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Cumberland's Missiliers

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Emblem of the Cumberland's Missiliers
Cumberland's Missiliers
Formed 3048
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Succession Wars and Clan Invasion[edit]

Cumberland's Missiliers was formed in 3048 by Captain Roger Cumberland with some childhood friends in the Cumberland Capellan March Militia. Cumberland's Missiliers is a small mercenary unit that never quite achieved greatness for several decades. They were always second to other mercenary units due to their own relative lack of favorable repute. The unit was specialized in all types of missile-based weapon systems and had taken part in every major conflict since the Clan Invasion.

FedCom Civil War[edit]

Luckily for the Missiliers, the FedCom Civil War allowed them to achieve some notoriety on their own. Captain Roger Cumberland disobeyed orders to guard the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars' DropShips at their landing zone on Matsuida and instead led his 'Mech lance and tank platoon into the nearby city of Iida, where their sensors had detected a large force moving up behind the Hussars. Roger sent in their faster units to serve as spotters and then the Missiliers rained down a devastating missile barrage upon the enemy force. They disabled two 'Mechs and destroyed two others in the largely futile maneuver against the Seventh Ghost, whose presence on-world was a surprise.

For saving a small portion of the Hussars, Cumberland was commended and awarded two salvageable 'Mechs as a bonus. Despite nothing more stellar to their record in the Civil War, the unit's improved reputation led to an approach by Interstellar Expeditions.

Since the end of the FedCom Civil War and their minor expansion, Cumberland instituted a number of reforms. Uniforms are now required, though their typical condition is more relaxed than standard military protocols. Cumberland also began issuing bonuses for anyone who captured an enemy unit with advanced or unknown missile weaponry. Other performance bonuses included downing enemies single-handedly or connecting with a particularly difficult shot. The internal competition these bonuses created improved the skills of the entire unit.


Because the Missiliers lack a JumpShip, IE providing one for their use during the contract was a significant bargaining chip.[1]

At the beginning of December 3067 the unit was asked to improve the defenses of IE interests in the Micron facilities in New Avalon by training their green security forces. Everything was going well until a communication failure made then air and ground elements of the Second NAIS Cadre, in the middle of deploying to a preset rally point, think the factory had been attacked by the WoB and ended up attacking the Missiliers and the facilities' security force. The unit was reimbursed for the damage they suffered, even being given a new aerospace fighter to replace their lost one.[2]

The unit was stationed on Acamar at the end of December 3067 for a garrison contract to defend a Contard facility. In January 3068, they detected an inbound pirate force, called Lafayette Legion, a new pirate band made up of disgruntled Liao expatriates originally from Liberty. The pirates came in all full of bluster, but as soon as they lost one 'Mech, the fight went out of them. They had to limp back to orbit after the damage the Missiliers' ASF assets inflicted to their DropShip, but the mercenaries were content to let them go. Following this, the Missiliers were told by IE that they wanted the unit back to New Avalon in order to get one of their members offworld.[3]

In March 3068, after being able to pass through the WoB blockade, the unit landed again on New Avalon to rescue an IE employee. Dragooned — albeit somewhat willingly since the alternative sounded unpleasant - the unit joined forces with elements from the Third Davion Guards and the Twelfth Vegan Rangers to hold Balright Pass (located in the Cris Mountains) in order to stop elements of the Word of Blake's Thirty-sixth Division from crossing it. Though just fighting on the fringes of the battle, they helped rout the WoB forces. After that, they were able to clear the area and evacuate their precious IE benefactor. They were again able to run the blockade and escape off-world.[4]

After some complaints of the mission done by IE in their New Avalon contract, IE decided not to renew the Missiliers' contract. They found an interesting job offer by the Free Worlds League, and accepted a planetary assault contract to invade Giausar along with the Knights of the Inner Sphere. So they started the operations on the 2nd September 3068. Defending Giausar, they found the One-Eyed Jacks mercenary command with a total force which comprised a BattleMech regiment and two aerospace fighter squadrons. They fought well and were praised by the League for their operations outside Port Reilly and how they did secured three strategic hills on the first day alone. The unit was then moved out of the assault before it was completed.[5]

Even before leaving Giausar, a Mister Askai contacted them and hired the unit on the spot. He offered a short-term job to take down the automotive and combat vehicle factories on Gienah. The unit accepted even knowing that for that operation they would not count on with their Aerospace Fighters. They also discovered that Mr. Askai also hired other mercenary units, though he did not share information on the defending force. So in the end of September 3068, this "coalition" easily put down the last of the militia and corporate security at the plant, but after that dissent amongst the ranks started, with some of the mercenaries fighting over salvage rights. The unit, having been kept mostly intact, decided to leave the planet without any of the salvage. After that action the unit decided to take some down time, and left the planet along with the more sensible mercenaries in the direction of Galatea.[6]

After adding two VTOLs and their crews plus two new MechWarriors, the Missiliers took a contract for the Lyran Commonwealth. The unit was to defend an underwater facility on Blue Hole until elements from Alpha Galaxy from Clan Jade Falcon got close enough, and then blow it up themselves. During this action, during early January 3069, the unit ended up leaving behind the new MechWarriors while retreating offworld.[7]

After the last contract the unit went back to Galatea where they were contacted again by Mr. Askai, who contracted them at double their rates and all salvage they could haul off for a long contract (more than six months) and back in the Federated Suns, on Caselton. While travelling there, the unit took a side contract for The Coterie. They had to defend some installations on Tohelet, in the Free Worlds League. The planet was attacked by Reed's Brew and Cumberland's Missiliers plus the small planetary militia matched them. They stopped the attack, but another attack performed by unknown pirates hit the staging area for the land trains and then escaped. The Missiliers left after that when The Coterie DropShips arrived in-system. Some members of the unit thought it was very strange how the Coterie knew there'd be raiders hitting there, when, and from what direction. It made them wonder if the Coterie was behind the raids but wanted it to look like they cared about the people.[8]

The unit accepted a shady contract from Mr. Askai to raid Site 2B in the Cassini Belt from Caselton, where it turned out that the defenders were elements of the Second Davion Guards RCT. The contract was to destroy the defending turrets and the power station of the mining site that Askai had assigned to them. When he knew who they were going to fight they changed their colors and the Gap Breaker's transponder to perform a false flag operation. The unit managed to stay out of target from the Guards as much as possible and destroyed the turrets and the power station. As they were leaving, they detected what was the first real WoB attack on Caselton. When the Missiliers left, they traveled to the Combine as that was where the JumpShip they were using was heading.[9]

The unit's next contract was on An Ting on police duty. On the 23th April 3070 the unit was contracted to control victims from the plague from Galedon that had been able to escape the quarantine and had been ordered to stay in their quarantine zone. When they tried to escape, the Missiliers were ordered to stop them killing the least amount of them. After succeeding, they got another job on Sheratan (in the so-called Chaos March) to force the Grim Determination off of the planet. The unit hoped more mercenaries would have been contracted, otherwise their understrength company would have never been able to take down an entire regiment.[10]

At the end of November 3070, these mercenary units struck at Sheratan and easily shattered the Grim Determination and the Sheratan Militia. They discovered then that they had been double-crossed and working unknowingly for the WoB and had shattered the only units defending the planet from the Word. Enraged, the unit left, though they nearly tripled the size of the Missiliers by accepting survivors of the Grim Determination, some of their DropShips and large amounts of supplies as well.[11]

The unit arrived at Galatea, and quickly picked up a job to transport some small-timers to the Rim Collection. While en route, they did a scheduled stop in Enzesfled when on the 10th of March 3071, they heard a call for help. The Democracy Now forces, the Democratic People's Army had tried to kill some nobles and they were barely able to escape. The unit was able to stop them cold and save the nobles, then continue their voyage.[12]

During the unit's stay on New St. Andrews after their Rim Collection contract, they bought a few Arbiters. While going back to Galatea, they got a possible contract from Savannah to help them declare their independence from the Free Worlds League. The unit accepted, so in the middle of August they arrived on the planet. They ended fighting green Word of Blake militia forces and proceeded to crushed them. As some neighboring systems followed Savannah's example and signed a mutual defense pact, this freed the mercenaries from staying there any longer than necessary as a garrison force. Roger Cumberland was pleased with the performance of the new Arbiters, which was seen in the short time acting as a security forces in Savannah had put the Arbiter's express purpose.[13]

The unit spent December 3071 conducting the rest of its refit activities on Galatea, when they accepted a contract with the Lyran Alliance to help in the retaking of Tharkad. They landed alongside elements of the Third Lyran Guards, the Twentieth Arcturan Guards, the First Kell Hounds and the Thirteenth Wolf Guards on the 12 of January 3072 and engaged elements of the Thirty-seventh Division and the Lowbräu. The attack was a success; the WoB was beaten and the coalition was able to secure the landing zones. The Missiliers lost six 'Mechs, one fighter and four tanks, with only five of the MechWarriors surviving. They claimed good salvage, but it did not make up for the lives lost.[14]

The Missiliers accepted a contract to garrison Spica after that.[14] The unit arrived in March 3072 under contract from the civilian authorities to act as a Garrison force. They found no sign of the WoB. Then, somebody called Stone's Lament arrived to planet. They were ready to defend the planet when they discovered that the government had left the planet. With their contract void and with only half their pay, the unit decided to pull out. They were surprised when Devlin Stone decided to pay them the rest of their contract. After that, the unit decided to travel to Cumberland to visit their families, and to allow the dependents of their Grim Determination colleagues and other civilians to make a permanent home there.[15]

The unit took a cadre and garrison contract on Cumberland in October 3072.[16]

After that, the unit took a contract to help the Federated Suns, Cumberland's Missiliers arrived to New Avalon just scant days after the destruction of the Fox's Den and the death of Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion, and were lucky to run the blockade. So on the 16th January 3073 the unit intermediately engaged elements of the Forty-fourth Shadow Division to rescue his body along his BattleMaster. They succeeded though they could not be 100% sure they indeed had found a BattleMaster, and quickly made contact with the rest of the planet defenders ready to stand and defend their ground.[17] Cumberland's Missiliers kept fighting for the Federation until the WoB retreated from New Avalon in 3074, though the fight cost them dearly, with two dead and a full company out of commission with wounds and damage to the machines.[18] On the other side they picked a company of battle armor infantry from the survivors of those fight.[19]

Cumberland's Missiliers were hired by Baron Erich Sheridan to support the attach on Vermezzo and help the Kaumberg Planetary Guard in the initial landings on the planet against unexpectedly heavy opposition from Democracy Now elements. The fight went initially well, but became really dangerous once the mercenary unit's contract ended and they accepted a job from the Malagrotta Cooperative.[19]

The contract negotiated by Mr. Askai with the Malagrotta Cooperative was to defend the capital of the new nation, Malagrotta along some pirate units with letters of marque from other pirates. Prior to October 3075, the aerospace elements of the unit had already interdicted three hostile DropShips headed to the planet from the primary jump points and sent them running. Then, the Death Consorts, for reasons unknown to the mercenaries decided to overthrow the government. They nearly tricked Cumberland's Missiliers with a small probing force that took them out of position. That and the treason of other units could have shattered the Missiliers, but they were able to escape without leaving none of them behind. The destruction of the Malagrotta Cooperative meant they did not get all their payment, but they were able to avoid serious losses.[20]

After this contract, the aerospace force of the unit decided to keep on training in Cumberland while the rest of the unit took a riot duty contract in Nahoni in June 3076, where they basically found civilians who just wanted to have their voices heard. The unit smashed the protests, but was very unhappy with this work, so much they gave all surplus money for the families of those that were killed, and left the planet after a strong argument with the governments. Captain LeRoy Cody even stated that his infantry would leave the unit if another contract like that was signed.[21]

The unit was under a contract for garrison in New Hessen when elements of the elements of the Word of Blake Militia's Thirty-third Division raided the planet. The Missiliers moved to stop them with help from the base security from New Hessen WorkMechs. Then the WoB showed its cards, when additional elements of the WoB Division and some planet sympathizers sneaked past the battle lines to steal two full DropShips and make off with a company of Rooks and tons of supplies that would end up helping the guerrillas to keep fighting the legitimate authorities.[22]

After that, General Pat Hampton extended the unit's contract for the next few months, offering fair terms and even some of the RetroTech 'Mechs the planet was building.[22]

In January 3077 and under contract from Mister Askai, the unit deployed to Yorii to help Stone's Coalition to help in the liberation of the planet. Expecting only a skeleton defense from the Yorii Protectorate Militia, what they found were Clan Smoke Jaguar survivors from previous House Kurita victories that had freed themselves and challenged the attacking force. The unit suffered very few casualties as they were engaged by few of those Clan warriors and succeeded in their contract to free the planet.[23]

The unit was contracted to perform advance recon for the invasion force of Chara in the end of September 3077 after a prior disaster with a Clan Wolf-in-Exile force had been destroyed there. Once landed and after encountering the survivors (some regular infantry, a few Elemental Points and some MechWarrior), they started their recon work, using equipment they got from the mercenaries.[24]

They engaged the Chara Protectorate Militia, who fought like hell and forced them to retreat. Fortunately for the mercenaries, the arrival of coalition forces would end up changing the battle, by the usage of naval bombardment to end with the militia.[25]

In mid-February 3078 the unit was assigned to fight next to the Ryuken-roku for Devlin Stone's coalition on Terra Firma, only to discover that the capital city was a maze of booby-trapped buildings. Both units were finally able to clear the city block by block, but the fierce campaign against the Blakists and the Terra Firma Protectorate Militia forces saw the city effectively razed.[26][27]

The unit was assigned to help Stone's coalition forces in the assault of New Home. Here, they engaged the 43rd Shadow Division and the New Home Protectorate Militia in an extended and deadly series of cat-and-mouse games with the Coalition command group, delaying the liberation of the world.[28] The 43rd kept the stalemate in place until the middle of April, at which point a Blakist fleet used a near-planet jump to jump into the New Home system and deploy two more Shadow Divisions onto the planet. The resulting two-week battle saw the allied forces take heavy damage as they attempted to eradicate the three Shadow Divisions. The New Home campaign cost the allies two WarShips and more than three regiments of ground troops before the planet was finally in coalition hands,[29] but also saw the 43rd, 45th and 47th Shadow Divisions destroyed[30] along with a Blakist-suborned WarShip, the York-class CSJ Lioness.[31] The end of the battle was a brutal urban warfare where the coalition fought block by block against the Blakist forces. The fighting was so intense - and damaging - that The Battle Corps and the Nova Cat Sigma Galaxy took over seventy percent losses, and both escaped lightly compared to the 2nd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry and Ryuken-roku, which were effectively destroyed during the fighting.[32] Cumberland's Missiliers suffered only fifteen percent damage.[33]

The unit was given a change to fight in the liberation of Terra. In their first action on 20 July 3078 they were asked to run recon on the Titan Yards and then help on its capture.[34]

On the 18 of August 3078, a DEST unit, elements of the Star Seeds, elementals from the Alpha Galaxy from Clan Jade Falcon, elementals from Delta Galaxy from Clan Wolf plus the infantry assets from the Missiliers (reinforced still by the elementals belonging to Clan Wolf-in-Exile) attacked Luna City, where the Luna Defense Militia was dug-in. The fight was very though, but finally Luna was taken, and maintained thanks to Captain Marcel Webb discovering and stopping a self-destruct mechanism. The Missiliers lost half their troops in just six hours of fighting.[35]

The Missiliers next job put the unit on Terra itself. The unit's job was to rescue ComStar personnel that had been hiding since the WoB took Terra. The unit was going to Athens when they engaged a big TerraSec force. The unit lost most of a company of tanks and a lance of 'Mechs, to rescue ten walking skeletons.[36]

Their next assignment for the Missiliers was in Geneva in the 17 September 3078 where they engaged elements of the Word of Blake's Fourth Division and Fifty-first Shadow Division. Though outnumbered the mercenaries tried to stop the Blakist from escaping, but they could not. The unit was lucky as they got several dead machines but not amount of dead men. Though both Roger Cumberland and his son were wounded, the unit's Aerospace Fighters though were able to keep check on the escaping WoB forces.[37]

Following the WoB forces and trying to recover as much as possible their equipment status and pilots, the unit continued their pursuit until arriving to the Ural Mountains on the 20th of October 3078. Thanks to eyewitness Intel from the ComStar resistance, the unit was able to find the WoB forces, though only after they had joined other WoB forces. When the fight started, the Missiliers ended up fighting elements of the Fourth, Sixteenth, Twenty-first Divisions, the Fifty-first Shadow Division, and TerraSec forces. The mercenaries, prepared and well-armed and including infernos fought against them and finally destroyed them, though for a few minutes, with the call of an Interdictor-class DropShip they nearly were saved. In the end, the Blakists fought until the end, dying to the last man. The unit lost half their fighters and tanks and a third of their 'Mechs, including most of their pilots and crews.[38]

The unit left Terra and got a contract with the Principality of Regulus to help with the final mop-up operations on Gibson. The unit was there at the end of January 3079, where they fought the scattered remains of various Word of Blake Militias, still fighting as devils. The aerospace elements of the unit, who had been fighting escort duty on the unit's JumpShip, saw how the Regulus troops commandeered a couple of DropShips from other mercenaries fighting in Gibson.[39]

From October 3080 to end of March 3081, the unit defended several worlds of the Rim Collection, basically Slewis and Caldarium, but also Otisberg. Though they got a cold reception from the Collection top defending unit, Able's Aces, they took out every pirate attack that came their way, mostly all low-rent types. The unit ended up losing out in the long run with such poor salvage, but at least got from Rim Motors some of their primitive Commandos and more of the Arbiters they'd recently purchased.[40]

The unit picked another job for the Principality of Regulus. This took them to the uninhabited system of 129A-14H where they arrived the first of April 3081. There they fought elements of the 49th Shadow Division and survivors from an unknown Word of Blake Militia unit. Once detected, Regulan forces began to bombard the planet, and even made a try to see if they could hijack the mercenaries JumpShip. If it had not been by the unit's Aerospace Fighters that might have happened. When they saw that, they quickly left the planet and decided never again to work for the Principality of Regulus.[40]

The unit decided to go back to Cumberland.[40]

While returning home, they got a call once they entered the Devil's Rock system on the 31st of October. There were told that acting on information provided by the intelligence operative known only as Damocles, the Republican forces believed they were ambushing Precentor Berith and the remains of the 49th; but the ambush was actually the result of intelligence planted by Berith, who was determined to kill Damocles. In this, Berith succeeded; having goaded Damocles into a berserk, suicidal rage, three Opacus Venatori BattleMechs combined their fire on the charging Com Guards agent, killing him. The Blakist forces then retreated in good order, leaving the remaining Republican forces alive (among them Gannon's Cannons and Cumberland's Missiliers, though ended up losing half their number, Berith escaped.[41][42][43][44]

Dark Age[edit]

Cumberland's Missiliers formed the core of Cumberland's defenses against the invading Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry in March 3145. They fought a losing battle attempting to stem the McCarron tide. The unit's air elements were able to force most of McCarron's forces to chase them, which allowed the surviving Missiliers the diversion needed to evacuate their families and over 100 planetary officials, and withdrew to Wernke.[45]

The brave Shikras' pilots both went down to enemy fire. Captain Jebediah "Surefire" Cooper survived and is currently leading a resistance cell from the wilds.[45]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Cumberland's Missiliers
Captain Roger Cumberland 3048 - 3070[1]
Colonel Roger Cumberland 3071 - 3078[1]

Other Officers[edit]


The Missiliers are specialists in missile combat.[1]

Missile combat has been the unit's focus since 3060, when Cumberland hired a down-on-his-luck but superior engineer, Jake Grizzell, a NAIS graduate, as chief technician, and repeated drills have strengthened this long-standing focus on missile combat. New technicians have been added to increase the support base for the entire unit, ensuring no one enters combat in a malfunctioning or damaged unit. The Missiliers' expert technicians have spent years tinkering with the sensors and control systems of the unit's missile-based weapons, dramatically amplifying the efficiency and accuracy of their missile fire.

The Missiliers have gained proficiency with missiles and similar weapons of any tech base, from primitive rocket launchers to the Clans' Advanced Tactical Missile system and even experimental missile weapons they have obtained through the black market. The technicians have learned enough about missile weapons of every make and model to the point they have improved the unit's defenses against such attacks.

Their Aerospace Fighters have made aerospace missile support an art form.[1]

Composition History[edit]


  • The unit is composed by up to eight 'Mechs, two tanks and two Aerospace Fighters (their Fighters are always among the heaviest and best-armored available).[1]
  • The unit possesses an old and battered Union-Class DropShip, the Gap Breaker.[1]


After adding the rests of the Grim Determination, the unit was in all effects a combined-arms battalion, with a company of tanks, more Fighter lances and a company of 'Mechs. The unit also added a JumpShip to their rolls.[12]


The unit added from the flames of New Avalon a company of battle armored infantry. Captain LeRoy Cody[21] was the most senior of the survivors and was given command of the unit.[19]


The Missiliers had grown to a combined arms regiment since the Jihad ended.[45]


Game Rules[edit]

The Missiliers are specialists in missile combat. As a result, add a +1 bonus for all To-Hit rolls for any missile weapons and for rolling on the Cluster Hits Table to determine the number of missiles that hit; these add to any bonuses for special munitions, launchers, or missile-targeting systems (such as Artemis or NARC). Reduce all missile weapon minimum ranges by 2. Missilier vehicle units receive no penalty for firing indirectly with a spotter. When a Missilier anti-missile system fires, double the amount of missiles shot down. When any Missilier 'Mech missile ammo slot takes a critical hit, roll 2D6. On a result of 9+, the ammo does not explode, therefore inflicting no damage to the MechWarrior or the 'Mech, but the ammo in the slot is lost.

All rolls to salvage, repair, or install any missile-type weapon automatically succeed. All repairs and reloads of missile weapons take half the standard time.

When randomly determining Missilier units, if the rolled unit lacks a missile weapon, the player may reroll once. However, the second roll result must be taken even if it lacks a missile weapon.[1]



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