51st Shadow Division

51st shadow div.png
51st Shadow Division
Unit Profile (as of 3078)
Nickname Azrael's Terran Guard
Parent Formation Shadow Divisions
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078

Unit Description[edit]

The Fifty-first Shadow Division was an elite Word of Blake military formation that didn't appear until after the Jihad broke out. The unit was staffed by a mysterious group of cybernetically augmented warriors known as the Manei Domini, who were solely answerable to Precentor Apollyon. The unit was one of the first Shadow Divisions to see combat.


Case White[edit]

The unit was among the last of the Shadow Divisions to have been formed for the Manei Domini; it first saw combat in March 3068 on Terra. The Division was rushed into action ahead of schedule to deal with the coming Case White invasion. They ravaged the few Com Guard units that survived their landings in Northern Europe. In particular, they faced the 166th Division.[1] These conflicts required the support of TerraSec to slow down the invading ComGuard forces while the Fifty-first moved into position.[2]

Since the ComStar landings, the unit had remained garrisoned on Terra. It dispatched Level II formations to local inhabited settlements of the Terran star system. These included Titan, Io, Mars, Luna and Venus. [3]

The Fifty-first was destroyed in 3078 on Terra.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of 51st Shadow Division
Precentor Azrael 3068


The unit specialized in operations in its home Terran system.


  • Unknown*



Game Rules[edit]

The unit posses the common Shadow Divisions Force Specific abilities when using advanced rules in a scenario. When unit is being used on a planet or base within Terran star system, it presence negates all of the opposing special abilities. It also can use Forcing the Initiative and Overrun Combat abilities in a scenario. If the unit is deployed in combat scenario outside of the Terran solar system, it loses its ability to negate an opposing forces special abilities. [5]


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