Devon Boques

Devon Boques
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Rank Khan

Devon Boques (born 27?? - died 28??) was a MechWarrior of Clan Blood Spirit who would become their first saKhan and later their second Khan. He had also served as the first ilChi to Clan Steel Viper.[1]


One of the loyal 800 warriors who accompanied Nicholas Kerensky on the Second Exodus to Strana Mechty, Boques became an officer of the newly formed Clan Blood Spirit some time after 2807. He was noted to have strong leadership skills and a charismatic touch when dealing with other Clans, both of which would serve him well throughout most of his career. The second detail would change toward the end of his life, as he would take on a brooding hatred for the other Clans that had developed in the Blood Spirits.[1]

Operation Klondike, Blood Spirit saKhan[edit]

Holding the rank of Star Captain during Operation Klondike, Devon Boques took command of a desperate defense of the spaceport and city of Rivera on the continent of East Arcadia. In so doing, he preserved the Blood Spirits and Clan Steel Viper's Dropships, while fending off several waves of Democratic Republic of Rand attackers bent on dislodging the Clans from the city. His actions saved their valuable Dropships, but also saved both Clans - and especially the Steel Vipers - from disgrace. This victory would be acknowledged by both Clans, and directly led to Khan Colleen Schmitt choosing him to become her first saKhan. Her choice was not without dissent, as it is recorded that many within the Spirits questioned his abilities as a MechWarrior compared to the outstanding skills of Khan Schmitt. But his leadership and his ability to work well with other Clans was what cemented his position with the upper hierarchy of the Blood Spirits. He was also named ilChi to Clan Steel Viper, the first warrior to be named such. Soon Khan Schmitt would name eighteen other warriors to the posting, in an attempt to foster good will between the Clans.[1][2]

Khan of the Blood Spirits[edit]

After the death of Khan Schmitt during a Clan Burrock raid on York, Devon Boques was elected to become the second Khan of Clan Blood Spirit. He would inherit a Clan that was a shadow of what it once was due to their former practice of giving away resources to help other Clans, as well as the predations of many of those other Clans in the years since. As with Khan Schmitt before him, this situation only embittered Khan Boques, leaving him filled with disgust for what their brother and sister Clans were becoming. Though details of his reign are sparse, he was remembered for introducing a training program to the Blood Spirit warriors that cultivated and played upon this growing hatred.[3]


Founder of the Boques Bloodname House, his genetic legacy would remain a force within Clan Blood Spirit throughout their history. Producing warriors who excel in all branches of the Clan Blood Spirit Touman, the Boques Bloodline was also known for yielding highly capable leaders for his Clan.[4]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Colleen Schmitt
Khan of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by
Ceana Boques


Devon Boques' first named is sometimes spelled Devin Boques at certain places, though newer sources indicate that the former spelling is likely to be correct.[3]


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