Black Knight during a Trial of Refusal against Clan Widowmaker. He died when his cockpit was breached by the King Crab he was fighting. The trial had been fought by the Widowmakers to be as damaging to the Wolverines as possible, and their two King Crabs had unexpectedly and dishonorably teamed up against him. They would subsequently proceed to injure Wolverine Khan Sarah McEvedy, implicitly in an attempt to kill her as well.[1]


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