Sheratan Knights

Sheratan Knights
Unit Profile (as of 3058)
Parent Formation


The Sheratan Knights were a conventional regiment that formed the main defensive force of Sheratan in the early 31st century.

The Knights were completely loyal to the Federated Commonwealth and since the end of the Fourth Succession War had been conducting anti-terrorist operations against Liao insurgents. They had been successful at rooting out several cells.

The Fist of Mokal mercenary Battalion employed by the Free Worlds League landed in support of the Capellan claim to the planet in 3057. The Knights engaged the Fist in hit and run skirmishes fleeing into the jungles and forests when engaged. Two companies of the Fist, aided by Liao guerrillas hunted down and destroyed a battalion of the Knights. The rest set the forest they were hiding in ablaze destroying a full company of the Fist’s ‘Mechs. And the remaining Liao forces. The mercenaries retaliated by slaughtering thousands of civilians and set vast tracts of the planet afire. Unable to cope the government of Sheratan fell and many minor nobles rose to fill the void creating their own petty fiefs. The Knights took control of the capital city, but could only hold a small area surrounding it as the planet descended into chaos.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Sheratan Knights
Lieutenant Colonel Toby Knight 3058[1]


Employed hit and run tactics against better equipped opponents. [1]

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Sheratan Knights (One Regiment)


Sheratan Knights (Two Battalions)


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